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Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen in Bleach 2023

Why Ichigo's Bankai Can't Be Stolen in Bleach 2023

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen in Bleach 2023

Ichigos Bankai couldn’t be stolen because they are his Quincy powers. The medallions used to steal Shinigami Bankai do not work on Ichigos Bankai because they are his Quincy powers.

Ichigo is a unique entity in Bleach; he has hollow, shinigami, and Quincy powers. Quincy is the natural enemy of hollows, and vice versa. And because of the hollow component of his powers, his bankai is prevented from being stolen. SPOILER
Later on, when the other captain’s bankers are stolen, Urahara hypothesizes that because Ichigo has a hollow, his bankai is prevented from being stolen. So he develops pills to temporarily make the captains and their bankers return to them with a little added boost in power.

What is Ichigo’s Bankai?

This question has two answers. I hope you are prepared for the answer.

So let’s begin with the hard fact that no one can deny that Old Man was not Zangetsu! And the real Zangetsu was what people knew as Hollow Ichigo, aka Hichigo.

So on this statement alone, you now know this so-called “Bankai.”

and this so-called “Bankai.”

were all fake Bankais.

Old Man kept the real Zangetsu mostly suppressed. And mostly suppressed; not even Old Man could completely suppress Zangetsu.

Another thing that the older man also revealed.

So Ichigo never revealed his real Shikai or his real Bankai.

Ichigo never had a real Shikai or Bankai!

And why would he have a Shikai and a Bankai?! Remember that Ichigo was a tribrid. He was a Shinigami, a Hollow, and a Quincy.

So by that alone, he should have something entirely different or a mix of all sides.

Meaning that Ichigo releases could be something as simple as using new names. For example, with Zangetsu, he would have a form of all three things. Then, for example, Mugetsu would represent another higher form of Ichigo. And then he would go to another name, and another, and another.

Or, Ichigo’s first release would be a combination of Shikai+Resurrección+Letzt Stil. His then-second release would be something like Bankai+Resurrección Segunda Etapa+Letzt Stil. And perhaps he could go on and on.

After all, Aizen experiments with Hollowfication because he believes that only by becoming partially Hollow could he surpass the limits of both Shinigami and Hollow.

The only time Ichigo came close to revealing his first release was in the last arc.

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When you see this

  • So this was the closest thing we had to his entire release. But unfortunately, it was still not his entire first release. It was close but still not there.
  • Before this, Ichigo had his two black swords, with Ichigo balancing Zangetsu and Old Man. Then the biggest sword (representing Zangetsu) turns completely white, and Ichigo releases his first ever Zangetsu.
  • It was his Shikai! Only it needed to be completed.
  • For it to be complete, Ichigo would’ve had to have put Zangetsu fully in charge instead of splitting his power.
  • And by putting Zangetsu in charge, I mean this guy.
  • Zangetsu! Absorbing Old Man into himself.
  • That way, we would’ve had Zangetsu training Ichigo in using his powers and even his releases.
  • With the bonus that Ichigo would’ve not been susceptible to Yhwach power.
  • But still, it was not his real Shikai, same as this.
  • It was not his real Bankai.
  • And we know this was not his real Bankai because Kubo told us it was not.
  • If you play by Shinigami rules and their releases, then a Shinigami has one true Shikai and one true Bankai.
  • But, when Yhwach trashes Ichigo, “Bankai
  • for the second time. We see that when Ichigo goes for the kill move, from his trashed “Bankai”, a new old “Bankai” emerges.

So the answers to your question are these:

  • Ichigo never showed us his real releases.
  • Ichigo, up until the last arc, had used two fake Zanpakuts. And in the last arc, he used a real Zanpakut, but he didn’t show us his actual Shikai or Bankai.

Nimaya (creator of all Shinigami nameless Zanpakuts) said that Ichigo had come far without an Asauchi.

Nimaya (Tite Kubo) said that until now, Ichigo has been using only a fraction of his real power.

If Ichigo did not have an Asauchi, then he didn’t have a real Zanpakutō. Only something is passing for a Zanpakutō.

And Nimaya knew this all too well because like he said

Every Shinigami in the history of the Shinigamis had Asauchis made by Nimaya.

So Nimaya knew what Ichigo had was something not made by him. Hence, he had no Zanpakut.

At least not a Shinigami Zanpakut.

Also, when Ichigo returns full possession of the truth about his parents and himself, the Old Man finally reveals the real Zangetsu blade.

