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Best electric scooters: which model to buy in 2023?

Best electric scooters: which model to buy in 2022?

Best electric scooters: which model to buy in 2023?

Like the automobile, the world of two-wheelers is also turning to electric vehicles. Many scooter manufacturers are already offering 100% electric models offering similar or even superior approval to thermal models. Here is a selection of the best electric scooters.

In big cities, often congested, the scooter is with the electric bike the best friend of those who does not want to be stuck for hours in traffic. Easy to use, rather practical with its storage under the saddle, and especially devoid of clutch control compared to a motorcycle. All the more so since the Covid crisis, which has pushed those who no longer want to take public transport to turn to two-wheelers, motorized or not.

Like the automobile, the scooter market is essentially made up of thermal models. But the transition is a little easier in this area, or at least faster. A two-wheeler is technically less complex than a car, and above all, less standardized by the legislator. However, like the car, the thermal two-wheeler is a suspended technology that will eventually ban. France is talking about 2040, but it’s a safe bet that the big cities pass a ban much earlier.

The solution may be to turn to a 100% electric scooter. And we will see, there is a choice. Essentially urban, the scooter adopts electricity much more easily than the car.


For our file, we have chosen to classify the various scooters offered on the market into four categories, namely 50 cm 3 equivalents, 125 cm 3 equivalents, three-wheel electric scooters, and those for small budgets, is that is to say at prices lower than 2000 euros, new. As we will see among the vehicles offered, despite some rather dynamic electric scooters, there is no equivalent 300, 400, or even 500 cm 3 as for thermal models.

Regarding the 125 cm 3 equivalents, there is a little less choice, about fifty, but there are especially scooters found in 50 cm 3 equivalence in 125 cm 3, quite simply because the engine has been flanged to be homologated in 50 cm 3. It is the case, for example, of the Piaggio Vespa Elettrica, again him, or the RedE Model E.

On a scooter equivalent to 125 cm 3, there is overall more autonomy. The majority largely exceeds 100 kilometers of autonomy, while some even approach 200 kilometers, or even more, like the Rider NG, which can theoretically travel up to 260 kilometers on a single charge. As a 125 cm 3 heat, these scooters can reach about 120 km / h at the maximum speed.


Classified in the 125 cm 3 equivalent categories, the Silence S01 develops up to 7 kW nominal power and 11 kW peak. Announcing up to 100 km / h top speed allows a 0 to 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds. The Silence S01 offers three driving modes. In “Eco” mode, the speed is restricted to 45 km / h to improve autonomy, while “City” mode offers the best compromise between power and autonomy. In “Sport” mode, the Spanish electric scooter delivers the maximum power and can reach up to 100 km / h.

Removable and relatively transportable thanks to a roller system, the battery recharges in 4 hours and accumulates 5 kWh of capacity. The manufacturer communicates on a theoretical value of 115 kilometers in terms of range, which may vary depending on the driving mode chosen and the type of route. Approved to accommodate two passengers, the Silence S01 offers enough space under its saddle to store two helmets, rare to underline it. We have not tested this model signed Silence, but you can read the test of its rebadged version, the Seat MÓ.

  • Maximum speed  : 100 km / h
  • Range: up to 115 kilometers
  • Full charge: 4 hours (on a charging station)
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 6900 euros


If the Seat MÓ reminds you of something, it is normal. It shares the same chassis as the Silence S01. The Spanish manufacturer has indeed gone to his compatriot for a turnkey solution. Colors aside, the two machines are therefore strictly identical aesthetically.

We also find the surprisingly removable battery system, the 41 kilos of the latter moving like a suitcase on wheels. A system that limits the risk of theft and makes it easier to recharge it. Filling up will also take between six and eight hours on a single outlet, and the range is a good hundred kilometers.

In terms of performance, we are in the presence of a scooter pleasant to drive, stable, responsive, and powerful enough to circulate without too much fear on expressways. However, the absence of ABS is noticed in areas where the coating is not ideal.

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To get into all the details of the machine, we recommend that you read our full review of the Seat MÓ.

