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4 Reasons to Go For Bespoke Tailoring

4 Reasons to Go For Bespoke Tailoring

4 Reasons to Go For Bespoke Tailoring

There is no doubt that prêt-à-porter is the norm in women’s clothing. Women go to the high street to shop, browsing through racks to find clothes that fit. Even high-fashion brands like Chanel or Dior show a ready-to-wear collection once or twice a year, particularly during fashion week.

However, there’s an alternative to ready-to-wear you might want to give a try. It is bespoke tailoring, and it had existed long before ready-to-wear ever did, and it continues to exist today, even in the face of fast fashion and the many ready-to-wear brands. In fact, a bespoke tailoring Dubai shop, Kristina Fidelskaya, is just one of the many fashion houses in the UAE and the world that offers premium bespoke services for women.

What is bespoke tailoring, and why should you consider forgoing readily wearable fashion in favor of bespoke clothing?

What Is Bespoke Tailoring?

Think custom-made clothing. Bespoke tailoring refers to creating a piece of clothing — i.e., a dress — from a pattern made for a particular outfit designed for and measured specifically for an individual.

Creating bespoke clothing begins with a consultation on what the final garment would look like (i.e., design) and a discussion on fabric, lining, and trimming choices. Next, the modiste or the tailor will get your measurements.

After getting your measurements, the tailor will create a sewing pattern, or the construction plan, so to speak, of your bespoke outfit. After that, your tailor will ask you to come in for multiple rounds of fitting to ensure an accurate and precise fit as the garment progresses through the different construction stages.

Once the garment is finished, there should be a final fitting and some final adjustments, as needed, before you can take your bespoke dress, suit, or trousers home with you.

Why Go for Bespoke Clothing?

The above description tells you bespoke tailoring does not equate to instant, ready and fast. Why would you want to get clothes made for you when you can take one from a rack and get your clothes much faster?

The following are a few reasons you might want to give bespoke tailoring a chance.

Get One-of-a-Kind Clothing

Bespoke tailoring gives you clothes that only you own. No one else can have the same bespoke dress because that has been made from a pattern created specifically according to your unique design, using the linings, fabrics and trims that you and your tailor have agreed upon.

Bespoke tailoring eliminates the chance that you will walk into a dinner party, a restaurant or a function and come face-to-face with another woman wearing the same embroidered organza dress you have on. There is no chance of this happening — zero — when you choose bespoke clothing.

Wear Perfectly Fitting and Flattering Clothes

How often have you bought a dress with a perfectly fitting lower half but an unconscionably hideous fit on your top half, or vice versa? Additionally, some dresses have the right length of hem and sleeves but with the waist falling lower or higher than where it’s supposed to go.

In fact, a survey of 1,000 women in the United States by Closet Maid confirms that most women are unsatisfied with their wardrobes. The survey found that the average woman has 103 items in her closet but reports that 21% of it is unwearable, and she has never worn 12% of her clothes. Additionally, 33% said their clothes are too tight, while 24% said their clothes are too loose.

With bespoke tailoring, there can be no such issues. The bust, waist, hips, sleeves, and hems would always be in the right place. The cut and fit of a bespoke article of clothing would always flatter your frame. The size of your arms or hips or the length of your torso and legs do not matter.

Get Excellent Value for Money

Bespoke tailoring is associated with expensive and luxury. So, how does it give you value for money?

Bespoke tailoring gives you excellent quality clothing. Your tailor worked laboriously on your outfits, so the stitching and seaming should be superb. If a seam or a trim does give out, it should be easy enough to repair. You can bring it back to the same tailor that made it.

Indeed, with the proper care on your part, your bespoke clothing should last you many, many years of use. That translates to exceptional value per outfit. This should also help you save money because of the many high street shopping sprees you will forgo; you just won’t need new clothes as often.

At this point, it must be asked. Would you want to use your bespoke outfits for the many years they will last? Of course, you would. Why wouldn’t you? They have excellent fit and construction, so they look great on you, and you feel great in them, too. That sounds like the makings of a wardrobe favorite. 4 Reasons to Go For Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke clothing is like a vintage designer bag. It does not grow old but turns into a classic instead.

Save Time When Going Out

The same survey by Closet Maid reports that 47% of women struggle to pick their outfits for work, and one in nine have been late to work because they could not find anything to wear. While a case can be made about this being more a matter of organization than clothing choices, it cannot be denied that having clothes that flatter you and fit you perfectly should make picking outfits easier, faster, and less of a chore.

Indeed, with bespoke clothes in your wardrobe, you wouldn’t struggle so much (if at all) with picking an outfit for work or for a day out. All you need to decide is which outfit goes with which occasion. There should be no stressful fittings and adjustments before you can get out of the door.

Try Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring can be a powerful weapon in your fashion arsenal. It will give you perfect fitting, extremely flattering clothes that nobody else owns. Moreover, bespoke clothing gives you excellent value for money and saves you the hassle of picking outfits when you need to go out.

Bespoke tailoring has a lot going for it. It’s time you try it and experience its benefits.

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4 Reasons to Go For Bespoke Tailoring

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