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How to Write Dissertation About Structure of the Human Body

How to Write Dissertation About Structure of the Human Body

How to Write Dissertation About Structure of the Human Body

A dissertation is a long-written piece of academic work where you use original research as your basis. You would submit this as part of your coursework when taking a postgraduate or an undergraduate degree.

The structure of this written piece depends on the topic you have chosen. For now, let us focus on health and fitness and how to write a dissertation about the structure of the human body. This is a very broad and relevant topic where you need to do a lot of research.

Follow the proper structure of a dissertation

While the content of your dissertation will depend on the topic assigned to you, make sure that your paper follows the proper structure. It should include:

  • An introduction
  • A review of literature that surveys your relevant sources
  • A short and clear explanation of the methodology you used
  • A summary of the results you obtained from research
  • A discussion of the results and all of their implications
  • A conclusion

You should also include a title page, an abstract, and a complete list of references. If you aren’t sure about the structure, you can ask your professor about it. 

Write an introduction about anatomy

Even before you can start looking for resources or using software for research writing, you need to create an outline. For a topic that focuses on health and fitness, specifically for the structure of the human body, it would be good to write an introduction about anatomy.

Anatomy is all about the study of the body’s structure. It’s related to physiology and examines the various functions of the body. The anatomy of our human body is very complex as it consists of several systems. Since there are many types of anatomical research and studies available, you can choose the ones that will fit in with the other topics that you plan to include in your dissertation. 

Talk about the structure of the human body and how it works

As part of your introduction to anatomy, you can also talk about the structure of the body (all the systems) and how they function. Here, you can even discuss where we as a species came from and where we belong in the universe.

You can also focus on how the human body is one structure that consists of systems, organs, tissues, and cells. Then you can look for research that explains how all of these parts of the bodywork together to keep everything running smoothly.

Help with your dissertation

As a postgraduate or undergraduate student, you might feel overwhelmed when you receive a dissertation assignment. Of course, you still have to complete it since it’s part of your education. If you need help, you can buy dissertation at trusted service Uk.EduBirdie. Here, you can buy a PhD order instead of writing it yourself. All you have to do is to wait for the writer to give you the final copy. This will give you more time to study without having to worry about missing your deadline. 

information about nutrition

Include information about nutrition

Nutrition plays an important part in our growth and development. Another topic you can include in your dissertation is how food impacts your body, which foods are good for you, and which foods are bad.

Food is one of our basic needs. Healthy eating allows you to acquire all of the nutrients you need to develop the proper body structure and ensure that all of the systems in your body work well. Find research that will support your topic on the importance of nutrition or how foods affect your body. You can also include topics like metabolism, caloric intake, or even the essential nutrients that our body needs. 

Discuss the impact of sports on a health structure

Another interesting topic you can include in your dissertation is how sports affect our health structure. Apart from a healthy diet, regular exercise keeps our body healthy and strong. 

Mucuna Pruriens Bodybuilding

Look for research that describes the effects of sports and regular physical activity on health, including mental, social, and psychological well-being. Your aim for this topic is to shed light on all the positive and negative effects of sports on the body. Then you can connect all of the topics together to create a cohesive dissertation that flows well from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. 


Writing a dissertation about the structure of the human body can include many sections of information. Here, you have picked up some ideas for the topics to include in your academic piece. Now, it’s time to create an outline and start writing.

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