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What is Super Saiyan Blue?

What is Super Saiyan Blue

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

The Super Saiyan Blue is the short term for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. It is a Super Saiyan form infused with the power of god ki.

The god Ki is a kind of Ki harnessed by divine beings in the realm of Dragon Ball.

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The Super Saiyan Blue gives the user the ability to perfectly control their Ki and utilize each drop of their Ki to the fullest by accurately using the right amount of Ki that is only needed in a fight.

Thus, this form prevents unnecessary Ki wastage that pours out outside of the user’s body.

The Super Saiyan Blue was achieved by Goku and Vegeta after they learned how to perfectly control their Ki back in the ROF saga of DBS.

They learned to heighten up their power by using Ki without leaking it outside of their body.

This properly Ki control training of raising their power levels without leaking it outside was seen in one of the episodes of DBS wherein Goku and Vegeta felt the divine Ki into their bodies.

In the given video above.. you will see that Goku and Vegeta learned to power up without leaking any of their Ki within their body.

Normally, in order for someone to obtain a greater level of strength and power, the Ki of the user is being unleashed outside of their body to empower their physical strength and capabilities as a fighter.

However, in using god ki, a fighter is heightening up their strength and power without leaking their Ki outside. The total opposite of the normal way of raising one’s strength and power.

The idea is like suppressing and compressing the Ki within the body to obtain greater power rather than bursting it outside that causes leakage and unnecessary wastage of Ki.

That is why god ki cannot be sensed as it is not being leaked out from one’s body. Instead, it is the intense pressure that is being radiated and not the raise of one’s Ki.

Remember that Ki is the power source in Dragon Ball. Every living being has Ki into their bodies and are continuously radiated outside.

Even an ordinary human possesses Ki. But since an ordinary human cannot control their Ki, the Ki possessed is being unconsciously leaked out outside of the body and thus, continuously being radiated.

This is why Scouters, back in DBZ could measure the battle power of someone by measuring the level of Ki someone output into their body.

For example; Raditz was able to read the farmer’s power level back in DBZ because the farmer continuously radiates his Ki outside of his body unconsciously.

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

The “Battle Power” of someone is associated with how strong the Ki of a being possessed.

Since Ki is a power source that amplifies a person’s physical abilities, a low Ki means low battle power.

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Martial artists like Goku and other Earth fighters can harness their Ki to empower themselves to fight monstrous villains that normal humans couldn’t fight and perform feats outside of human capabilities.

This is because harnessing Ki allows them to amplify their physical stats by raising up their Ki as high as possible (until their body could no longer handle the accumulated rise of Ki since the higher the Ki, the heavier it is for the body to contain it.

Hence, the heavier the Ki, the stamina suffers. Think of it like going to the Gym. The heavier you lift, the more you get tired.). This accumulation of Ki to raise up a DB character’s physical capabilities is called “Powering Up

Dragon Ball
What is Super Saiyan Blue?

Powering Up is the process wherein a fighter increases their physical capabilities by gathering Ki and amplify it within the body which enhances their Battle Power.

Since the higher the power level of the user, the faster and stronger they can hit and strike, the higher the fighting capabilities of the fighter. Thus, gaining an advantage in a fight.

The logic behind Powering Up is like the concept of continuous addition in Math. Powering Up continually adds power to the physical capabilities of the user in a limitless fashion.

Powering Up has no limits. A DB fighter can raise their Ki as much as they want to obtain greater power. The real limits of powering up, however, lies to the user’s body. 

A weak body will not be able to tolerate the stress of gathering Ki since the higher the Ki is raised, the heavier it will be for the body to contain it. 

Therefore.. if the body is weak and it reached its limit to contain the accumulated Ki, the user will not be able to push further his powering up and thus, reaching his full power.

And to maintain that power level, you need stamina. If the stamina is not enough, the user will not be able to maintain the level of power the fighter accumulated.

That is why powering up requires a strong body that could contain the accumulated Ki. The bigger the Ki, the heavier it is for the body, the higher it will consume stamina.

In effect, the stronger the body, the higher their stamina, the higher they can raise their Ki more and the higher the fighter can increase his power level and maintain it.

Think of it like this… in the Gym, the heavier the weights you lift, the more you get tired easily. Like Ki, the more a fighter raised it.. the heavier it is for the body, the faster the user gets tired. But in exchange, they get the physical boost they need.

It is now up to the user’s stamina to maintain the raised power level. IF the user gets tired, the power level will go down since the stamina is dropping. Stamina is what maintains the level of power raised by powering up.

