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5 Simple Ways to Add Some Wild Stuff to your Relationships

5 Simple Ways to Add Some Wild Stuff to your Relationships

5 Simple Ways to Add Some Wild Stuff to your Relationships

Relationships only have a certain amount of time to develop before they start to get stale. We’ve all heard the stories about people who married young, got the seven-year itch, and started to drift apart. You can keep that from happening by introducing some fun, wild stuff to your relationships. To make that happen, you need to keep the following five tips in mind. 

  1. Let your partner be a little Naughty 

When you are trying to add some fun, wild elements to your relationship for the sake of promoting longevity, you must consider being a little naughtier than usual. While many people are not willing to go so far as to let their partner have a “hall pass” for another person, it’s not altogether unheard of for one or both partners to try chatting with other people. You have to set the guidelines for this, though. First off, is it going to be you, your partner, or you both that are chatting? Second, you need to make sure that you’re anonymous while flirting with other people.

Third, you need to make sure that you remember that the feelings you develop on the site are only to enhance the fun you have with your partner, not trying to go outside your relationship. Fortunately, you can use a naughty girls dating site to allow your partner to have some fun without doing anything physical. You can chat with women or men about anything hot that comes to mind on that kind of site. You can talk about the fact that your partner is aware that you’re talking to someone else or talk about things you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom. The naughty feeling that you get from having these sorts of conversations with other people or entire couples will renew your relationship!

  1. Every date is like the first time

Another way that you can start making your relationship wilder and more fun is to treat every date like it’s the first time. A major problem that couples encounter as they continue their relationships is that they become too comfortable with their partner. That can lead to them feeling trapped in the relationship and as though their partner does not care about them anymore. Avoid that troubling feeling by working with your partner to make each date special. Make sure you dress up, wear that great watch they got you, and take them out to someplace special to eat. Get reservations and act like you’re taking her out on the first date. Open the door for her to the car and restaurant, be completely present in the conversations, and use your very best manners. After your date is over, remind her that you’re going home for a night of passion, and when she sees the way you’ve acted, she will agree!

  1. Create an intimate “To Do” list

Sometimes, you need to sit down and make a list before you and your partner can have a fun time together. Think about some of the passions that you have for the bedroom. Come up with a full list of things that you and your partner never have done together and would like to do. Then, you both should compare the lists of what you want to do in the bedroom. Anything that you like, highlight it. After you and your partner have completed a list of things that you want to do in the bedroom, plan a night to cross an item off the list. Take a few weeks to try new things, and then when you are done with your “to-do” list, create a new one that pushes the boundaries a little more. Eventually, you will have a much more adventurous intimate life. This is a good time to bring up the idea of chatting naughty with other couples or doing one-on-one chats!

  1. Fooling around like kids

A major occurrence that can make a bedroom feel half-dead is when people start feeling like they aren’t youthful anymore. They have to come up with a reason to go into the bedroom and have fun at night. Being intimate with your partner is supposed to be about having a good time, expressing your love, and feeling good. If you start fooling around with each other like you did when you were young, not because you have to, but just for the sake of having fun, the chances are that you will find yourself feeling reinvigorated by the experience. Now, some people think that they are too old to act like they are kids. Like building confidence, you can “fake it until you make it” when you and your partner are trying to fool around more often. You need to be open to the ideas of having fun and more willing to let go of the inhibitions that rise throughout the day, like work, children, and responsibilities. Embrace the freedom that comes with just having as much fun as you want and nothing more. 

  1. Pillow Fight

The final way to add some wild stuff into your relationship is by having a pillow fight with your loved one. You can set the rules, but the best idea is to start out without having any clothes on and then let your hits turn into something a little gentler. Another great idea is to set more stringent rules and then strip off clothes if you get a point in the match. Either way, you should end the night by rolling around and having a ton of fun with each other along the way!

Trying to get the spark back in your relationship can take some serious work. However, if you are willing to put in some time and effort, you have many ways to get your bedroom back in order. Remember to take some risks and break out of the old, stale ways of interacting as a couple. That is the only way in which you can grow with each other and stay happy!

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5 Simple Ways to Add Some Wild Stuff to your Relationships