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Life hacks for student to be healthy

Life hacks for student to be healthy

Life hacks for student to be healthy

Are you feel tired because of education? We can help you to keep your health good and high quality.

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Drink more water

Most of us don’t actually drink enough water every day. Water is necessary for our body for the body to function properly. Did you know that more than 60% of our body is made up of water? That is why it is so important to drink good water regularly so that the body works properly, toxins are removed from the body and there is a proper metabolism. We should drink water regularly, as it constantly leaves our body through urine, feces, sweat and respiration. The amount of water we need depends on various factors such as humidity, your physical activity, your weight, but in general we should drink at least a couple of liters a day of clean water.

Get enough sleep

If you do not sleep, then you have not been able to regain strength and during the day you will be lethargic and to somehow replenish energy, you will be drawn to small snacks, which often belong to unhealthy foods. Get more rest and you won’t need to eat to cheer up. In addition, lack of sleep causes premature aging.


Meditation balances the mind and develops the soul. This is probably the best, simplest and most effective way to bring peace and balance into your life.

Active lifestyle

Physical activity should be maintained not only 2 times a week for an hour, I do fitness. You need to be physically active every day. Motion is life. Studies have shown that regular physical activity is of great benefit to our health, including increased life expectancy, reduced risk of disease, improved body function and weight loss. If possible, replace transport with walking, elevator with stairs. Do gymnastics at home.


Choose exercises that you like and do them with health and pleasure. Try working with different parts of your body. Try to do sports that develop your whole body, it can be basketball, football, swimming, tennis, running, badminton and more.

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 Eat more fruit

Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals. Did you know that oranges have far more health benefits than vitamin C? Any vitamins and pills can not replace fruits, which are naturally inherent in nutrients and minerals.

Eat more vegetables

Like fruits, vegetables are important for improving our health. If possible, you should eat vegetables every day, and even better if they are the basis of your diet.

Choose brightly colored products

Fruits and vegetables with bright colors usually contain many antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for health because they remove free radicals in our body that damage our cells.

 Reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet

The more additives the products contain and the more the products are processed during their preparation, the less benefits they bring to the human body. Processed foods are bad because they lose the most nutritional value during processing and contain preservatives that are harmful to our health.

Love yourself

Think about how much you love yourself on a scale of 1-10? If you scored less than five points, think about why it happened. If you do not love yourself and think badly of yourself, then others will not love you. Be positive in your part and find in yourself those qualities for which you can be loved and appreciated.

Walk and run barefoot

There are many positive results from the contact of your bare feet with the ground. Try it and you will see for yourself.

Eliminate negative people from your life

Positive mental health is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You should not keep constantly negative people around you, as they can negatively affect your well-being and life.

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Remove the negative

Listen to your thoughts and mood. If you notice that you regularly have negative thoughts or bad moods, try to correct it in the opposite direction. Often people eat a lot of excess food just because they have a bad mood and they want to drown it out with food. But they only make it worse for themselves.

 Avoid harmful products

The modern world has created a huge number of harmful products that we encounter every day. These products include alcohol, sweets, flour products. Which of these foods are present in your diet? Find them and try to at least reduce their consumption.

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Breathe properly

Oxygen is a vital source of life. You know how to breathe, but do you breathe properly? It would seem that this is difficult, but the fact is that there are a large number of people who take small breaths and exhalations, from which the lungs in a small part are filled with oxygen.

Emotional food

Often people want to fill their emotional hunger with food. That is, they eat when they feel sadness, resentment, depression and the like. However, emotional food will never make you feel happy because you are trying to fill the void. Life hacks for student to be healthy.

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Life hacks for student to be healthy