While Powering Up gives the fighter an advantage in a fight, the disadvantage lies in the accumulation of Ki which actually takes time to gather.

The disadvantage of Powering Up is that an enemy might attack the fighter while in the process of powering up.

That is why raising Ki as fast as possible is one of the parameters of Ki control and takes mastery to instantly raise the Ki as fast as possible and as fast as needed

Failure of a fighter to raise their Ki at a critical moment of a fight can lead to defeat since the physical body is fragile from devastating forces and a body with no protection from Ki could lead into knock out or worse, death. No matter how strong a fighter is.

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What is Super Saiyan Blue?

The Scouters back in DBZ is what is used to measure numerically this increase of Power Level.

This allows a scouter-user to properly gauge how strong their opponents is by measuring the Ki radiating from the opponent’s body.

Alien warriors (like Nappa) who are by default physically monstrously strong compared to a normal human (remember a human have only a power level of 5 while Nappa has a power level of 4000) makes it impossible for a human to fight such monster head-on with that kind of massive gap in physical strength.

The difference in strength is so massive, a human punch will just tickle Nappa. But the idea of harnessing Ki to amplify a fighter’s physical strength is what bridges this gap between the difference in physical attributes which allowed the Earth fighters to fight back at the very least against these monstrous beings and other beings with tremendous strengths.

The introduction of multipliers allowed Goku to amplify his power levels easily without the time consumption disadvantage of powering up.

The multipliers instantly give the user the power boost needed depending on how powerful the user’s base power level is.

Multipliers started with the introduction of Kaioken in DBZ Saiyan saga

Friends, the Kaioken was Goku’s trump card back in the old days. 

The Kaioken allows Goku to bridge a huge gap in power using multiplier effects.

The Kaioken was so useful back in the days as it allows Goku to be in the same league of power and strength of an opponent with monstrous strengths and power that he cannot normally match.

However, in exchange for this huge power boost due to multiplier effect.. the Kaioken destroys the user’s body tremendously depending on how many multipliers the user used. The higher the multiplier used, the higher it will destroy the user’s physical body.

Typically, the limits of the body limit the amount of power a fighter can raise his power level. But with Kaioken, this body limit is being bypassed.

The massive boost of the multiplier destroys the user’s body as it burst out the energy of the user that should not be output by the body which is being limited by Powering-Up.

The idea of multiplying the amount of energy not usual for the body to unleashed outside is like “lighting up a candle with too much fire on its lit that fastens down it’s melting”.

The higher the multiplier of Kaioken, the higher it multiplies the body’s destruction.

Goku was only able to push its limit up to 20 times despite his body is stronger than a normal human.

It seems 20 times is the physical limit of the body to tolerate a sudden burst out of Ki.

The idea of multipliers that multiplies the power level of the user is being continued further by the Super Saiyan transformations in Dragon Ball Z.

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The Super Saiyan forms are a set of multipliers that multiplies the base power of the user. The higher the Super Saiyan form is, the higher its multiplier is.

Unlike the Kaioken, the SSJ forms which multiplies the Ki of the user to increase its power level doesn’t destroy the user’s body. But instead, it only burns the stamina of the user tremendously.

That is why, after introducing the Super Saiyan transformation.. the Kaioken was never used by Goku anymore.

(I mean who wants to use a multiplier power boost that destroys your own body? When you have another multiplier effect that multiplies more your power and doesn’t destroy your body but rather only consumes your stamina?)

So the logic of the Super Saiyan transformation is like that of “Powering Up”, which is being limited by how strong the body of the user is, instead of bypassing the body’s limits.

The concept of Powering Up is like that of addition concept in Math, while the SSJ transformation follows the multiplication concept of Math, wherein the rise of power are both limited by how strong the physical body/stamina of the user is.

The different level of SSJ forms can only be accessed depending on how strong the body of the user is. Therefore, it follows the concept of Powering Up where one cannot transform further if the body is weak.

In case, the user can still transform, the user will surely not be able to maintain the transformation just like how a user who Powered up could not maintain the level of power he accessed due to exhaustion and fatigue.

That is why Goku continuously trained his body to push the physical limits of his stamina to handle each stamina burn caused by the different SSJ transformations.

Goku’s physical stamina was so great he was able to combine the two concepts of transformation and powering up in raising his Ki which allowed him to further increase his Power Level beyond. This technique in Dragon Ball is called “Hybrid”.

