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How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

Three seasons of Hunter x Hunter arrived, with a total of 58 episodes. Almost a year on, the fourth season of the anime has arrived on Netflix, judging the previous releases we can expect to see more of Hunter x Hunter in February/March 2021.

There are two anime adaptation for Hunter x Hunter. The first one is the 1999 version which run for 62 episodes. The most recent is the 2011 adaptation which run for 148 episodes and divided into 7 arcs but it run continuously so I think it’s just one season in total.

Source: (2011 TV series) – Wikipedia

When you watch Hunter x Hunter, I wouldn’t really call it seasons. Instead, we call it arcs. There are nine arcs right now (not including the Dark Continent Expedition arc). But there are currently 6 on Netflix right now.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

Alright, anime fans, while Netflix isn’t the premiere place for anime consumption, the streamer has a collection that’s nothing to sniff at for casual viewers and super fans of the art form. Among its options is the popular action-adventure series Hunter x Hunter.

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How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

The version of the show available on the streamer is the 2011 anime, which is a reboot of its 1999 iteration. Hunter x Hunter aired from 2011-2014. The series is based on the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, which began its run in 1998.

Neither the manga nor the anime have reached their end, though they are both currently on an extended hiatus.

Different streaming services divide it into different numbers of seasons. I believe Crunchyroll divided it into four or five, and Tubi divided it into two. For this reason, people just divide the series into arcs, which go as follows.

2011 Anime And Manga

  1. Hunter Exam Arc
  2. Zoldyck Arc
  3. Heavens Arena Arc
  4. Yorknew City Arc
  5. Greed Island Arc
  6. Chimera Ant Arc
  7. Election Arc


  • 8a. Succession War Arc
  • 8b. Dark Continent Expedition Arc

How many series of Hunter x Hunter is there?

The order of the arcs in Hunter X Hunter are as follows with a quick synopsis. Spoilers in the following answer.

Arc 1: The Hunter Exam

The protagonist Gon leaves his home town to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a hunter, a highly skilled combatant that only a few can become. Along the way he makes new friends (and enemies) and becomes familiar with the world outside of his island.

Arc 2: Kukuroo Mountain Arc

After completing the Hunter exam, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio travel to the Zoldyck estate and train in order to rescue their newly found friend Killua from his delusional, assassin family.

Arc 3: Heavens Arena Arc

Killua and Gon need to train to get stronger but make money too so they travel to a professional fighting tournament where they meet Wing, a teacher of Nen. Nen allows them to control their aura which will help them in future battles. Meanwhile, Kurapika has started working as a bodyguard and Leorio is studying to become a doctor.

Arc 4: York-New Arc

Deciding that Killua and Gon will search for Ging (Gon’s dad) they go to a legendary auction hosted by the mafia to collect an extremely rare game that Ging made, hoping it will get Gon one step closer to finding his dad. Kurapika also goes to the Auction to find the eyes of his fallen clan, and Leorio reunites with Gon. The two boys also develop their nen and a group of thieves and murderers called the Phantom Troupe are getting in the way of their plans.

Arc 5: Greed Island Arc

Arguably the best arc in the series. Now they have the game Ging made, Gon finds out that it is a game where the player actually goes into it. After being explained to that the player must collect 100 specific cards to win, Gon and Killua meet Biscuit, Wing’s teacher, which develops their nen further. They also have to stop a violent nen user within the game that is killing people for cards, while trying to collect cards themselves.

Arc 6: Chrimera ant arc

Due to them completing the game, Gon and Killua are transported to Kite, a student of Ging. From there, they enter a country with Kite that is infested with beasts called Chrimera ants. A king and specialist soldiers that can use nen appear from the ants which pose a threat to the Hunter organisation and humanity as a whole. Gon, Killua, Kite and other hunters are sent in to save humanity.

Arc 7: The Election Arc

Gon is in critical condition after using too much nen in blind rage against one of the King’s bodyguards and therefore Killua attemps to get his supernatural brother to heal Gon. Meanwhile there is a battle between people who want to save Gon, and others who want to let him die. Also, since the head of the Hunter Organstion was KIA, there is an election to choose who will be the next chairman, in which Ging and Leorio are candidates.