So the real Zangetsu blade was only one blade of shorter size than Ichigo’s normal huge swords, and it was enveloped in what seemed like Reishi flames.

And although these two blades make some sense.

Where the left blade represented Old Man and the right blade represented Zangetsu.

What needed to be clarified was that after Ichigo awakens Zangetsu, he does this.

that we didn’t see more

And by more, I mean that Ichigo should’ve had:

  • Cero
  • Cero Oscuras
  • Hierro
  • Pesquisa
  • High-Speed Regeneration
  • Sonido (yes, Sonido allowed for things that Shunpo did not).

Not only that, Ichigo should’ve had the Quincy manipulation ability of Reishi and the abilities:

  • Shadow
  • Blut

But most of all, it should’ve been at this stage that we should’ve seen Ichigo’s unique latent ability that Askin had talked about.

So we didn’t even see that.

Everyone has a unique latent ability. Shinigamis, Hollows, and even Quincy.

In contrast to Quincy, Yhwach and the schrift (letter) he inscribed on Quincy’s soul were responsible for giving them their powers.

As a result, Yhwach chose the skills of each Quincy.

And some have speculated (me included) that Ichigo showed no ability because he hadn’t given himself any ability.

Yhwach gave himself the Almighty ability, seeing that he could choose which ability to give.

Haschwalth couldn’t do the same, but he could do some things Yhwach could.

So according to Yhwach and what we saw of Jugo himself, we knew that sometimes a Quincy was born that couldn’t create any weapons made of Reishi because he couldn’t gather Reishi into himself. Quincy could only give power but not take it in.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

Jugo was like that. But Yhwach was not.

Yhwach even said that no other Quincy was ever born with the same power as he.

And to me (and others at the time), Ichigo was just like Yhwach, if not more, because of his Shinigami and Hollow sides.

Also, his own Fullbringer hinted at that, where Chad says that Ichigo Fullbring was wearing his power.

At the time of the last arc, when the powers of Yhwach began to be revealed, some of us theorized after Askin explained why Ichigo was among the Five Special War Powers and what we had seen about Haschwalth and Yhwach that, yet again, Aizen had been wrong.

And by wrong, I mean that it wasn’t the Hougyoku that gave Ichigo’s friends their powers but rather Ichigo himself.

After all, the Hougyoku had been sealed by Urahara, and it was also sealed inside Rukia Gilgai. If the Hougyoku had done what Aizen had said, it should’ve given powers to everyone in Ichigo’s classes.

But what we saw was that only Ichigo’s closest friends gained any power at all.

So obviously, Aizen’s explanation doesn’t stick.

But knowing what we know about those special Quincy that was born, and Ichigo was indeed a special Quincy like no other, seeing he was also Shinigami and Hollow, it stands to reason that he had all of the Yhwach powers if not more.

And that he only didn’t show any unique ability because he didn’t know he had to give himself one. Perhaps choose one.

Or who knows? As a tribrid, he could give himself more than one ability. But only one at a time.

But because Bleach was cut very short, Kubo gave no answers.

If anything, he left most questions unanswered.

So we’ll never know.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

What we do know is that Ichigo never showed us his true power.

Shikai and Bankai Maybe the last arc came close, but everything else was fake.

The simple fact that Old Man was not Zangetsu made all of Ichigo’s “Shikais” and “Bankais” fake.

And now you know why I said I hoped you were ready for the answer. Most Bleach fans can’t accept any of this, even though it’s staring them in the face. And I have presented all the evidence needed.

They’ll deny it because, for whatever reason, it makes them feel like many Bleach fans felt when the ending was rushed. We all felt betrayed.

And while some made the most of a stressful situation, the vast majority tried not to think about anything.

Because if they thought too much, they would’ve felt betrayed.

How strong is Fullbring Ichigo’s question?

I want poeple to respect this version of Ichigo; he is highly underrated in the community. I will review his statement, feats, power, and strength in this answer. I am not going to lie. It is one of the drippiest forms of Ichigo.

Now we know Ichigo lost his shinigami powers after defeating Aizen in FKT arc. He then trains with Ginjo and other fraud full bringers to re-acquire his shinigami/hollow powers. Ginjo, when training, Ichigo stated Ichigo would gain powers beyond that of a soul reaper.

This statement means Kubo, through ginjo, is saying fullbring ichigo is above his former shinigami self(being bankai + hollow mask)in the past arcs. It makes sense since we know in Shounen anime mc’s always get greater amp than their former ones in each arc.