  • Maximum speed  : 100 km / h
  • Range: up to 137 kilometers
  • Full charge  : 4 hours (on a charging station) / 8 hours (conventional socket)
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 6900 euros


For an electric scooter equivalent to 125 cm 3, the average basket amounts to around 6,500 euros, but everything depends on the performance of the scooter. The star of the segment is the BMW C Evolution. It is also the most expensive, since it claims no less than 15,700 euros, for a range of between 100 and 160 kilometers, depending on the version. This scooter does not necessarily shine by its autonomy or practicality but rather by its dynamic capacities and lightning accelerations. It is also possible to recharge it on a terminal thanks to its Type 2 plug, and not all electric scooters are equipped with removable batteries.

The BMW C Evolution is hardly controllable at the time of writing. It will be replaced early next year by a new electric scooter from BMW, less sporty and more versatile. In the same vein, the Easy-Watts E-jet and the Frison T10 can elbow with the BMW electric maxi-scooter, all for around 6,000 euros less. Kymco will soon arrive with a scooter of the same kind, the latter being called F9.

  • Maximum speed  : 129 km / h
  • Range: up to 160 kilometers
  • Full charge: 4 hours (on a charging station)
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price  : 15,700 euros


It is in this category that you will have the most choices. In France, there are currently around 80 equivalent 50 cm 3 electric scooters offered by different manufacturers. 

While the market comprises vehicles from Chinese manufacturers, European brands are gradually starting to offer electric models. The flip side is that they are a bit more expensive.

It can be explained by better manufacturing quality and more convincing performance, but this is not always the case. The world of Chinese two-wheelers has changed a lot in a few years, and today some models are no longer available. ‘have nothing to envy to renowned European manufacturers in terms of equipment, finishes and road services. Most of these electric scooters have a removable battery allowing, once parked, to recover the battery and take it home to recharge on a power outlet.


Approved in the 50 cm 3 equivalent categories, the Niu NQi Sport receives an electric motor from the Bosch equipment manufacturer. Capable of developing 1800 watts of power, it is integrated into the rear wheel. At top speed, the Niu NQi Sport can reach up to 45 km / h.

Composed of 170 lithium-ion cells supplied by equipment manufacturers such as Panasonic, LG, or Samsung, the Niu NQi Sport battery has a total capacity of 1.74 kWh. What authorizes up to approximately 80 kilometers of autonomy according to the data communicated by the manufacturer.

Removable, it weighs only ten kilos and can be removed and transported thanks easily to its ergonomic handle. This battery is guaranteed for two years by the manufacturer. The scooter also benefits from a small space to store a helmet, which is not necessarily common in the world of electric scooters.

  • Maximum speed  : 45 km / h
  • Range: up to 80 kilometers
  • Full charge: 7 hours
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 2999 euros


The Emma model from Easy Watts is a 50 cm 3 scooter ideal for people wanting to get their first electric two-wheeler. It is rather efficient, as well in solo as in duo above, and it is quite maneuverable in particular thanks to a reverse gear to facilitate the maneuvers. Its storage compartment at the front is practical for storing a small grocery store or your phone, and under the seat, you can store papers or a pair of gloves. Unfortunately, a helmet will not fit.

Its 1500 watt brushless motor gives it a top speed of 49 km / h and a range of between 35 and 55 kilometers. It has three driving modes to adapt to its speed and its range in town. Its battery is removable to guarantee its user can recharge his scooter at home or his place of work on a domestic socket.

  • Maximum speed  : 49 km / h
  • Range: up to 55 kilometers
  • Full charge: 8 hours
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 1599 euros


Developed in-house by Piaggio, the electric motor that drives the Vespa Elettrica develops up to 3.5 kW of continuous power and 4 kW of maximum power for a torque of up to 200 Nm. Certified in equivalent 50 cm 3 in its version base, the Vespa Elettrica is limited to 45 km / h. Since 2020, it has also been offered in a 125 equivalent version with a top speed of 70 km / h. Its compartment under the saddle can accommodate a helmet. Problem: the battery is not removable, and it will be necessary to recharge near a household wall outlet or a charging station.

Made up of cells supplied by LG Chem, the battery that powers the scooter has a total energy capacity of 4.2 kWh. It allows up to 100 kilometers of range in a single charge. In France, the Piaggio Vespa Elettrica starts from 6,390 euros, excluding the bonus in its 50 version. The manufacturer communicates in parallel on a long-term rental offer at 99 euros/month.

  • Maximum speed  : 45 km / h
  • Range: up to 100 kilometers
  • Full charge: 4 hours (on a charging station)
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 6390 euros


As for thermal scooters, some manufacturers offer three-wheel electric scooters in 50 or 125 cm 3 equivalence. There are mainly models with two front wheels, but models with two wheels in the rear are mainly reserved for companies. The rear part is widened in particular to integrate a trunk and make deliveries.


We hesitated in this category with the Doohan and 125, but we preferred to turn to the Rider 3 RS, a scooter whose protection seems more in line with the use that customers could have of it, that is, say not to settle for the city. It is classified into 125 categories. Rider’s electric three-wheeler is powered by a motor integrated into the wheel. Developing 3 kW of power allows up to 70 km / h top speed.

Two lithium-ion battery packs to power the Rider 3RS. Each pack has 2.4 kWh of capacity or 4.8 kWh for both. It is located under the vehicle’s floor, the two batteries are removable, and it will take about 5 hours for a full charge.

  • Maximum speed  : 70 km / h
  • Range: up to 160 kilometers
  • Full charge: 5 hours
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 6749 euros


Supplied by the German supplier Bosch, the engine that drives the Doohan iTank 50 is integrated into the rear wheel. It develops up to 1490 watts of nominal power and 2350 watts peak with a torque of 128 Nm. Approved in the L1e category, the Doohan iTank 50 allows up to 45 km / h of maximum speed, making it more suitable for urban use.

Removable, the battery that powers the Doohan is equipped with cells supplied by the Japanese Panasonic. Accumulating 1.56 kWh of energy capacity, it provides 70 kilometers of range in “Eco” mode and 45 in “Sport” mode. As an option at 1000 euros, a second pack can be purchased for a total range of up to 140 kilometers. The battery is recharged from a simple household outlet. Allow 5 to 6 hours of recharging per pack.

  • Maximum speed  : 45 km / h
  • Range: up to 140 kilometers
  • Full charge: 5 to 6 hours
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price: 2999 euros


Among the three-wheelers, there is also a French SME, Eccity Motorcycles, which offers the Eccity Model 3, a scooter with two wheels at the rear and is available for both individuals and professionals. Approved in the L3e category, in equivalent 125, you can drive the Eccity Model 3 with an A1, A2, or B license.

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer communicates over 100 kilometers. A theoretical value may vary depending on the type of driving and the profile of the road. It starts at around 11,180 euros in France.

  • Maximum speed  : 110 km / h
  • Range: up to 100 kilometers
  • Full charge  : 3 hours
  • Rear passenger: yes
  • Price  : 11,180 euros



The electric scooters classified 50 cm 3 (also called L1e) are rated between 1 and 4000 W. A motor servo is usually integrated into the rear wheel. The speed of an L1e electric scooter is limited to 45 km / h. They can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license or from 18 with a simple B license.

Unlike the 50 cm 3 categories, the 125 cm 3 electric scooters (also called L3e) have a power exceeding 4000 W and a speed greater than 80 km / h. Driving this vehicle requires an A1 license if its power does not exceed 11 kW. To do this, you must also be at least 16 years old. You can also drive an electric scooter with power between 11 and 35 kW with an A2 license.

It is also possible to drive a category L3e vehicle with a B license. But the regulations will not be the same. If you obtained a B permit before March 1980, you would have direct equivalence with an A1 permit. On the other hand, if you obtained your B license after March 1980, and for at least two years, you will only be able to drive an electric scooter after a seven-hour training course.


Like any two-wheeler, you must use an electric scooter with adequate protection. From a legal point of view, you will need an approved helmet and CE gloves for the driver and any passenger.

As with the car, you must have a reflective vest with you.

Outside the purely legal framework, we strongly recommend that you wear suitable clothing. Yes, we know the weather is nice and warm, but forget about light clothes, espadrilles, or other flip-flops, or you will regret it bitterly in the event of a fall. At a minimum, invest in a suitable and reinforced jacket.

What are the financial aids?

Like most electric vehicles, scooters benefit from purchasing aid:

  • for the power of less than 2 kW: 100 euros within the limit of 20% of the purchase price
  • for a power of 2 kW, yes more: 900 euros within the limit of 27% of the purchase price

In addition to this national premium, local aid may apply; you can thus receive 400 euros from the town hall of Paris and 200 euros from that of Nice.

For professionals, more interesting offers exist, but they depend on your specific situation.

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