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The idea behind the Hybrid was to multiply the Base Power level of the user via transformation and then Power Up further to increase the user’s power level (by adding more power after the power multiplication effect) which further amplifies his physical capabilities like speed, strength, durability, and senses.

This kind of approach greatly, greatly consumes the physical stamina of the user since combining the physical stress and strain of both transforming and powering up tortures the physical body.

Only someone like Goku or Vegeta who has intense physical stamina could tolerate such stress and exhaustion caused by such power boosts.

The drawback of this Hybrid approach is that it consumes both stamina and Ki of the user to such a great degree.

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

What is Super Saiyan Blue?
What is Super Saiyan Blue?

The Hybrid technique of boosting power output via transforming and then Powering Up further causes the Ki to be burst outside of the body tremendously (displayed by floating rocks and generating intense electricity) this intense burst of Ki causes unnecessary collateral damages like earthquakestidal waves, etc and to other nearby environments.

Not to mention that the Ki of the user is being continuously radiated intensively outside of the body causing Ki wastage and making anyone who can sense power level can detect how monstrous the energy is being unleashed.

While the intense burst of Ki gives the user an intense rise in power output, the drawback of continuously bursting out the Ki of the user is the physical exhaustion caused by unnecessary energy wastage due to Ki outflow in the body that could lead to fatigue and then reverting back to base form in no time and become defenseless after.

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It should also be noted that other Ki outputs such as Ki blasts (depending on how strong a Ki blast still consumes Ki and energy when fired out from the user), and other techniques like Bukūjutsu (or flight Jutsu) or Mafuba, etc are still not included to the Ki being continuously poured out outside the user’s body.

What is Super Saiyan Blue?
What is Super Saiyan Blue?

Just imagine how enormous Ki and energy are being wasted back in DBZ. No wonder these guys need an energy level worth of Millions or hundreds of Millions more to pull such feats and to stay strong and maintain that level of strongness.

The concept of Powering Up and Transformations are all concepts were bursting out the Ki of the user outside of the body allows the fighter to gain tremendous strength and rise of power level. The more powerful burst of Ki, the more powerful they can become.

While bursting out the Ki intensively grants the user intense rise of power level, the bursting out of Ki of the fighter intensively drains both the stamina and Ki of the user that may lead to exhaustion and fatigue.

This exhaustion and fatigue can cause defeat if one runs out of energy to maintain the necessary level of power. 

For example;

The SSJ3 form which radiates Ki intensively and burns the stamina greatly lowers Goku’s energy to maintain the SSJ3 form failing him to maintain the transformation.

Even if the user tries to access the transformation again or tries to power up further, the user will fail since exhaustion and fatigue consumes his energy stamina.

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Goku trying to transform again in SSJ3 but is already drained and exhausted and thus, could no longer transform (see his battle with Kid-Buu).

All these Ki burst concepts to gain a rise in power level all changed with the introduction of god Ki-in DBS.

The god ki is not a power boost where one burst outside their Ki to gain a rise in power. Instead, the Ki is being suppressed inside the body of the user to raise their power level causing intense pressure feeling to its surroundings rather than destruction.

Although, if the pressure is too strong already due to the massive rise of Ki inside the user that causes a massive rise of power level in SSB form, this strong massive pressure still causes destruction around the user (like strong gusts of winds and a crushing pressure that crushes things around the user)

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The use of god ki is superior to those using regular Ki-in powering up because of its efficiency usage that prevents Ki leakage and power boosts.

As the Ki is being suppressed and properly controlled, rather than being burst outside, this allows accurate Ki control from the user where greater power can be used (since the idea of accurate and precise Ki usage allows the user to use whatever level power the user only think is necessary). 

This means no Ki wastage. Not to mention that the idea of suppressing Ki also gives a more massive power boost compared when the Ki is burst outside.

Goku and Vegeta, under Whis training, mastered the concept of heightening up their power levels without leaking their Ki outside of their body (see their training in the 1st video above), this is opposed to the traditional concept of bursting out their Ki outside of their body to raise their power levels.

This new concept that they mastered gave birth to a new level of power higher than the typical concept of powering up back in DBZ (which was the bursting out of Ki to raise power levels).

This new power is the Super Saiyan Blue transformation

While this new transformation of Goku and Vegeta gives a massive power boost compared to the multipliers provided by the other SSJ forms, this form is heavy to the user’s stamina and burns the physical stamina so great, it cannot be maintained for long-duration (probably the stamina burn is greater than Goku’s SSJ3 due to physical and mental exhaustion of controlling something perfectly all the way while staying in the form).