A completed fullbring, Ichigo was able to fight and overpower Tsukishima. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

He even speeds blitz Tsukishima, and cuts his arm off. This same tsukishima scales to post-FKT Byakuya, who defeated Yammy (the strongest Espada) alongside Kenny in the FKT arc. And Ichigo scales to him. After ginjo tricked Ichigo and stole his powers, Rukia and others gave Ichigo a jump start to bring his shinigami powers back via sharing of reiatsu/spiritual energy) from all soul society. Ichigo easily overpowered ginjo in just his Shikai form.

Ichigo casually swinging his sword made Ginjo mistake it as a getsuga tensho attack (meaning a casual sword swing from Ichigo equals a getsuga attack). Ichigo then does a real getsuga tensho, which splits the fucking skies open.

Ginjo got so shaken that he decided to retreat from the fade. This version of Ichigo is exponentially stronger than his completed Fullbring and Espada arc forms. Now you need to pay attention to the fact that captains were sent to the WOTL to stop Ichigo if he joins Ginjo and attacks SS. Yamamoto sent Kenpachi,Byakuya,Toshiro, Ikkaku, and Renji. 3 captains to earth to fight Ichigo if he joined Ginjo.In the SAWY novel, this Kenpachi Zaraki defeated Cien Granz (a being as strong as Vastolorde Ichigo) and Azashiro, the 7th Kenpachi. Byakuya defeated Yammy (the strongest Espada). Toshiro, who scales to Harribel.It means Yamamoto respects Fullbring Ichigo for sending this big captain against him. Ichigo defeated Ginjo.

He also destroyed a pocket dimension just by going bankai.

TYBW arc

In the war arc, Ichigo fought and defeated Quilge Opie, a stern ritter of Yhwach’s army. Quilge was strong enough to take an assault from Ayon and absorb Ayon into himself. But when Ichigo entered his bankai form, quilted couldn’t keep up with his power and speed.

Ichigo also confronted Yhwach and scratched base Yhwach with his attack after charging up his reiatsu.

And with that, he could defend himself from being killed by Yhwach. Yhwach also made Ichigo a special war threat for his army to prepare against. This meaning saw Fullbring Ichigo as a threat to his stern ritter army. This version of Ichigo is as strong as his VL form. He is easily a planetary-level being and is above your average captain in power.
Edit: new upgrade in FB Ichigo scaling. In the new Bleach anime, we see Ichigo react and keep up with base Yhwach in combat, and he also damaged Yhwach when he activated his Quincy powers. It is no small feat considering Ichigo wasn’t even at full power after exhausting himself from Quilge’s jail. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

Base Yhwach also stole Yamamoto’s bankai and stated he was the only Quincy to be able to steal Yamaji’s bankai. This statement puts Yamamoto above all stern ritters (NB this is 1 arm Yamamoto), and a weakened Ichigo was not only able to square up against this base yhwach but also damaged (bruised yhwach’s left arm). This should make Fullbring Ichigo relative to 1 arm Yamamoto. And he is a special war threat. All this before getting his true powers.

Respect fullbring Ichigo


Who would win, Ichigo (Fullbring Shikai) vs. Ichigo (Fullbring Bankai)?

Your question answers itself.

Fullbring Ichigo-Shikai

Simply being in Bankai makes Ichigo at least 5x, if not 10x, as powerful as his Shikai state. He’s also astronomically faster and stronger and has a far more powerful version of his Getsuga Tensh. A Soul Reaper’s Bankai automatically beats their Shikai regardless of who it is. It’s simply how the Bleach universe works.

Why, in the Bleach manga does Ichigo’s new Bankai only change his sword and not his outfit?

Because, like before, it was not his real Bankai. We can’t even say Ichigo ever had a bankai.
Here’s a little reminder of things about Ichigo.
Ichigo is a tribrid. He has the powers of a Quincy, a Shinigami, and a Hollow.
Ichigo Quincy’s powers have been activated ever since he was born. He was never trained as a Quincy, but that didn’t mean his power was nonexistent. And his Quincy powers were under the control of Old Man, which is the essence of his Quincy powers.
When Ichigo absorbed Rukia’s power, the real Zangetsu began to awaken. Otherwise, Zangetsu would’ve only awakened when Ichigo lived his life and eventually died.
So when Ichigo awakened his powers for good, thanks to Urahara, Old Man was already awake and could suppress Zangetsu from fully awakening.
And Zangetsu is the one that represents Ichigo Shinigami and Hollow powers.
So when Ichigo had this look, Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

It was Old Man who was Ichigo’s main source of power, while Zangetsu was mostly suppressed.
The Old Man was always in charge until the last arc, with one exception. When Ichigo became this

It was when Zangetsu was in full control, while Old Man was delegated to second place.
That was why Ichigo, in this form, could do things he was never able to do.

