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What does Tendered To Service Provider mean 2023?

Tendered To Service Provider

What does Tendered To Service Provider mean?

When a shipment is tendered, notice is sent to a service provider with an offer to carry the shipment. This happens when FedEx passes off the shipment to the USPS, but prior to it being “out for delivery“. … This happens when FedEx passes off the shipment to the USPS, but prior to it being “out for delivery“.

What does “Tendered to postal service” mean? This would be a notification from one of the Postal Service’s last-mile partners; ie United Parcel Service, FedEx, or Amazon. It simply means it has been dropped off at the Post Office that will take that final mile to be delivered.

Private shippers like FedEx and UPS are set up to deliver in densely-populated areas. They don’t have the extensive infrastructure and staffing to deliver to everyone in the whole country, as the Postal Service does. So the Postal Service delivers a huge volume of parcels that started out being shipped by FedEx or UPS.

They’ll take it as far as the nearest big city, where the Postal Service takes over and gets it into the recipient’s mailbox. So the message you asked about means that FedEx (or whomever) has handed over your parcel to the Postal Service to be sorted and delivered.

They sent it to a subcontractor who serves your area and the delivery should arrive on schedule – more or less. It has to be scanned and sorted again by the subcontractor and then given to one of their drivers, but it will reach you and with minimal delay.

As a window clerk for the Postal Service we had UPS and FedEx employees come in every day and hand us packages (and have us sign) from them. We in turn delivered said packages the following day to the address on the individual packages for which we had signed.

So when it states “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent”, I am speculating that they scan their packages one last time befor handing them over to the Postal Service.

How long does it take DHL to deliver to USPS?

2 to 4 days: Shipments are picked up by DHL and delivered the last mile to customers at their home, business, or Post Office Box by the local Post Office using Parcel Select. Standard delivery is 2 to 4 days. Deferred delivery is 2 to 7 business days. Shipments of up to 70 lbs.

It would cost DHL more to deliver them than they charged the customer, so DHL (and UPS and other carriers) contract with the postal service to deliver some of their packages for them. The postal service covers every deliverable address six days a week.

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What is tendered to end delivery carrier?

it means they handed it off to a local shipping company to complete delivery. for example, when a package makes it to the USA in my case they handed it to USPS to handle logistics inside the country.

Tendered to delivery service provider” means that the package has been passed on to this DHL partner. … It simply means it has been given to the “last mile” delivery service provider which is most likely the USPS.

Tendered to a delivery service provider

Tendered to delivery service provider simply means that the package that you have ordered from a service provider has been dropped off at the nearest post office. That package will be delivered to you within a short time.

According to DHL it just means it’s been handed to the company that will make the delivery… definitely does not mean it’s made it to you and is out for delivery. I have a Package that was “tendered to delivery service provider” a week ago and USPS has not received it. If I know people or companies are going to use them I’m going to avoid ordering from them like the plague.

This would be a notification from one of the Postal Service’s last mile partners; ie United Parcel Service, FedEx or Amazon. It simply means it has been dropped off at the Post Office that will take it that final mile to be delivered. Amazon packages are dropped off early in the morning to be delivered the day they are received by the delivery unit (local Post Office).

UPS and FedEx parcels are dropped off at the Post Office later in the day, after the carriers have already begun their delivery routes, for delivery the next day by your mail carrier. If you don’t want to wait until the next day some smaller offices are able to let you come to the office and pick it up yourself. It won’t be available to be picked up until you see “Arrival at Unit” when you track it.

Tendered to the Post Office means the shipping partner has dropped off several bags of packages but that doesn’t mean they are immediately available to be picked up, especially in a small office manned by only one clerk. That clerk is responsible for getting the mail to the carriers and getting those carriers out the door as well as a host of other vital administrative tasks in addition to waiting on customers who come in for stamp purchases and to ship out packages.

The UPS and FedEx packages will go through our intake process (accepting/scanning the package and routing it to the correct carrier route) when the clerk has finished all these other tasks. Sometimes, particularly during the holidays, the clerk may not be able to do the intake until after the office has closed for the day.

Either way, that package will go out with your carrier the next delivery day to be delivered. UPS and FedEx packages are not first-class mail hence the extra day for delivery.

Tendered to the Postal Service

Transfer to the US Postal Service for delivery. … The mailer may have created a tracking label for a shipment that goes out later or on a different day to the Postal Service. Typically, “Tendered to the Postal Service” means the shipper has handed the item over for delivery.

Deutsche Post

DHL International GmbH (DHL) is an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service, which is a division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post. The company delivers over 1.5 billion parcels per year.

What does it mean when DHL says “tendered to delivery service provider”?

When you ship an order with UPS Surepost, FedEx Smartpost, or DHL eCommerce the end delivery is generally done by USPS. In the industry, we call it “last-mile delivery”. FedEx, UPS, or DHL get the shipment close to you or the end delivery and then they hand it off to USPS. The last mile of the delivery is a lot of times the most expensive part of the delivery.

Sometimes, you can head to and search the tracking number to see where it is.

Just know, it will generally be delivered within a few days! I would suggest that it means in English terminoligy that the parcel/packet has been passed to another contractor/Courier firm to carry out the final delivery.