Arc 8: A bigger world (currently in progress)

Gon finally meets Ging, where he explains to his son that Earth is just a small part of a bigger picture. A man named Beyond comes out as Netero’s (the deceased chairman) son and attempts to cross to this “bigger world”. Meanwhile, Kurapika is nominated as the Rat of the Zodiac group, a team of highly prestigious hunters and nen users.

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

What is Hunter x Hunter about?

The series follows Gon, a young boy who wants to be a Hunter like his father Ging. Gon doesn’t know his father, but becoming a Hunter could put the two on the same path. Or at least that’s what Gon hopes—but he knows being a Hunter isn’t simple. It’s dangerous. He could die before he even steps into the role if he fails the Hunter exam, not to mention competition is stiff.

What is Hunter x Hunter about
How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

But at least Gon isn’t alone for long. During the exam he manages to befriend three other Hunter prospects: Kurapika, Leorio, and his soon to be best friend, Killua.

Together the quartet sharpens the skills necessary to become Hunters: lethal and elite professionals who tracked down exotic creatures, apprehend lawless individuals, treasure hunt, and more.

Why did Hunter x Hunter stop?

Actually, the story didn’t end there. However, at that time in 2014, the anime had literally run out of material to adapt. That would mean if it were to be continued, there would be a lot, and I mean a lot of filler.

You see the mangaka of Hunter X Hunter (Togashi) is a very sick man. He has very painful back problems that keep him from drawing. This unfortunately leads to him putting the series on hiatus a lot, with only a few short chapters within the last couple of years.

He has no motivation, bad health and an inhuman obsession of a Japanese RPG called dragon quest.

Despite this, he actually started the manga again back in July, with the hope that he might be continuously be producing chapters again. Eventually, in a couple of years there might be enough material to produce another 25 episode season of the anime, but don’t get your hopes up.

I think the anime ended in a good spot, don’t you?

Many still quote the back pain problem of Yoshihiro Togashi(Mangaka) being the reason.

Togashi did say his back pain is from bad posture when he was gaming.(And from his own drawings, he didn’t seem to be correcting it even after it became such a hinder to his work.) While he had assistants before(One actually published a manga about his assistancehood during the Yu Yu Hakusho period), he is also very against the idea of using assistants, so that didn’t really help in his excuses.(Some of the newer chapters he seemed to have his wife as his assistant)

Also, he is not really blaming his hiatus on his back pain(at least not anymore). In 2018 he claimed that he has issues with the heavy tax rates: 超血汗!所得被抽走70% 難怪冨樫要當休刊王 and is very frustrated that if he worked 20 hours a day, 14 hours of it is taken away. (The page is in Chinese, but the second image is a photo of the comment in Japanese, copied from the 50th anniversary special of Jump)

People have speculated that the 70% tax he claimed cannot be correct(the highest rate is 45%. But since he is saying 70% of his work output is not received by him after tax, he may also be saying a lot of it is taken by the publishing company.(but he obviously don’t want to offend the company so he blame it on tax instead).

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

He really couldn’t care less about money since other than his own earnings(even if he stop working, the sales of previous works), his wife’s earnings(His wife is the author of Sailor Moon in case you don’t know) are still creating a large inflow of income for their family of 4.

Also, Naoko Takeuchi(his wife, now technically Naoko Togashi but she didn’t change her name in many registers and people are still referring to her with her maiden name) is from a VERY rich family running a jewelry business, to begin with.

Some say that he is a perfectionist and keep scrapping ideas and redoing them, thus given the chance and freedom(The publisher is no longer chasing him down for new chapters) he tends to keep improving his work.

So is it laziness that got him into the hiatus? Maybe.

But it is obvious that there are many layers to this story, laziness is only a combination of frustration of high taxes and royalty fees paid to the company, family life, perfectionist ideals, no immediate need of bread making for income, and maybe slightly because of back pain. Everything points to “no outcome” even if he did work on the story.

Where to stream Hunter x Hunter

The first three seasons of Hunter x Hunter were expected to leave Netflix on March 7 but as of March 23, the streamer still has the first four seasons of the series available on the platform.

The rest of the series, comprised of the Chimera Ant and Election arcs, can be found on HBO Max though they aren’t broken up into seasons like they are on Netflix.

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There’s yet to be the word on whether the streamer will gain the rights to more seasons of Hunter x Hunter, but we’ll keep you updated on the latest news.

Is Hunter x Hunter a rip-off of Naruto?

