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Dance classes in Dubai

Dance classes in Dubai

Dance classes in Dubai

Belly dancing is the modern term for dance classes in Dubai that originated in the Middle East.

To many people, hearing these words brings in images of women in a flowy and bright costume and dancing to some lively music. But to some, belly dancing goes beyond dance classes in Dubai or entertainment. It also has unanticipated benefits, and here are some of them.

For one, belly dancing, being an activity that requires physical movement, is a good way to burn fats without the pressure of going to the gym or working out.

Since it requires a lot of movements in the belly, those who want to get rid of their unwanted stomach fats can start seeing positive results in as short as 2 or 3 weeks.

The best part is since this weight-loss process is disguised as a dance, one loses excess fats in a fun and interesting way.

Also, since many of the movements involve proper hand coordination and shaking of the upper body, belly dancing helps in the prevention of other-related diseases especially on the spine, torso, and upper body.

Because most of the movements require twisting, shaking, and wiggling, it can also increase the body’s flexibility. Also, if you’re suffering from menstrual problems such as irregular periods, learning these dance classes in Dubai will help you address these issues.

pole dancing

But aside from its health benefits, it can also play an important role in building a person’s confidence and self-esteem. The movements, which are feminine in nature, focus on the proper coordination of all the parts of the body.

Therefore, learning the steps will make you more aware of your posture, hand and foot gestures, and even your facial expressions. All of this will give you a sense of self-image, which ultimately results in an improvement in your self-confidence.

Dance Studios Dubai

Dance Studios Dubai will open up the world of ballroom dancing for you. This dance school offers cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot, waltz, and other ballroom dance classes in Dubai.

It is a great place for beginners aspiring to become professional ballroom dancers.

Experienced instructors at Dance Studios Dubai follow an international curriculum and specific teaching methods to encourage better dance form in students.

From posture to footwork, you will learn all there is to mastering ballroom dancing.

  • Location: HDS Tower, Cluster F – Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Hours: 01:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Weekends from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
  • Contact: + 971-4-457-9228

Dance classes in Dubai – Best Belly Dancing 2023

Moreover, it is a good way to relieve stress. These dance classes in Dubai can help relax both your body and mind. So whether you’re dancing because you want to forget a problem or you want to rid your body of toxins, you can rely on these dance classes in Dubai to achieve your objective.

Last, belly dancing develops, builds, and nurtures strong relationships. When you take dance classes in Dubai, you’ll get to mingle with other women who may share the same problems, interests, and issues.

Dance classes in Dubai
Dance classes in Dubai

With this, you can easily cope with whatever issues you want to address. And if you are a businesswoman, you can build instant connections, create a network, and promote your business.

Time Out couldn’t help but get swept up in the rhythmic excitement. We sent our troops to dance studios around town, rating classes by difficulty, embarrassment level, and simple practicality, and turned up some surprising results…

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African dance

Rebecca Milford, chief sub-editor
What is it? This energetic ladies-only class focuses on movements that are ‘unique to Africa’s dance heritage’.

The first lesson: This is more of an exercise class than a technical dance session, so you don’t need any prior knowledge or training.

Teacher Liris explains the basic steps, which are then linked together into a short routine to the thumping African drum beat. It’s surprisingly energetic, with jumping, arm-waving, and bum-jiggling – some of the moves are impossible to pull off with a straight face.

  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Embarrassment: 3/5

Best for: Those who want to work up a sweat with a big grin on their face.

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James & Alex Dance Studios

James & Alex Dance Studios are located in Dubai Media City. The facility has three dance studios spanning over 4,000 sq ft.

James & Alex Dance Studios is particularly known for conducting one of the best ballet dance classes in Dubai.

Besides that, they also conduct tango, Zumba, and salsa dance classes in Dubai. James and Alex Studios also conduct comprehensive belly dance classes in Dubai.

Employing a team of professional trainers, the studio offers some of the best dance classes in Dubai for both adults and kids in a variety of contemporary and ballroom dance forms.

Students here love the energy and vibe of the instructors and the studio. This dance school in Dubai is best for someone who wants to learn how to salsa! And if salsa is not your thing, sign up for their contemporary dance classes in Dubai.

  • Location: 813 and 814 Concord Tower – Dubai Media City
  • Timings: 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Friday 10:00 am to 02:00 pm | Saturday 09:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Contact: +971-4-447-0773

Step N Groove Dance Studio

Step n Groove Dance Studio is a dance institute in Dubai that excels in its western style of dance. The head office is based in Bur Dubai (Al Rifaa Plaza, Computer Street, Bur Dubai), and we also have a branch at Al Nadha (Platinum Business Tower, Oppo Millennium School, Al Nahda).

