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What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

Does Jeff Bezos have a glass eye

What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

Let me first thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in my morbid fascination with celebrities whose eyes “each seem to be in business for themselves,” as Seth MacFarlane once joked about a famous, not Jeff Bezos person.

Jeff Bezos indeed has significant right ptosis and possibly some right miosis. Ptosis (silent ‘p’) is a medical condition that causes drooping of the upper eyelid (or eyelids). If an eyelid droops too much, it restricts the field of vision by either partially or entirely blocking the eye’s pupil.

Mr Jeff Bezos is unlike most paycheck-to-paycheck CARPs (an acronym I just made up: Celebrity Asymmetrical Retinal Positioning) because his wealth, stature, and substantial personal security detail introduces the spectre of severe bodily harm if one, say, approached Jeff Bezos and asked a couple of relevant questions:

  1. ”Have you always been cross-eyed, and are you indeed cross-eyed?”
  2. “When your now-ex-wife was granted a $38 billion divorce settlement, did your eyes cross even more in an exaggerated reaction to the divorce court’s decision? Did your eyes cross in the first place after you comically reacted to something by intentionally crossing them?”
  3. “Do you support efforts by your cock-eyed brethren to discourage the use of the term ‘cross-eyed’ in favor of the more specific acronym CARP? Are you interested in acquiring the rights to CARP from the guy who created the term, Jonathan Bates?”
  4. “Can I have a $5,000 Amazon gift card? It’s not like you don’t earn $5k a minute. Do me a solid, Jeff.”
  5. “When young children see your deranged eye and recoil in fear or begin sobbing as they point at ‘the bad man who looks at everything all the time,’ do you feel:
    1. (a) Fury sated only by exacting vengeance on the child and all those who love him?
    2. (b) Shame that not even all the money in the world, combined with success unmatched in the course of human history, were supposed to compensate for your undisciplined, disturbing ocular multitasking? Would you give up the money, stuff, and power if your vision were more human and less parrot-like?
    3. (c) Gratitude that any kids you have or may have in the future will be raised by Belgian nannies and will address you as Mr. Father on the rare days you visit them or eavesdrop on their Alexa recordings?”
  6. And: “If your eye condition is the result of a brutal assault or a genetic condition, none of these questions were from Jonathan Bates. I would hate for any insensitivity or gross failure of etiquette to affect your decision-making on your pending purchase of the global perpetual licensing rights to the acronym CARP.”
  7. “Where are we on that free Amazon gift card, by the way?”

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What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

EYE ASYMMETRY: It is common, perhaps typical, to have eye asymmetry to varying degrees. In this photo of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his right eye appears smaller (due to a droopy right upper eyelid called ptosis), but there could be another explanation, such as the bulging left eye.

There are various causes of uneven eyes, including the difference in eyelid position, orbit (eye socket) difference, and eyeball size or position difference. Some common pathologies include asymmetric eyelids, among many others.

The cause could be inherited or acquired. It could be merely a cosmetic issue, or it could relate to something more serious. Jeff Bezos is a big believer in getting enough shut-eye. He wakes up every morning naturally, without the aid of an alarm clock.

First, we must ask ourselves: Which eye is the abnormal one? Is it the one that appears set more deeply (right), or does it appear to protrude slightly (left?) Because which of these drastically affects the answer.

A brief google image search of Jeff Bezos’s images shows that the condition goes back to age 5.

It was present before that, but the few baby pictures under age five have head tilts or shadowing, making conclusive interpretation impossible.

What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye
What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye

So here is what we know:

I had never noticed before, but a quick image search revealed that Bezos indeed has a significant right ptosis and possibly some right miosis. The images I found online demonstrate that he has had ptosis at least since high school.

  • Whatever it dates back to at least age 5.
  • The appearance is stable over time. It looks about the same from when it was five until today. The etiology is highly unlikely to be a progressive one. It is a critical one – young age of onset plus nonprogressive rules out many dystrophies and myopathies. It also makes cancers highly unlikely.
  • We must appreciate the entire facial presentation:
    • His facial features are symmetrical.
    • His smile is symmetrical.
    • There are no visible scars.

Here is what we don’t know:

  • Has Jeff Bezos had an injury or surgery?
  • Are his eyes the same color?
  • Are the pupils the same size?
  • Does the magnitude of the difference appear the same when he is looking in different directions?
  • Does he have some underlying systemic issue that is relevant? Since I doubt his medical history is floating around on the internet (and hope for his sake it isn’t), we’ll have to settle for this staying an unknown.

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Having looked at eyeballs a time or two, I’m going to go with the right eye being the unusual one.

He appears to either have a slightly recessed (ophthalmic) eye or ptosis – upper right eyelid droop – plus reverse ptosis – the lower right eyelid somewhat higher than the left.

Now, what would cause that presentation that onset in childhood and hasn’t worsened? Logic tells us it was a one-off event that caused it, not something progressive.