After all, Old Man himself told the whole truth

So above, Nimaya said that Ichigo failed the Asauchi training because he never possessed an Asauchi. Hence, he was never a real Shinigami.
What Ichigo used up until this point was simply a creation of Old Man. A fake Zanpakutou, if you will.
Below, you can see Nimaya pointing out that what people thought was Ichigo’s inner hollow was the real Zangetsu.

So Old Man was never Zangetsu! He says so himself!

The Old Man was, in essence only Ichigo Quincy’s power. A fragment of Yhwach’s soul is passed on to every Quincy, for it is what enables them to have those spiritual powers.

So even when Ichigo fought Aizen he was only using his Quincy in its totality and a mere fraction of his Shinigami/Hollow powers.

The bottom line is that because the one regulating Ichigo’s power was Old Man, he never had a Shikai or a Bankai.
The only one that could’ve taught Ichigo about a Shikai or a Bankai was Zangetsu. But Zangetsu never trained Ichigo, nor did Ichigo train with Zangetsu even after he learned the truth.
When he discovered the truth, instead of summoning forth the real Zangetsu and having him train him, this was what Ichigo did.

Ichigo decided to rely only on himself and no longer depend on Zangetsu or Old Man.
And this was his biggest mistake!
Ichigo made two mistakes!
The first one was to balance out Old Man and Zangetsu. That was why he had the two swords, and both were black as long as the balance remained, but the bigger one would become white when Zangetsu was fully unleashed.

So in a way, when Ichigo did this

He, in a way, used a kind of Shikai+Resurrección.
And say it was a Shikai+Resurrección because his biggest sword became white, which Ichigo himself said he was awakening someone (Zangetsu). And he became hollow.
It was not a real Shikai+Resurrección because, as I said before Zangetsu didn’t train him. Ichigo discovered it on his own, based on what he had learned from Old Man.
His second mistake was balancing Old Man and Zangetsu.
Just like Zangetsu had been doing this to Zangetsu…

So too, Ichigo should’ve turned the tables and made Zangetsu absorb himself, Old Man.
That way, if Yhwach had tried to control Ichigo like he did when Ichigo touched Yhwach’s sword, it would’ve failed because Zangetsu would’ve been the one in charge. At the same time, Old Man was then a part of Zangetsu, but kept within Zangetsu.
So obviously, Ichigo did not know what his Shikai and Bankai were because this happened.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

So here, Ichigo believed he was using his Bankai.
From his supposed “Bankai,” another “Bankai” emerged.
And as you should know. Shinigami don’t have multiple Bankais. They have one Shikai and one Bankai!
A Shikai and a Bankai can be improved. But you can’t simply pull out multiplie Bankais like this was Dragon Ball, and you had Tensa Zangetsu 1, TZ 2, and TZ 3.
So Ichigo never had a real Shikai or a real Bankai.
And why should he!? After all, seeing he was a tribrid meant his real power had to be a combination of Quincy, Shinigami, and Hollow powers in a single power.
The moment I suspected Ichigo did not have a real Shikai or Bankai was when I saw this.

And then I was sure when I saw this.

Ichigo Bankai and his supposed shikai had changed too much for them to be real.
From that moment on, I knew Tite Kubo would pull off something big with a big unveiling. But because Kubo trolled himself and took so damn long to wrap up the last arc when Shnen Jump gave him the boot, he had to rush things, and nothing was explained.
Giving us that piss poor ending.
So Bleach ended where the anime ended.
Seeing the Thousand Years Blood War arc needed to be properly tended to be taken seriously. It left too many unanswered questions to be considered an ending.
So now you know!
Ichigo never had a real Shikai or a Bankai. They were all fake!
And we never got to see Ichigo’s true power. And that is the real tragedy of Bleach.
At least for me, that followed it for 15 years. Really because it was 15 years down the toilet, considering what the last arc did. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

Do we ever see Ichigo’s true Bankai?

Yes, we’ve seen it right here.
We see the sword of true Bankai.
and we see the mask.
True Bankai was so strong that it made Yhwach scared that he had to break it.

