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Why can’t i skip ads on youtube?

skip ads on youtube

Why can’t i skip ads on youtube

The issue of internet ads is critical for sites or creators to generate income. However, some hate advertising and do everything possible to avoid or block it. In the latter case, today, most of the options involve having to install third-party applications or extensions that sometimes we do not know who is behind them or what data it collects.

The case of YouTube is the most famous, and the only official solution to avoid its ads is to pay for YouTube Premium. But today, a minor bug has been discovered that allows you to skip all YouTube ads without installing anything, just by adding a dot to the URL of the videos on the platform.

Enjoy it while you can

To take advantage of this bug and thus skip YouTube ads, we have to add a dot after the ‘.com’ in the video URL. If we go to we will see traditional advertising before the video, but if we go to =OsVqT9GKNIQ we will not we will see no ads. The difference is a single point.

The discovery surfaced on the r/webdev subreddit by user u/unicorn4sale, who pointed out that this is a common bug where most websites forget to normalize the hostname, leading to a harmless hole, but that could affect the income of the site in case having it monetized with advertising campaigns.

In other words, it is a simple oversight, and its solution is just as simple, so it is expected to be fixed in the next few hours. Here it should note that the bug is mainly in desktop browsers, but it can also exploit in smartphone browsers by requesting the option to view “desktop site.”

Why can’t i skip ads on youtube?

If you are a YouTube user, you would likely not conceive of the platform without the typical ads shown before practically every video or even throughout them. And indeed, if you have the opportunity, once the first few seconds have passed, and YouTube allows it, you skip the advertising. If so, we are sorry to tell you that starting next week this will change.

You may see more YouTube ads that don’t include the option to skip ads from now on. Through its official ‘Creator Insider’ channel, the platform has announced that it is launching non-skippable ads on those channels that can monetize its videos. A function that, initially, was tested by some channels.

With this decision, according to Engadget, YouTube hopes that its creators can generate more revenue. And it is that advertisers have to pay more to advertise those ads that are seen in their entirety and that cannot skip. This change in the Google company can be understood as a strategy. The ‘YouTubers’ stay on the platform and do not go over to the competition, which is increasingly notable.

And although it seems that this change directly affects users, according to a Google help page, the ads can not skip. The maximum duration should not exceed 20 seconds, which is the duration of a simple television commercial. It translates to 15 seconds longer than now, when the ‘Skip Ad’ option appears 5 seconds after the ad has started.

This change can be understood as a strategy for the ‘YouTubers’ to stay on the platform.

If the content creator accesses the feature, it will be automatically activated on all their videos. In addition, you will have tools that will allow you to track the performance of these types of ads. If you notice a drop in viewership or revenue, you can always turn off this feature, which doesn’t allow you to skip ads.

Discover the best way to avoid YouTube ads

YouTube is a streaming video platform, but also live, immense. The company finances itself, like many other websites, through ad monetization. Now a simple trick has been discovered that removes YouTube ads altogether.

Although we have a monthly payment option such as YouTube Premium, there are dishonest methods to filter advertising and prevent it from being displayed. However, no solution is as strangely simple as this method discovered by a Reddit user.

What is Google Maps Local Guides Program

Remove YouTube ads for free with this trick.

Content creators, as well as the YouTube platform, are supported by ad monetization. Therefore, it is a crucial piece for it to continue to exist. Here the honesty of each person comes into play.

Removing ads from YouTube videos is as simple as placing an extra dot after the .com part of the YouTube URL. So instead of browsing, I would go to to be able to run this hack.

It is because a website like YouTube does not normalize the hostname, which causes the page’s main content to be still displayed while many other things, including ads, are broken.

Since many websites serve their ads through an allowlist that doesn’t contain the extra dot we mentioned, adding it to the URL allows you to see the content but filters out the ads. You may want to get rid of the recent porn ads on YouTube that have crept onto the platform.

Now comes the ethics of each person; you can use this trick to make the company earn less money. Google is a multi-million dollar company. It does not mean significant losses for a couple of users who carry out this act, but perhaps for a small or medium-sized channel that needs it to continue growing and making their videos.

Therefore, from, we are always in favor of being able to monetize the content whenever it is helpful for the user who reads or views the content on our website or YouTube channel.

In addition, we always try to make it as non-intrusive as possible so that the content can enjoy. It helps us continue improving, offering a better service to our readers and viewers.


Non-skippable video ads can be 15 or 20 seconds in length, depending on regional standards. If longer ads can’t skip, some browser extension is causing a problem. Please disable the browser extensions and check if the problem persists.

Finally, mention that YouTube could fix this problem at any time.

Why can’t i skip ads on youtube