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What is z shadow? Does the link work anymore 2023

z shadow

What is z shadow? Does the link work anymore 2023 – Z SHADOW SAFE

Z Shadow Hacker is an internet tool used to hack social networking network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..

Z shadow is where you can discover numerous connections (Phishing Links) such as Facebook increment adherents, 8 ball pool amusement interface, Increase Facebook likes, Increase Facebook companions, Pool reside visit free coins, and so on. All these are z shadow hacking links or you state phishing joins.

If you know about z shadow I assume you have basic knowledge of hacking. Z shadow was a famous website for making phishing pages of famous websites. Recently, z shadow website stop working. If you are looking for reason why this website stopped working & alternative solution then you are on the right page.

Imagediamond has its own audience, there will be a lot of people who don’t know about z-shadow.

What was Z shadow exactly?

Z shadow was a website where people can get the fake login pages of popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, etc.

When someone login into that fake login page you will get his username & password. This website follows the phishing method. Phishing is a popular method to hack people’s social media accounts.
Basically you create fake login page that looks like original website. When someone login you will receive the username & password.

Z shadow made this bit easier. Instead of making phishing pages from scratch using programming. There was build in phishing pages for popular sites. Anyone can generate a special link of these pages by creating an account on z shadow.

Why Z Shadow Isn’t Working Anymore

I’m not the founder of the z shadow nor I know the founder. I think the reason why z shadow is no longer live there could be the following reason

Monetisation: Z shadow was making money with ads. Because z shadow was illegal that’s why using popular ad network that can provide good income wasn’t an option. Z shadow users were also interested in the hacking, they rarely click on the ad. Which turn low income.

This could be the reason why Z shadow went down.

Hosting Issues: It was illegal. When someone do illegal activities on scale through the internet definitely he is going to face issues. I’m sure these big companies definitely took a step to take down the z shaodw.

Hosting companies don’t allow anything illegal, that’s why they suspend the account if they receive request from reputated company.

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What are some other websites that are similar to z-shadow?

There are very less number of websites which offers free pishing pages of all major websites around th web. Z-Shadow is one of the most used. When youlook for the alternate of z-shadow. There is one site i would like to suggest “ Shadowave”. Even this is built and maintained by z-shadow just the name is changed. You can also give a try with “anomore”.

Warning : Use these resources only for experimental purpose with your own or demo account. I am not responsible if you missuse the resource provided. Play safe

Z-shadow is a site that used to make online custom phishing sites but currently, it’s not available on the site so some alternatives to Z Shadow can be,

1. Smikta

Smikta is founded on 22 August 2016 and it is a similar website like z shadow. The features, link, account sign up, and user’s dashboard looks like the z-shadow replica. It is a free website but I always recommend users not to use such sites. If you are using smikta then use it for educational purposes only.

2. Shadowave

Shadowave is another website that offers the same features, links, and user’s dashboard. It is also a free website. 

3. Anomor

Don’t forget anomor also have the same options and features. The main problem that you may face is the language issue. This website is not available in English. So, you have to covert the language using Google Translate or you can also use the Google Translate Chrome extension.

4. Ighack

Ighack is famous for Instagram related stuff. We have already posted brief details about this website.

Disclaimer: Use these websites at your own risk. I have shared this for educational and experimental purposes.

Why doesn’t the Z-Shadow link work anymore?

Try to change your strategy of using Z Shadow, earlier it was easy to send z shadow hack links in facebook inbox and but not they are restricted. You can share the URLs using other platforms like Whatsapp, Gmail etc.. All you need to do is to trick the targeted person, so he click on the link.

Hey guys now z-shadow link is not working it’s shows everytime connection timeout how this problem will solve? Please don’t use this stuff

Why has the Z Shadow link stopped working?

Since, using Z-Shadow link is a primitive method of phishing attack. Now-a-days, everyone has some of few knowledge about hacking and its related consequences. Also, they know the prevention methods a little bit. So, the Z-Shadow link is not more useful. Try to use some embedded-payload attacks.

How can I make a phishing page of any site?

Making a phishing site is not that hard,Let me walk you through complete procedure although it is not legal and you may get into trouble I hope you just want it for educational purpose

  • 1. Go to website login page you want to phishing site.
  • 2. Right click on page and go to inspect element.
  • 3. There you will see html code of login page copy whole code into editor.
  • 4. Search for “href” tag and either remove them or just develop another simple page saying that the traffic is high or something similar.
  • 5. There are tons of hosting sites either buy a domain or register free with name as much similar as you can get.
  • 6. Copy the link and test it yourself first and then only share it.
z shadow
z shadow

Is Z shadow legal?

It is a free website but I always recommend users not to use such sites. If you are using smikta then use it for educational purposes only. Shadowave is another website that offers the same features, links, and user’s dashboard.

Is there another link like Z shadow?

Smikta is founded on 22 August 2016 and it is a similar website like z shadowThe features, link, account sign up, and user’s dashboard looks like the zshadow replica. It is a free website but I always recommend users not to use such sites.

What is Z Shadow app?

Well, the service or app we are going to use is Z shadow safe and for the app version, you will be provided with a Z shadow safe apk file which will enable you to download the install the app on your android smartphone and then you will be able to do the process even from your android smartphone.

Is Z Shadow safe?

Is Z shadow safe Website? Yes, it is a safe website.