True bankai is canon. We’ve seen it in the manga. We have to wait for it to be added to the show.
He also shot Yhwach with a Zangetsu/true Bankai blade.

What’s the difference between Zangetsu and White? Are they the same?

Zangetsu and White are the same.

They are just different names for his Hollow power merged with his Shinigami power, the spirit above.

The old man is not Zangetsu.

He is Ichigo’s Quincy spirit, which resembles Yhwach.

However, Ichigo accepted them as one with himself and dubbed them both “ZANGETSU.”

Cheers 🥂

How is Ichigo so strong compared to captains trained for hundreds of years?

In short, Ichigo possesses all three major power sources in the Bleach universe, and they are all directly in line with the fundamental rules of their own.
Hollow powers are transferred through mothers, as explained in the Fullbringers arc. Masaki battled a hollow, even though it’s an experimental hollow from Aizen’s research, and got direct wounds from it. In this instance, the Hollow directly affects Ichigo through his mother because, as Urahara explained, it even affected her soul and necessitated intervention with the aid of a Shinigami.

Isshin married Masaki and conceived Ichigo, and Aizen established that Shinigami’s powers and potential (and also, arguably, status) follow the paternal line. So Ichigo is a shinigami by blood, and Aizen used the term “pure blood” to describe it.

And Masaki is a Quincy, a royal one even, which makes Ichigo also a Quincy by blood.
So, by default, with the fundamental meaning of the word, Ichigo has the potential of all Hollow, Quincy, and Shinigami. We’ve seen the upgrade of powers one can achieve by combining two of those power sources, the Vaizards, and the Arrancars, so we could imagine what upgrade Ichigo could achieve when he has all three.

An Arrancar possesses the ability of resurrection and a second release of it. In addition to the typical Shikai and Bankai as Shinigami, a Vaizard can also release a resurrection, as Tousen did when he faced off against his friend Kommamura.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

Nimaiya also revealed that Whitey, the Hollow inside Ichigo’s soul, went and merged with Ichigo’s Shinigami soul and became one. It makes Ichigo a natural-born Vaizard, not because of the breaking of the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow but because Shinigami and Hollow fused into one entity.

As for how Ichigo could achieve so much in such a short time, compared to the Captains of the Gotei 13 forces who trained hundreds of years to achieve powers and abilities that are arguably less powerful (generally speaking), Yoruichi did mention that she was training Ichigo with a method that speeds up Bankai training, which enables one to achieve Bankai mode much faster compared to those who train more conventionally; that was because they were racing with time, with Rukia’s execution date being changed and moved forward a couple of times.

Additionally, Urahara performed and guided Ichigo in a non-traditional way that caused his Hollow to surface as he trained to regain his Shinigami powers (following what Byakuya did when he extracted Rukia from the real world). So, to sum up, Ichigo was being forced to train fast and achieve more. Putting aside plot drive, of course.
And on top of that,

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

The power you have created (or trained) until now is no more than a fragment of your true power, which I could not fully suppress.”
So, all that Final Getsuga, and Mugetsu, are no more than fragments of Ichigo’s true power. And this comes from the soul inside Ichigo’s soul, which makes it truer than true. Ichigo’s powers, all his potential, and what he could achieve are better and stronger than those of regular Shinigami.
Now imagine how strong it would be if Scarmask brought up a Tensa Zangetsu Leztz Stil.

Bow and shoots Getsuga Tenshou Cero Oscuras’ arrow bolts with the magnitude of Mugetsu.Thanks for A2A, my fellow Bleach fan. Footnotes

How strong is Fullbring Ichigo (including Fullbring Shikai and Fullbring Bankai)?

Ichigo’s most underrated and best form in the series is insanely strong.
It includes solos from Naruto, Chainsaw Man, JK, My Hero, and one piece.
But not Dragon Ball or Jojo One Punch, man,it is debatable.

Look how cool this looks, man. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

In what episode does Ichigo become a captain?

He doesn’t. At the end of the series, all 13 positions are filled.

  1. Shunsui Kyoraku
  2. Soifon
  3. Rose Otoribashi
  4. Isane Kotetsu
  5. Shinji Hirako
  6. Byakuya Kuchiki
  7. Tetsuzaemon Iba
  8. Lisa Yadomaru
  9. Kensei Muguruma
  10. Toshiro Hitsugaya
  11. Kenpachi Zaraki

12. Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

and finally

13. Rukia Kuchiki

Ichigo will likely never become a captain until after his human body dies, as it is a full-time job.