That firm may be a small local business that uses self-employed people to deliver small packets and drops from on line sales sites (such as T-shirts boots and shoes or other small items

There is a national operation in the UK, (Hermes) which does just that, engage drop delivery drivers on a contract, self employed basis and use their own transport with business insurance cover. They bill the company to get paid on a “number of parcels delivered” basis, but liable for their own taxation and national Insurance.

There are a number of these small operations opening up as they are cheap to run, take a load of otherwise small but time consuming parcels and packets away from The national Royal Mail and Parcel Force, and on the whole reliable.

For the company, no payroll as such (the contractor serves an invoice and gets paid on that, through what in effect is a Purchase Ledger), so no fleet of vehicles to tax, PAYE and National Insurance to maintain. Just treated as any other invoice going through a company’s Purchase ledger for a supplier of services (dropping of the company’s packets).

Driver accounts for their own route, gets paid “gross” so responsible for their taxation and National Insurance. So I suspect that may be the reason the DHL use sub-contractors like Hermes as it cuts down the overheads for DHL and other large international distributors and logisitics.

My package has been “tendered for delivery” for 3 weeks. What does this mean? When should I expect my package?

I’m sorry, that’s the worst!! The best thing to do is find out what post office it’s at and call them directly. Yes, you’ll be in hold for at least 45–60min, but you actually can ask a professional. I did that today ironically, my package was late so I called. Of course the second I get through to someone, my frickin package was delivered!!! Haha.

You should get informed delivery if you don’t already have it. You can sign up on the USPS website. Things are also messed up with covid-19. 

3 weeks.

When someone hands over something to another person, they have “tendered” it. In your case, the person sending the item has given tendered it to the shipping company, and they expect to deliver it in 3 weeks.

Transfer to the US Postal Service for delivery. That’s all it means. The mailer may have created a tracking label for a shipment that goes out later or on a different day to the Postal Service. Typically, “Tendered to the Postal Service” means the shipper has handed the item over for delivery.

  1. It means that I am riding my motorcycle right now and I have your precious package with me.
  2. Please remain calm.
  3. I am delivering all the packages near your house as quickly as I can.
  4. Your package is almost there.
  5. Please be patient.

Sometimes Amazon hires people with bicycles like Pee Wee Herman and sometimes they hire that guy from the Saw films with the tricycle. I know he seems a bit creepy but his rates are very reasonable.

Joseph Gordon-Levvit also works every day for Amazon delivering your packages. He is a millionaire but he works there anyway for a few hours because he wants to lose some weight.

-Please don’t feed him any pizzas if he shows up at your door with your Amazon packages.- Tasha McCauley

Many celebrities work for Amazon. Flash and Speedy González are still the best Amazon couriers but Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are closing in.

What does “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent” mean in USPS or Amazon Shipping?

The final delivery agent is the guy or gal who brings the letter or package to your door. Tendered means handed over. So it means it has been loaded into your mailman’s truck.

BTW, money is “legal tender”. It means you can hand over a piece of currency to someone, and he has to accept it as payment for a debt, up to the amount listed on the face of the bill.

It has arrived at the delivery post office and will be delivered to the address that day if it arrived before 9:00 am there. It must be sorted to the carrier by the clerks. It means your Amazon package made it to the last leg of its journey and has been handed off to whoever will bring it to your door!

The package was shipped by FedEx from (for example) Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH where it was then transferred to the US Postal Service who is the final delivery agent and USPS will deliver it to Sparta, OH that FedEX does not deliver to. This often happens with items shipped from big companies in China or Japan going to the USA.

Ups and FedEx will and do deliver out in the country. But all of their packages that they call basic packages are sent to the post office to be sorted. The post office delivers it the next day.


It means that some other truck than DHL will deliver your parcel. I got a similar yesterday notice from UPS when I checked the tracking in the morning, and the package was delivered by USPS and placed in my mailbox. It’s likely that DHL has limited resources in your area and contracts with local delivery services when they need to.

There are a couple of guys with a small fleet of trucks in my neighborhood and they’re always ready to go pick up stuff and deliver it. I’m sure if they met a DHL shipment at the airport, the tracking data for those parcels would show they were tendered to a delivery service provider.

Tendered To Service Provider
Tendered To Service Provider

Sometimes, the “last mile” is not done by DHL itself, but by a partner company. It applies mainly when the consignee resides in another country (other than the USA). “Tendered to delivery service provider” means that the package has been passed on to this DHL partner. This partner will do the “last mile. Meaning that the package will be delivered to your doorstep by the DHL partner, the local company.

They’ve handed it off to the local delivery company that will make the final delivery. This uncommon in second and third world countries. UPS, FDX, DHL often hold minority stakes in local carriers so as to offer service in smaller countries where it doesn’t make financial sense for them to have a company-owned operation. The local carrier is often trained to the company standard and has computer systems that will provide delivery information to the major carrier.

Final words

It means that DHL has handed off the parcel to the subcontractor that they’ve hired to deliver it to you. This usually happens when DHL doesn’t have its own delivery assets in the area where you are.

The service provider might be a company they subcontract to that uses DHL uniforms and the same paint scheme on their vehicles. It might also be a postal service.

What does Tendered To Service Provider mean?