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What Are the Most Popular Areas Among Tourists?

dubai - What Are the Most Popular Areas Among Tourists?

What Are the Most Popular Areas Among Tourists?

Each region of this Dubai has many stories, hidden and visible within it, — and lots of tourists want to know them. To explore, though, you’ve got to stay somewhere, right? 

For you to decide where to rent an apartment in Dubai, this article will outline the city districts that are most loved by guests of the city. Let’s start our journey!

Palm Jumeirah Island

Having seen it once, you’ll remember it forever — that’s an exact description of Palm Jumeirah, the world’s famous man-made archipelago. It takes the shape of small islands that connect in a palm tree from a bird’s eye view — in terms of landscape architecture, that’s indisputable proof that nothing is impossible for Dubai’s artists and urbanists. Tourists come to live in luxury 5-star resorts, dine in fashionable restaurants, and rest in beach clubs, drinking in a unique rhythm of one of the most amazing travelling centres in the world. 

During golden sunset hours, residents and city guests go out for a promenade around Palm Jumeirah. They have picnics on a beach, admiring sunlight sparkling above the clear water of the Arabian Gulf — or explore the neighbourhood on a bike. 

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences

This region would be perfect for you if you’re into an active lifestyle and moving a lot. Here, visitors enjoy beach clubs, places where you can try diving, wake sports, parasailing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and many other activities in the water. Additionally, there is a 600-meter running track and a sports ground – an ideal vacation place for athletes. You can go to fire shows, concerts, street art exhibitions, carnivals, and take motocross bikes classes. Basically, that’s a good place to find a new hobby in the city.

Although if you’re not into all that — or want to take a long break — Dubai Marina is one of the most exciting shopping destinations for both locals and tourists. 

Downtown Dubai

Are you looking for the real city street views for photos in social media, want to finally look at dizzying skyscrapers or giant shopping malls — and show everyone you did look at them? Then visit Downtown Dubai!

See an amazing city panorama from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Go to Burj Park, the area which hosts the largest city events, including the winter pop-up Market OTB, which is a famous part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Another amazing thing you should visit there is the dancing Dubai Fountain, located beside the highest skyscraper. And of course, none of the shopping fans will pass by the largest shopping centre in the entire world – Dubai Mall, which features over 12 million square ft! 

Deira District

Love authentic architecture? Visit Deira — one of the oldest areas in Dubai. Bur Dubai, Karama, Satwa, and, of course, Deira represent together an “Old Dubai” region — the place where you can dive into the local history and culture. 

For example, by going to Dubai Creek, you can get to know more about traditional food, spices, coffee, perfumes, and gold accessories. The trading there has been preserved for centuries, so it’s not a surprise that large ships and small day boats are still here, showing tourists the city and, occasionally, selling goods. Also, in Deira District, you still cross the bay on a traditional abra boat for only 1 dirham and get some authentic souvenirs here!

Jumeirah District

Clear waters, spacious sandy beaches, and extremely developed infrastructure… The Jumeirah area is one of the most popular places to stay in Dubai. It consists of three separate districts named Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3, and each of these has unique views. 

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful, astonishing authentic building of the Jumeirah Mosque that was built in 1979. Constructed in traditional Fatimid style, this mosque is considered one of the most outstanding symbols of Arabic architecture. So far it’s the most photographed monument in all of Dubai.  

Bur Dubai

For those looking for a place to stay near the coastline, the best option will be to rent apartments in Bur Dubai. This location is known for its bazaars and the world’s famous authentic restaurants with traditional Emirati cuisine. Here, on the west coast of Dubai Creek, you can see beautifully preserved historical architecture and dozens of cultural monuments with modern shopping areas around. 

To feel the charm of Dubai deeper, stroll through the narrow streets of Al Fahidi’s traditional windmills and old buildings, that are now turned into house museums and art galleries. For instance, you can go to the XVA art gallery, the Coin Museum, and the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.

Al Quoz District

In the past, this region used to have various industrial warehouses, but today it’s one of the Emirate’s main cultural complexes! Full of different art galleries, luxury shops, trendy cafes, and creative studios, it hosts plenty of the world’s famous events – from European cinema festivals and masterclasses in painting to modern fashion parties and shows. 

The main artery of the AI Quoz district is Alserkal Avenue, a hub for arts and culture with over 60 creative spaces housed in giant warehouses. There, you can admire the works of famous artists and talented creators from Western Asia. 

What Are the Most Popular Areas Among Tourists?