Nope. It’s the opposite.

Kishimoto (author of Naruto) said himself that he drew inspiration of the characters and concepts in Naruto from Hunter X Hunter because he considers Yoshihiro Togashi (author of HxH) as his favorite manga author.

Some similarities are:

Naruto and Gon: both are blockheads but very compassionate to other people. Although, the concept of Naruto is actually deeper (I will not provide details because I may spoil the story) than Gon ( I guess).Plus, Rasengan is very much similar with Gon’s Jajanken, only that Kishimoto was able to put a lot of variations as the story progressed.

Sasuke and Killua? Naaahhhh, I don’t think so, they’re just being compared because of they both wield electricity techniques. He’s more of Kurapika because of the Sharingan and Scarlet eyes and the whole backstory of death of their own clans, also their goals of revenge at the start of the series.

Hisoka and Orochimaru is very obvious just observe their character quirks. Tsunade and Bisky, also, very obvious. Both are using techniques to hide their true physical appearance and they both possess superhuman strength.

A lot are making comparisons about Wing and Kakashi but I think he’s more of an inspiration for Iruka, but then again, just my opinion.

Kalluto Zoldyck and Konan? Yeah, papers.

Itachi Uchiha and Illumi Zoldyck again, very similar.

The Akatsuki and Phantom Troupe are not really that similar. The Troupe focuses more on teamwork whereas the Akatsuki can actually handle bigger fights on their own. But the concept of a bandit/criminal group is where the similarity is.

Of course, the Chunin exam has drawn a lot of inspiration from the Hunter exam in the earlier parts of the story, although the Chunin exam turned out to be the better arc (obviously) and the Hunter exam arc was actually forgettable.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

The concepts of Nen and Chakra are not actually very much the same because Nen has a deeper concept that I even spent hours studying it in the HxH wiki page just to understand. But if you’re going to take a look closely,

  1. Naruto’s Rasengan and Rasen-shuriken are transmitter and emitter techniques, respectively. In which Gon is also capable of doing as of latest chapter.
  2. The summoning technique (Kuchiyose no Jutsu) is a conjurer technique in disguise.
  3. The Yamanaka clan’s skill of controlling other people’s minds and the Aburame clan’s skill of controlling insects are both manipulator techniques in disguise.
  4. If Tenten is in the world of HxH, she may be the strongest conjurer out there because she can conjure various weapons, although, in reality, she may not be able to do it in the HxH world because she will be restricted by the limitations for nen conjurer.
  5. The puppet techniques are considered to be a hybrid of transmuter/manipulator techniques.
  6. The Nara clan’s shadow techniques are transmuter skills.

and many more. . .

Now, you may say that most animes also have those concepts but is there a nen skill that is similar to Luffy’s rubber techniques?

But then again, it’s not that Naruto is a complete rip-off, just the earlier concepts I guess, because Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan are still unique concepts. The Naruto and Sasuke characterization is a complete opposite to Gon and Killua.

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there
How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there

But then, I would like to say Hunter X Hunter is my favorite among the two series but it’s not yet finished, and I think it’s not yet 50% done. whereas the Naruto series finished two years ago, so it’s not really appropriate to say that Naruto is a rip-off.


Firstly, there are a few different animated versions of Hunter x Hunter. There’s the HxH anime from 1999, as well as the Greed Island OVAs. Then, there’s the 2011 reboot, and two movies- Phantom Rouge, and The Last Mission, both of which diverge from the manga greatly and are mostly original stories.

Then there’s the manga, which currently has 380 chapters released. There’s also the Kurapika side story. Beyond that, there is a Hunter x Hunter musical, The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck (Zoldyck). This also is an original story. As far as I know, these are the only series related to Hunter x Hunter so far.

There are 6 series, 148 episodes and 6 arcs. Here’s a list of the arcs (in order):

  1. Hunter Exam (26 episodes)
  2. Heavens Arena (12 episodes)
  3. Phantom Troupe (20 episodes)
  4. Greed Island (17 episodes)
  5. Chimera Ant (61 episodes)
  6. Election (12 episodes)

In my opinion, the Phantom Troupe arc is one of the best but the Heavens Arena arc is pretty good as well. People say Chimera Ant is the best arc in all anime but I haven’t finished it yet so yeah 🙂

How many seasons of hunter x hunter are there