However, the power it gives to the user is so, so, so massive that the heavy stamina burn it gives to the user is so worth the trade-off.

I mean just imagine the power difference: the SSJ3 couldn’t do anything against Beerus. It was defeated with a single tap, while SSJ-God was able to fight in the same playing field with Beerus and was able to trade blow with him which the SSJ3 form failed to do. And then the SSB is more powerful than SSJ-God. 

Therefore, common sense dictates that there is a massive, massive power creep increase from SSJ3 to SSB. Even Goku highlighted this fact that SSJ-God is the indifferent league of power compared to SSJ3:

Now, I am not sure how massive the gap between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue is.

However, we can use Jiren as our measuring basis on how large the gap of power between RED and BLUE. In the video below, during Round 1 of Goku vs Jiren in TOP… Jiren was blocking SSJ-God Goku’s all-out punches with a finger (I repeat: a FINGER). 

Goku needs to transform into Super Saiyan Blue to force Jiren out of his place and make him do an effort in fighting back.

I personally believe that there is a massive increase in POWER between SSJ-God and SSB if Jiren treated the transformation very differently (from blocking with a finger into an idea of fighting back with an effort).

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I wouldn’t claim x50 (like the regular SSJ since SSB have no multipliers), but I’m pretty sure it’s more than twice or thrice since there’s a massive difference in how Jiren treated both god transformations.

Dropping the scaling logic between SSJ-God and SSB.. while the Super Saiyan Blue is very, very heavy to the user’s physical stamina, what it actually boasts is its form’s ability to properly control the Ki.

They can control their Ki to utmost accuracy where they can tone it up and tone it down as much as they want.

They can raise up their power level massively greater than the SSJ3 form, but they can also tone down their power level, weaker than of a human that it can barely be sensed.

This is because the Perfect Ki control of the SSB form follows the concept of analogous control.

The analogous control of the SSB form allows Vegeta/Goku to fully utilize their Ki and allows them to prevent unnecessary damages or accidental kills.

Goku can tone down his Power Level in SSB lower than Kuririn, but he can tone it up slowly to overpower something until he draws the full extent of his SSB’s full power output.

For example; in SSB, Goku can fire a very weak Kamehameha and then he can tone it up slowly to become bigger and bigger to overpower Kuririn’s Kamehameha

At the same time, Goku in SSB can also fire a very, very strong Kamehameha instantly capable to match the Holy Wrath from a Potara-fused character like Merged-Zamasu

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Toning up and toning down the power of SSB in the level Goku wants allows Goku to be in control of the situation without wasting any Ki in a fight.

You see, the concept of SSB is opposed to the other regular Super Saiyan forms like SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3 since those transformations are like Digital control. 

They have fixed power outputs after transforming because of the effect of the multipliers.

The power level output after transforming is fixed since the power level is being multiplied from the base form.

And then, using the Hybrid technique, Goku can further raise the power output of the multiplied power output via powering up.

The fixed power output of the regular Super Saiyan forms makes Goku unable to tone his power to the level of what he wants to be in since the regular SSJ forms only allow Goku to go into one-directional option: to tone up his powers only (no toning down).

Now, I am not sure.. if the one asking this question knows the difference between Analog and Digital.

Because if you understand the concept behind that two logic, you might be able to understand how SSB allows Goku the feat of toning up and toning down his power level using Ki (Perfect Ki control), while there is no Perfect Ki control in his other regular Super Saiyan forms (only Ki control).

Regular SSJ forms are more on higher and higher power outputs where the user is not allowed to tone down the power (unless one reverts back to his normal form or gets weaker as the power goes up due to energy drain)

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Anyway, I’ll just leave a video below explaining the logic behind the Analog and Digital concept of control if you want to understand further the idea I want to convey.

I tackled this idea when I was still an Engineering student tackling about electricity and power.

The logic seems matching if we replace real-life electric signals with the fictional power source Ki from Dragon Ball and apply the same logic.

I hope you’ll find it educational as this is the best video explanation I could find about Analog and Digital.

I hope my answer allowed you to fully grasped what is Super Saiyan Blue and how it differed to other Goku’s transformations.

This is because I believe that understanding how the other SSJ forms works will allow one to differentiate Super Saiyan Blue using it as the basis of explanation.

Since the concept of the Blue mode opposes the usual style of Goku’s other transformations.

Thanks for spending time reading this answer.

Have a nice day!

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

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