Here’s where the trite adage, “If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras,” comes into play.

There are hundreds of possible etiologies, but the two most probable are Horner’s syndrome or injury.

It would be nice to know about eye color because congenital Horner’s syndrome usually accompanies iris heterochromia.

It would also be nice to know about pupil size because the pupils are unequal in Horner’s.

An injury could cause either a traumatic Horner’s or an exophthalmic eye. And from here, we can only speculate about unfortunate run-in with a bungee cord (which happens all the time), fistfights in preschool (four-year-olds can be monsters), bicycle riding without a helmet (oh, the horror!).

sword fighting with a curtain rod (seen that one) pecked in the eye by a stork (yep, noticed that one too).……Red Ryder BB gun (I had to throw that one in there for you Christmas Story aficionados)……

Whatever it was, I’m sure all the people who bought AMZN at $1.73 back in 1997 are glad it didn’t affect his entrepreneurial spirit.

Does Jeff Bezos have a glass eye? 2023

As others have already mentioned, it appears to be ptosis. The other answers don’t explain why they may have ptosis and why it likely isn’t a glass eye.

Ptosis is mainly seen in people who suffered from infectious diseases, accidents, or drug abuse. I don’t believe these are the causes in his case.

However, it also occurs more frequently in older people (50+), in which category he now belongs his 56 years old).

It can be an effect of stroke or cancer, which I also don’t believe is the case with him (despite being in the risk category for a stroke).

Instead, a more likely culprit in his case is either old age diabetes (he does an awful lot of diabetes fund backing, which could indicate he either has it himself, or he knows someone close to him who has it, I’m speculating a bit here)).

Another likely culprit is particular neurological disorders, autism spectrum disorder belonging to that category which some say he does have.

Somehow for not entirely understood causes, some elderly with ASD appear to be more vulnerable to developing ptosis.

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Does Jeff Bezos have a glass eye
Does Jeff Bezos have a glass eye?

The gene believed to play a role in that is AUTS2, which also plays a role in male pattern baldness (he’s indeed very bald).

Jeff Bezos has what’s called a wandering eye. That wandering eye that he couldn’t control turned its gaze to Lauren Sanchez, thus leading to his divorce from his former wife, MacKenzie.

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Recently I was discussing something related to Jeff Bezos and Amazon with other people when someone commented on his picture, which was available, “Why doesn’t he just fix his lazy eye? He’s got all that money”.

This question prompted some philosophical introspection on my part. It’s evident in many of Jeff Bezos’ pictures that his eyes appear uneven-sized. Why would he not bother to fix it?

Fixing his eye would require surgery on a very delicate part of his body. There would be risks and pain along with inconvenience. What would he get out of it in return? 

Would he look nicer and be more impressive to other people? He’s already a multi-billionaire. Not “just” one or two billion either, but over one hundred. 

If his hundreds of billions fail to impress somebody, having a slightly more flawless face probably would not help. If someone otherwise would be impressed by him but then decide not to due to his appearance, then they most likely are shallow and dumb as hell.

It boils down to the adage of “Those who wouldn’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

Would fixing his eye make him feel better about himself? 

He’s already a self-made billionaire; one would imagine he’s already proven his worth and abilities to himself many times over. Jeff Bezos would derive no advantage from “fixing” his appearance. He’s a multi-billionaire and does not give a.

If they had a lazy eye like Jeff Bezos’s or some similar issue, they’d undoubtedly hurry to try to fix it, and plenty would be willing to put themselves in debt to do so. According to The New York Times, the Amazon founder and CEO have $90.6 billion to his name.

He beat out fellow billionaire and Seattle resident Bill Gates to snag the top spot. In addition to founding the online retail behemoth Amazon, Bezos also owns The Washington Post and an aerospace company, Blue Origin.

So what does daily life look like for this tech mogul?

Bezos is a big believer in getting enough shut-eye. He wakes up every morning naturally, without the aid of an alarm clock.

Does it take over a billion bucks worth of net worth?

The answer’s no. Based on my observation and experience, there are two general conditions for people to get to the point where they give no and can walk around like a boss even with a lazy eye or a three-day-old 5 o’clock shadow and still be confident as hell.

The first helpful thing is the ability to make income in a way that does not depend too much on judgment from and interactions with other people. For example, if you run your own business online or make a living as a landlord, you’d be sound set up not to give. 

On the other hand, if you work in an office where you’re constantly judged on how you look, how professional you act with three different managers from across two various departments all doing the judging on you, etc. Then you’re very much NOT in a position to give no value.

It may sound asinine for me to point out, “Drhur, get richer or work in a better place,” but recognizing that you’re in a bad environment or profession is very much the first step required in life for you to change it. 

A surprising number of people go through life tolerating a lousy situation without ever trying to fix it.

Long story short, Jeff Bezos walks around with that lazy eye because he respects himself and does not give a flying. You, too, should respect yourself and ultimately walk down the path of not giving a sense as well.

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What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye