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Does the blood type diet work for weight loss? A guide for women

Does the blood type diet work for weight loss? A guide for women

Does the blood type diet work for weight loss? A guide for women

What is your blood type? You have always heard this question when someone needs blood for medical emergencies. 

But wait, now you need to know your blood type not because you may donate it but for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Got your eyebrows quivered in inquiry? Let me tell you how your blood type may help you trim your body fat.

Being a woman, you may be self-conscious of your body fat. The ins and outs of calories aren’t enough only, you need to take the food that resonates with your blood type- aka blood type diet.

In this article, I am going to unravel some health insights, you have never heard of before. So, stick to the article if you need to know them.

What is a Blood type of diet?

Like most people, you may have heard this word before, as it isn’t much discussed. Actually, it is a concept proposed by Peter D Adamo. He is a naturopath physician and an author of several fine books.

He in his book “Eat Right for your Type” stated that every human being is designed differently according to their genetics.

 As blood group is a specific code of your genetics, it drives your whole body mechanism. Therefore, you must take into account your blood group in every medical or physical pursuit.

Thus, he invented the blood type diet that has revolutionized our health standards. He advocates eating a diet that relates to your blood group.

Blood types along with their foods:

O Blood group:

They should eat meat: poultry, lean meat, fish.

Vegetables like beans, legumes, and grains are also good for them.  

They should get a high intake of dairy products also.

A Blood group:

According to Adamo, A blood type have a weak immune system so they may avoid meat and fish.

However, they can get vegetables, beans, and an organic diet.

All the foods should be fresh.

B blood group:

Adamo advises them to avoid chicken intake or at least limit it.

Eat more lentils, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, and sesame seeds.

Moreover, add low-dairy milk to the diet.

AB blood group:

They should use seafood in their diet. They should eat fish, tofu, crabs, prawns, and shrimp, etc.

In addition, they can take green leafy food for their intake.

The blood type diet science macronutrient or pseudoscience?

There has been constant wrangling on the topic since the publication of Adamo’s book and the emergence of this idea. 

Many people consider it pseudoscience, as they find now a palpable connection between blood type diet with weight loss. Therefore, they simply ignore this term.

However, Adamo suggested that your blood type holds sway on your body’s functionality. He went to the extent that certain diseases have a close connection with your blood type.

Even some studies have shown this to be true as a matter of fact. For instance, a study done on some Croatian patients show that the blood type AB patients have higher risks of psychiatric diseases.

In macro calculator estimates the macronutrient needs of a person based on their 

different blood types react differently to the food they come in contact with inside your body.

That’s why, some have better stomach functions than others, despite bad eating habits.

Moreover, there exists another research that concludes that the O blood type diet reduces the body fat in the people who took it regularly.

Having said that, most physicians and hematologists give counter-evidence to debunk the theory. Their arguments are also worth seeing and their finding is considered right.

The medical fraternity concludes that there isn’t any sufficient evidence regarding the veracity of blood type diet. 

However, as the journey of science doesn’t stop at some researches, so we cannot say with conviction that a blood type diet has no effect on your body.

Should you go for it for weight loss?

Without any fuss, the answer is yes. Although you may find it difficult to draw scientific evidence between them, you may find circumstantial evidence.

First, you must know your blood type before knowing which diet suits you. You can use a blood type calculator to get your blood type and then you can choose the right foods into your diet plan.

As a woman, you may have tried different health routines. Sometimes these diet plans and exercise routines are very effective but sometimes they fail to produce real results.

You need to cut off your body fat but there isn’t a one-fit-size-all diet plan for you and even such plans are doomed. 

If you see the food suggestions of all these blood types, you will find an uncanny resemblance between them and a general diet of a healthy person.

As Dr. Adamo prohibits all the blood type people to drink alcohol and processed foods and even sugary diet, so you can say that such can help you reduce weight.

Moreover, exercise like Yoga or stretches is also good for any woman who wants to reduce weight regardless of her blood type.

Restrained calorie intake along with tummy exercise will bore fruit, whether you have an O blood type, B, or anyone.

So, you can give it a try to lose weight and to keep yourself healthy for it contains all the healthy habits and does not pose any side effect whatsoever.

Final words:

Every woman dreams of looking fit and slim for two main reasons. On one side, weight loss helps to live a healthy life. On the other side, a smart body looks good and is considered a good norm in society.

You may have tried various size trimming diets, but a blood type diet appears to be a good fit for the job.

However, there isn’t any substantial evidence and connection between blood type diet and weight loss. Still, you can use it because it has all the good diets that make a person fit.

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