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Why does Sith have yellow eyes? – Updated 2023

Why does Sith have yellow eye

Why does Sith have yellow eyes? – Updated 2023

The character that better explained this phenomenon was Darth Revan when he said this about the Dark Side:

“Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power’s sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish.”

So think of Dark Side as fire. A fire that burns from within seeking to change the user while granting him power. Revan’s explanation was good, but it didn’t cover all the details. Mainly why the Sith who have gone deep into the Dark Side are all changing in different ways.

Darth Sion became basically a walking corpse. Darth Nihilus lost his body and was forced to link his essence to a mask and his suit. Darth Bane unique case was his Orbalisk Armor.

The armor itself was actually several living beings that fed off the Force and attacked Bane’s body, but his willpower and determination allowed him to subdue the will of the Orbalisks and from this extremely painful experience he gained a kind of second skin that acted like a very powerful. OCL Vision

Armor while having the Orbalisks attached to his body gave him incredible regenerative abilities. Darth Sidious at the time of ROTJ was already so weakened from the Dark Side that he had to use a cane to walk.

My best guess is that because a Sith uses his or her more basic and primordial emotions to fuel their connection to the Force, that in turn reflects in the way their bodies ultimately change.

The yellow eyes are actually the least sign of the corruptive nature of the Dark Side. That’s almost like the early sign. The worse signs come in other forms. Like body degeneration or transformation. As Revan said, the Dark Side seeks to change the user.

Why didn’t Kylo Ren have yellow Sith eyes in The Force Awakens?

Well, why should he have them? And besides that, why in The Force Awakens? If you’ve ever noticed, every time Kylo does something bad, evil, and utterly inhuman he does it to prove himself worthy of becoming a Sith and because, as later said, he really wanted to get the title. of Sith, just like his grandfather.

Just as he quickly took out Han Solo instantly, it was a regret for Kylo after that.

He kept pushing for bad deeds only to be rewarded with the dark side of the Force. This is just not his nature, although, like any other being, he also has a bad side and can turn bad. He just didn’t have as many factors or reasons to become insidious as Darth Vader (because Vader had a real reason, his fear and the eventual loss of people he loved dearly), while Kylo Ren just had the goal of becoming evil and Sith, due to his sympathy for Vader and the fact that Snoke / Palpatine manipulated him and played with his mind the entire time by copying Vader’s voice.

Another passing moment is when in The Force Awakens we can watch Kylo Ren talking to Vader’s mask saying he feels the light side pulling him and trying to show restraint. But as I mentioned in another answer, Kylo Ren is an “aspirant,” he’s a constantly struggling character from within.

He wasn’t completely or even close to being completely engrossed in the dark side to having Sith eyes, and especially not in The Force Awakens. Maybe Rise of Skywalker could have been the most relevant episode for him to get them (compared to episodes 7 and 8), but that wouldn’t be fair and logical as he wasn’t fully dedicated to darkness nor it was. very close to him.

As a dreamer character, Kylo Ren mostly forced himself on the dark side with the intention of going down the path he wasn’t intended for, though he was surely a conflicting figure in the story.

Why didn’t Dooku have Sith eyes?

Palpatine’s eyes were normal for most of the previous trilogy. And when Luke took off Vader’s mask, his eyes were normal then too. And Kylo Ren and Snoke showed no signs of having them either.

Sith eyes are not a lingering effect. It seems that they tend to only manifest when the user wants them to and / or when they lean very heavily on the Dark Side – perhaps to the point of losing control entirely.

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Dooku was the type of person who kept a very close eye on things even under stress – he may just never have allowed himself to reach this point. Kylo Ren is a little too conflicted to embrace the darkness. And Snoke… well, Snoke is the kind of guy who probably wouldn’t have lasted five seconds in the room with a real Lord of the Sith, so maybe he was never powerful enough to shoot so many power in the first place.

Anakin, however, has serious impulse control issues. Palpatine constantly relies on visions of the future to stay ahead of everyone else as he becomes a Sith. And Maul’s life is literally supported by his strength fueled by hatred for Obi-wan Kenobi.

It makes sense that they would all be Sith all the time.

If Supreme Leader Snoke was so strong with the dark side then why didn’t he have yellow eyes?

Adam Harmon is absolutely right. Snoke and The Emperor have very difficult psychological profiles. The Emperor is the product of rage (the prequels were so poorly done that they didn’t develop his character properly). An actual version of the Emperor would have been extremely moving and angry as a youngster. This is what creates Emperor sadism as we know it in the Empire and the ROTJ.

If you watch these movies, you will see the Emperor as a rather mean, mean-spirited person who likes to turn people against each other and seems to like to raise someone up to turn against them later. He is the product of eons of RAGE.

Snoke, on the other hand, is basically practical and emotionless. He seems to see power as functional. He wants to be responsible because it is better to be responsible than not to be responsible. Snoke’s biggest problem is his overconfidence in his own ability to manipulate and his ego.

A big difference between the two can be seen in the way they both died. The emperor was killed in a fit of rage. Supreme Leader Snoke was killed after planning a careful plot to kill Rey and then killing himself because he was too haughty and miscalculated. Snoke shots. The emperor is emotional.

Snoke is the kind of person who waits for the good guys to take down the Emperor so he can take down the good guys. He’s biding his time, while the Emperor is impatient, as seen in his attempts to turn Luke to the dark side.

Why are the Siths eyes yellow?

Sith Lords’s Eyes Turn Yellow When Corrupted by the Dark Side: The short answer is that Sith Lords get their eyes to turn yellow when they reach a certain point of corruption by the Dark Side


This has been our attempt at answering the “Why Are Sith Lords’ Eyes Yellow?” question, and we do not say it is the definite answer because we want your input on this and we want to consider any argument we could have overlooked.

There’s a lot of lore to approach in Star Wars, and while we do our best to have everything into consideration, let us know if anything escaped our grasp by typing your arguments on why are Sith Lord’s eyes yellow down below on the comment section.


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