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Top 5 legendary movie sports cars 

Legendary movie sports cars 

Top 5 legendary movie sports cars 

Sports cars became popular a long time ago, from the period first sport vehicles were invented and when motosport appeared in the 19 century. Since that time they have become a dream of life for every boy and adult man. Little has changed, nowaday we hardly can name a boy who doesn’t want to have a new red Lamborghini in their garage.

But how lucky we are to live in the 21 century, today each person has a possibility to have it thanks to rental services. You could have a pleasant holiday in Dubai and enjoy the view from the front seat of a sports car at the same time. All you have to do is to choose your favorite model of the car and book it in advance.

Lamborghini rental in Dubai could make your dream from the childhood come true, moreover it is way more cheaper and easily rather than to buy such a car on your own. Car rental services are extremely popular, because of their mobility and comfort, in addition it costs less than a taxi and gives you freedom to have a car whenever you need. 

Top 5 legendary movie sports cars 
Top 5 legendary movie sports cars 

Speaking about movies, there is a whole collection of iconic cars, which we will never forget. I would like to tell you about the top 5 legendary movie sports cars. Let’s start with the legend of the 80s and the absolute fiction of that time- a converted DeLorean DMC-12 for a time travel movie Back to the future.

The speed of this machine is so great that it can take us several decades ahead in a matter of seconds, perhaps this is not its main feature, because it can fly! Well, you can’t forget its legendary doors, which open in an unusual way up and not sideways as we used to, but now you won’t surprise anyone with this, but in those days it was definitely the coolest car.

Top 5 legendary movie sports cars 

Speaking about the legendary cars of cinema, it is impossible not to mention a whole collection of fast and furious films, the main characters of which are not only living characters but also their cars.

Of course, it is difficult to single out only one model of a sports car, it seems to me that the fast and the furious is worthy of a separate topic for discussion, but now I will mention the Mitsubishi Eclipse in the color electro green. We can proudly say that it is thanks to the fast and the furious that sports cars have gained such popularity in the world of cinema.

Well, how can you miss the favorite of all the ladies of Agent 007 James Bond and his car. Years pass, but something remains eternal, this can be said about Aston Martin, having first appeared on the screens in 1964, he immediately became a favorite of the public.

Today, Aston Martin is no longer the same as in the 70s, it is difficult to recognize it, but this only means that it has become even more beautiful and desirable.

This bright yellow color can be recognized immediately – Chevrolet Camaro played the role of Bumblebee’s debut role in the movie Transformers. After the release of the film on the screen, its cost rose by 2 times. In the subsequent part of the Transformers ” Transformers: Age of Extinction”, two Camaro cars made specifically for filming participated at once — a modified “vintage” Camaro SS of 1967 and a futuristic Camaro of 2014.

The superhero universe is not losing its popularity even now, when the era of comics seems to be over. not all superheroes need a car at all, but we definitely can’t imagine Batman without the iconic batmobile. Batman’s first car was based on the Lincoln Futura cars of the 1950s, but in Burton’s film Batman drives a long two-seater car designed on the basis of the Chevrolet Caprice.

Well in 2022 we are waiting for a new Batman on movie screens it is possible that we will see an updated version of batmobile. Of course, the list of legendary cars can be continued to hundreds and thousands, but we will stop. We will be waiting for new sports car legends in the near future. 

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