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Mr. Smith had 4 daughter Answer, each daughter had one brother 2023

Mr. Smith had 4 daughter Answer

Mr. Smith had 4 daughter Answer, each daughter had one brother 2023

Here’s the Answer to the Riddle · He could have four daughters and a son with the same mom, equaling 5 children. · Or maybe three of the … could be 1, a son. If the 4 daughters died then, yes, the father “had” daughters. But the daughters same mom, equaling 5 children

he had 4 daughters. Living or dead doesn’t matter. And while the sisters had a brother or do not say anything about the brother being his son. The answer is right there in the riddle. Some are making it way more complicated than it actually is. Think of that old riddle about the man going to St Ives who met a man with seven wives. It’s like that one. The answer is simple and in the first line of the riddle!

This question is missing lots of variables and information. When you have missing data, you have to make assumptions to account for such. And, your conclusion should be based only on the provided data and your assumptions. You also need to pay attention to the verbs HAD, HAVE, and DOES.

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Mr. Smith had 4 daughter Answer, each daughter had one brother 2021

Mr. Smith could be alive, and daughters and son dead or vice versa. If he’s deceased, then clock and time already stopped on him, the reason for the “he HAD.” If he’s alive, then the “he HAD” will mean he currently doesn’t have four daughters: this ranging from three daughters to none. For the daughters, “they HAD” implies they either lost their brother or vice versa.

However, Mr. Smith is alive because of the verb “DOES.” If the verb “DID” was used instead, then chances are he’s dead. If he’s alive and considering the HAD verbs, and a need to know the current state of possession with the “HAVE” verb, then a living Mr. Smith possibly lost some to all daughters and son in no particular order.

So, assuming the daughters are from the same biological mother and are all mutually inclusive. And, Mr. Smith is their living biological father, and the brother they had was from both parents; the conclusion based on available data and assumptions is, he currently has no children.

This conclusion will change if there is additional information. Like, did the daughters and the brother come from different mothers? Does Mr. Smith currently have living children or a child? That question point to the fact that “HAD FOUR DAUGHTERS” could also mean some of the daughters passed, so he probably currently has less than four or anywhere between none up to three daughters. Do we have a mutually exclusive event here? Etcetera.

There are so many scenarios here presenting different conclusions. So, to clear unnecessary uncertainty, questions need to be asked to give a more accurate answer; however, given the current data, missing info, and necessary assumptions, he has none.

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If Mr. Smith has four daughters, and each daughter has a brother, how many children does Mr. Smith have?

Mr. Smith has 5 children
Um… 642?

No… 5

Every sister has the same brother… duh!
5 children because one brother can belong to each of the four daughters. So 4 daughters plus 1 son is equaled to 5 children.

P.S. A childish answer would be 8 children (4 daughters and 1 brother for each daughter which equals 4 brothers/4 sons. So 4+4=8 children)

There are 10 people in a room, you go in and kill 8 of those 10, how many people actually remain in that room?

A couple of answers based on different variables to consider: Are these people restrained or free to move? If they are free to move, then like some other answers have suggested, the 2 you did not kill would likely have run out of that room. If they’re restrained, then those 2 will still be in there.

Are we counting only living people or just people? If the former, then the 2 survivors are the only ones that count toward the answer. Otherwise, all 10 would count toward the answer.

So to put it all together:

  1. The people are restrained and we’re only counting the living: 2 survivors and myself = 3 people in the room.
  2. The people are restrained and we’re counting all people: 2 survivors, 8 killed and myself = 11 people in the room.
  3. The people are free to run and we’re only counting the living: just myself = 1 person in the room.
  4. The people are free to run and we’re counting all people: 8 killed and myself = 9 people in the room.
  5. I won’t begin to wax philosophical about how someone who kills 8 people shouldn’t be counted as a person since it’s egregiously inhumane…

A person had four daughters and each daughter had a brother. How many children does the person have?

First of all, there are few pieces of information missing from the question itself.

Anyway, let’s try to answer.

As the questions contain the information “a person HAD 4 daughters” which is in past and the question asked “how many children DOES the person have ?” is in present.

So it simply means that those 4 daughters have passed away in past and in present, they are no more. (Unfortunately)

So at present, he doesn’t have a daughter.

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Now those daughters might have belonged to single father (that person)


Case-1 :

all 4 daughters belong to 4 different mothers separately.

Case-2 :

2 belong to 1 mother and the rest 2 belong to 2 different mothers separately.

Like that few more cases will arrive and make this question unnecessarily complicated.

So, it is better to assume that all are from single mothers and single fathers to keep it simple.

For single mother and father (assumed) they HAD one brother.

Now it is written that “each daughter HAD a brother”, which doesn’t mean that the Son is also dead.

If it would have been written like “The person HAD a son”, then it means his Son also died in past.

So, if it not clear that someone is dead or alive at present then let’s be kind enough to assume that he is alive.

So, with the assumptions which were crucial to complete the question, the total number of children the person has (of course we are talking about present) is 1.

And it is his son only.

Mr. Harry had four daughters, each daughter had one brother, how many children does Mr. Harry have?

Dear Quora Users,


I have seen people give so much emphasis on HAD and HAVE.

We use HAD with past perfect tense and have with present perfect tense.

Also both HAD and HAVE are used for possessiveness.

If I take the first sentence i.e. Mr. Harry had four daughters, each daughter had one brother,

That means Mr. Harry was blessed with 4 daughters and one son. But somehow something had happend to Mr Henry’s children which left Mr. Henry alone in this world.

Now look into the second sentence i.e. how many children does Mr. Harry have?

That means at present how many children Mr. Harry have. It is very sad to say Mr Harry have no daughter and sonIt’s so pathetic. In his old age there is no one to look after him.

  • Let’s pray to God that his loneliness will vanish.
  • Hence, Mr. Harry have no children.
  • Alternatively,
  • If we ignore some grammatical variation like had and have then the solution would be:
  • This is a tricky question.
  • Read the question carefully.
  • Ans: 5 Children
  • Mr. Harry has 4 daughters = 4 people
  • Each daughter has one brother = 1 people
  • Therefore, the total number of children do Mr. Harry has in his family 4+1 = 5 people.

Mr. Clarke has 3 daughters and each daughter has a brother. How many children does Mr. Clarke have now?

Answer is 4

A couple and their grandchildren walk into an empty house. The couple have 5 daughters. One daughter has 9 kids, and the other four daughters have 5 kids each. In total how many people walked in the house?

Ans is




Couple= 2

daughters = 5

1 daughter = 9

4 daughters = 5+5+5+5

2+5+9+20 =

= 36 people

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