Step n Groove provides professional dance classes to kids, teenagers, and adults within its diverse curriculum. We take pride in a unique style of dance, teaching techniques, and how we implement each student with strong core values.

The curriculum is carefully planned to help guide each student and give them the opportunity to passionately grow in the different dance styles they choose to learn.

The basic principle is to be dance classes in Dubai that conform to the standards set by professional training schools. Classes are designed to help build up their student’s self-esteem and to teach them the significance of dance.

The studios are approximately 1500 sq ft and are suitable for many activities like yoga, dance, aerobics, Zumba, etc. Painted in red, orange, and yellow, it represents the inner fire that ignites the passion hidden within their students.

Dance classes in Dubai
Dance classes in Dubai

It motivates them to put in their 100% hard work and at the same time, it gives them a feeling of joy and fun. The mirrors that are placed around help the students to see themselves perform and judge if they are doing anything wrong and correct their mistakes.

It also helps their instructors to inspect the students and correct them on the spot. The floor is layered with wooden flooring to be in power with the requirements of all other professional dance academies.

The music is played through a stereo system which is so clear that it lets the students enjoy every beat of the music.

For convenience, the studios are equipped with a pantry, toilet, and changing room. There is also a seating area for parents who want to see how their children are progressing.

We discourage parents from entering the studio during a dance class since children may get distracted. Therefore a camera is placed in the studio which is connected to a T.V in the seating room from where parents can view what is going on in the studio.

Finally, dance schools are well known for the different dance styles we offer. Jive, Freestyle, Salsa, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Bboying, etc. The dance instructors are trained to offer a variety to the same level of knowledge perfection.

Conctact Info:

  • BUR DUBAI: PH: +971 4 355 7433, MOB:+971 50 113 8144, MOB:+971 55 847 7659
  • AL NAHDA: PH: +971 4 255 4209, MOB: +971 55 847 8356

Dance For You studio

Dance For You studio is located in a very convenient place as Al Barsha Heights (TECOM in the past). The dance studio is open every day, 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. during the week, and 10:00 a.m. – 07:00 p.m. at the weekends.

They teach Ballroom, Latin – American and Social dances for adults and kids, in the form or private or group classes. Our map and contact information is below.

Apart from the regular dance classes in Dubai: Dance For You studio also provides:

  1. Weekly conducted energizing Practice Sessions
  2. Monthly Social gatherings outside the dance school premises
  3. Regular amazing dance events within the dance school premises and outside (examples: Halloween Dancing Festival 2017, Burst of Dancing in Dubai at Dance For You B-party 2017)
  4. Participation in the international Pro-Am dance competitions throughout the whole world (example – Dance For You Studio at Blackpool Dance Festival 2018)
  5. Unique wedding dances
  6. Unforgettable gift certificates
  7. Mind-blowing dance performances from our dance instructors, etc. (example: Master Class)
  8. Student Showcases (example: Pro-Am Dance Competitions Photo Gallery)
  9. Training Seminars – see Ballroom Dancing Educational Videos
  10. Weekly Practice Parties (example photo gallery)
  11. Dance Events (visit our photo gallery of dance showcases)
  12. Dance Shows (visit our photo gallery of instructors ballroom dance competitions)
  13. Competitions (UAE and Internationally) – video examples: Blackpool 2018 Videos, Crown Cup Dubai 2018 Videos, Red Square Stars 2017 Videos
  14. Anniversary Dances
  15. Corporate Dance Events (see some video examples)
  16. Performances by our professional team (our instructors showcase videos)
  17. Wedding Packages
  18. Certificates of Achievement

Dance classes in Dubai

Having a sprung dance floor Dance For You studio can also take credit for that. It is the most beneficial aspect of our dance studio health-wise.

Since our dancing team 100% claims for dancing to be the healthiest pastime activity ever, the dance floor as the crucial constituent of this process should be completely adjusted towards comfort, convenience, and fun! And it is in our dance studio.

That’s why Dance For You team is proud to invite and welcome every single person who has been longing for dance classes.

Come, join the biggest and the most gifted Dance For You international community of dancers, admirers, and followers!


Barsha Heights (formerly TECOM), Grosvenor Business Tower
23rd floor, Studio 2306
P.O. Box: 391484, Dubai, UAE
Phone: 04 552 01 53

Working hours:

Sunday to Thursday from 01:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.