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What are the pastel Colors? Ultimate Guide (2023)

pastel Colors

What are the pastel colors?

Pastel colors are usually tints of hues. Just add some white to a hue.

Adding white not only raises the value, but it also changes the psychology as well. Usually considered delicate, feminine and clean.

Pastels are made of pigment (color), chalk and gum arabic to bind it all together.

In the 18th century, it was really popular to make “paintings” with pastels, and famous artists made it their primary medium.

There are color tools in art termed “pastels” which are a powder-based media having low to medium color saturation.

A pastel color is that which is produced from such a media, a low to intermediate color saturation.

This co-primary 12 part color wheel.

pastel Colors
pastel Colors

You can see the 5 circles above:

  1. The 3rd circle is HUES in full Chroma (Purity of Colours)
  2. The inner two circles are achieved by adding black to the color from third circles & are called SHADES.
  3. The outer two circles are by adding WHITE to the pure color called TINTS & this range in out two circles is PASTEL COLOURS.
  4. Both TINTS & SHADES are of any color are called TONES.
  5. All tones are SATURATED COLOURS by adding black or white or complementary color to the Pure color. Pastel Colours are saturated colors in a lighter tone.

What are the pastel Colors? Ultimate Guide (2023)

Pastels are a powerful and also vibrant way of artwork.

The method itself is dry and because of its powdery area, the light shows well.

So, with pastels, they offer very extreme coloring, more so than any other method.

Cakes are also evaluated from soft colors to black colors. Despite their convenience, the cakes are very flexible.

Because they contain large stages of color, cakes can be expensive.

But after the original price of buying a variety of colors, it is not too expensive to buy additional cakes independently as needed.

If you want to research with cakes but are not yet willing to spend on the colors of the musicians, I suggest you buy a cheap set for children.

If you have designed feelings of Pastel Wall Art in your home, it is likely to be someone delicate, relaxing and affectionate.

You don’t like the conflict in your life, so don’t beautify your house in strong or impressive tones.

The name comes from cakes, artistic media characteristic of this family of colors.

The colors of this family are generally described as “soothing”, “soft”, “almost neutral”, “milky”, “washed”, “desaturated” and lack a strong chromatic content.

Pink, mauve and baby blue are pastel colors commonly used, as well as magic mint, periwinkle, and lavender.

Examples of pastel colors are light pink, light blue, light green, aquamarine, lavender, cream, ivory, white, light gray.

When combined with yellow, red can make us feel hungry. … The cakes are less saturated than the primary colors, which makes them feel light, soft and relaxing.

For spring, they work well with neutral colors to create a sense of earthiness and sophistication.

What are some examples of pastel colors?

When people refer to “pastel colors”, they generally mean nuances of any shade, usually in full saturation, but in their clearest values, since the paintings become when mixed with a large amount of white.

Pastel clothes often look good in spring or summer; They seem to suggest coldness.

While they are feminine, sportswear for warm-weather men often comes in pastel colors.

They also remind us of babies, cakes, marzipan, Easter eggs, marshmallows and sweets, Rococo and Dutch Cape architecture, and the colors of traditional Mediterranean houses.

Pastel colors have a lot of white added. For your information only, pastel colors were widely used at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Actually, you can create your own mix of pastel colors if you already have a color scheme in place, all you need to do is play by adding only enough whites to each color and match it until you want it.

What is the difference between pastel colors and oil colors?

If you mean soft cakes and oil pastels, both are colored sticks.

Soft pastel sticks are basically powder pigments with a binder that holds them together.

They are completely dry media and cannot be mixed with water or any other liquid.

Oil pastels are essentially solid bars of oil colors. You can mix these colors with turpentine, or even an oil like flaxseed oil.

Doing so allows for better mixing and greater effects. Oil pastels to some extent can be worked with a brush.

Soft cakes can’t. You need a cloth or your fingers to mix the colors.

You could also use a rubber glove to protect your fingers.

If you are using artistic-quality soft pastels or oil pastels, this is probably the best since some of the pigments can be toxic.

Difference between oil pastels and crayons

  1. It is the binder for the most part. Crayons use wax and Oil pastels use non-drying oil and wax.
  2. Besides the composition of the colors, there is a huge difference in how a wax crayon and oil pastel works.
  3. With crayons, it takes a bit of an effort with a lot of pressure to completely cover the whole area.

What is the difference between paint and pastel?

Paint consists of dyes or mineral pigments suspended in a liquid medium.

Linseed oil, acrylic medium, alkyds, gum arabic, and damar varnish are some of the things used to make artist paints, Pastels are mineral pigments loosely held together with a binder, usually gum arabic.

the best pastels have only enough binder to hold the pigment together and can be very expensive since they don’t use fillers.

Oil pastels are not pastels, they just use the name.

They have a binding that consists of some form of oil and wax that is solid but soft at room temperature.

Pastels are considered a dry painting medium, usually formed into sticks and applied directly to the paper or support.

Pastel sticks use the same pigments as wet paints use.

Dry paint is harder to mix as needed, so usually, people have a great array of colors and values from which to choose for dry painting.

Wet paints can be mixed as desired, easily, from just a few colors.

What are the pastel Colors? Ultimate Guide (2023)

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