How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai

How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai

Even if you get the job, your employer will have to file papers with the immigration department for the appropriate department-approved VISA that will confirm that any Canadian willing to work for such a position Is not. Only then will you be issued a VISA

99% will be available these days for a Canadian position.

If you are willing to settle in Canada, try the formal migration process.

Getting a job from Dubai to Canada is almost impossible.

However, if you are holding a professional university degree or diploma and have two years of work experience in your professional field then it is advisable to start the PR process in Canada.

Within a year if you are approved by the Canadian authorities for PR you can land in Canada and find a job there.

If you are reading this then you are willing to do a job in Canada from Dubai.

I am living in Dubai and have worked with many recruitment agencies. I will tell you the real facts.

There are many options and by using this option you can get a job in Dubai from Canada. I will tell you one by one.

  1. Being hired through recruitment agencies
  2. Working with Canadian based companies in the UAE.
  3. Job through PR.
  4. A Job with Reference and Networking
  5. Apply for a job through freelancing websites.
  6. If you have a public image / social influence then you can get a job
  7. Unique or rare skills can get you a job in Canada
  8. I have mentioned some options, this is not the limit. There are many other ways of job in Dubai from Canada.

If you know any other methods below and I will add that option to the list.

Apply for a job in Canada from Dubai 2020

How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai
How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai

Are you immigrating? I mean have you started your PR application?

If you have and your application is in process, you can get help for free.

There are agencies created to help new immigrants find employment and to plan for their disposal while they are still in their country and their application is in process.

These services are 100% free, and these agencies are funded by Immigration Canada.

In this video, they list 14 agencies that Immigration Canada names them on their website (therefore, they are trusted and approved by Immigration Canada).

There are other agencies, but watch out for fraud. If they ask you for money then they are cheating on you.

Anything is possible these days. Companies can arrange video or phone interviews. But if you are not a resident of Canada.

Chances are employers will not go to great lengths to hire a foreigner unless you are a specialist in certain fields and cannot find a candidate in Canada who may be willing to do that job.

It is not a very long process for an employer to get you a work permit from the Canadian Department of Human Resources.

What is the best way to go to Canada from Dubai?

There is no doubt that Canada has a high employment market and almost anyone with skills can find a job there.

But for migrants working in Canada, some demands need to be met.

Working in Canada depends on many factors such as the field you want to work in and the job you apply for.

Below is the basic recruitment required to work in Canada

  1. Openwork permit
  2. Labor market impact assessment
  3. Proof of recognition
  4. Travel documents and permits
  5. Last but not the list of terms and conditions

And running for all of this is difficult for those looking for a job because you have more concentration in finding the job of your dreams.

So, a recruitment agency is the best option for this job.

If you leave in Dubai than Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best option for you.

They help you find a job in Canada and also help you get all the approvals for it.

The Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of them. It has established itself as the top recruitment agency worldwide by satisfying all the international manpower required.

They provide services in the following industries:

  1. banking and Finance
  2. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  3. Pharma and Life Sciences
  4. Information technology
  5. Aerospace & Defense
  6. Automobile and Auto Components
  7. Consumer durables and building materials
  8. Education
  9. Electrical and Electronics
  10. FMCG
  11. Healthcare
  12. Retail
  13. Welcome
  14. Cook
  15. Driver
  16. The doctor
  17. And many moreā€¦.

If you are looking for a job in the above field. Then the Alliance is the right partner for you. You don’t have to kill your mind to get a job

Just you have to join the team to state your requirement and the rest will be decided by the team.


Bad news:

You cannot get a job in Canada from Dubai. It is illegal to hire employees until they have immigrated to Canada and have a Canadian SIN (Social Insurance Number) card.

Good news:

You can get a job in Canada after you have immigrated.

Start here.

Immigrate to Canada

How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai

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How to apply for a job in Canada from Dubai

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