How strong are Tokinada, Aura, and Hikone from Bleach, and which characters would be a good match-up for each of them?

Ok, so this information is taken from the translation of the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel. You can also wait for an official translation.

Tokinada Tsunayashiro:

  1. He has access to all sorts of weapons and has great influence as a noble leader. He has Reiatsu on par with the other noble leaders, according to Shunsui Kyraku (so he’s relative to current Byakuya Kuchiki, Yoruichi Shihin, and Isshin Kurosaki in pure Reiatsu). He can see through Nanao’s Kido barrier (she is a Kido master), and he is also able to use Aizen’s teleportation spell from the Soul Society arc. He’s also fast enough to react to Soi Fon, but she is faster than him. He’s also very intelligent and ancient (he was Shunsui and Jushiro’s classmate in Genryusai’s class). Now most impressive is his Zanpakuto, Enrakyoten. It can copy the ability of any other Zanpakuto he has seen and make it as powerful as his own Reiatsu-level. He used Senbonzakura, Ryujin Jakka, Kinshara, Wabisuke, Kyoka Suigetsu, and more. These drain his soul over time. When he used Ryujin Jakka and Kyoka Suigetsu, they were less powerful than they were in the hands of Aizen and Yamamoto since their Reiatsu was stronger than Tokinada’s. But Wabisuke was far stronger in his hands than in Izuru’s, given the drastic difference in Reiatsu. He can also use these abilities simultaneously. He can fight multiple Captains, Arrancars, and Quincy simultaneously. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

Aura Michibane

Her power level is on par with Captain Aizen’s before he subjugated Hougyoku. She’s a full-bringer with no particular attachment. Instead, she can control all matter, spiritual or otherwise, to the extent of manipulating the laws of physics. Like all other Fullbringers, she obtained this power because of the Soul King fragment inside her. 

She created a nitrogen barrier capable of blocking the full magic of Hado #91. She also controlled the soul of the atmosphere and turned clouds into massive water dragons capable of canceling out Hado #99. She can also control people’s bodies and souls, as she morphs the bodies of people into different shapes, even fusing them to form monstrosities. 

She also aided in creating Hikone by merging hundreds of souls of Hollows, Quincy, Shinigami, Fullbringers, and more. She also formed a replica of the royal palace in the Valley of Screams out of Reishi and can pass through walls. 

In addition, she has complete control of her body, even turning herself into smoke and reforming, regenerating her arm instantly, morphing her body or soul into any form, and when her head was cut off, she caught it and put it back on. These are some of her feats. She can fight multiple opponents, too.

Hikone Ubuginu

This kid is a monster. I need to figure out where to start; I can’t tell you everything about him, as there are too many things. First, Tokinada, Aura, and Hanatarou’s brother created him. He was secretly created to be the next Soul King (a sign of treason, but it’s Tokinada, so he does whatever he wants). He would have ascended to the realms of the gods if they had made a Hougyoku for him, but their plan was foiled. 

Now he is a perfect hybrid of Shinigami, Hollow/Arrancar, Quincy, Fullbringer, and more, but those are the main ones. His Reiatsu keeps increasing, and in the span of hours-days, he matures so fast, it’s as if he keeps participating in 100’s battles, even if he’s strolling around. He can combine all types of techniques, like Gran Rey Cero with Quincy Arrow, Shunpo with Bringer Light, Sonido with Hirenkyaku, or Blut Vene with Hierro. So he can merge any techniques, even those of opposing natures, together. He has enough reiatsu by himself to fight with Zaraki. His power keeps growing infinitely, though. 

His Zanpakuto is an ancient Hollow who knew Barragan and fought against a young Genryusai Yamamoto and was defeated by Ichibe Hyosube (where he wrote a new name upon him), and he was sealed into a Zanpakuto by Etsu Nimaiya.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

 This hollow can evolve infinitely without stopping. He does this by absorbing Reishi (to an extreme extent from the environment directly, even attacks like Ceros are like a sip of water for him) or Reiatsu, or by consuming it like Aaroniero, and by making all he consumes become a part of its natural power level, through infinite accumulation. 

He is also stronger than Vasto Lordes, even the Arrancar ones, and together, he and Hikone have no limits to their growth. NOTE that even when this hollow is in a form as big as Yammy’s giant form, it has more dense Reiatsu than all the arrangers, so when it shrinks down and merges with Hikone, their power level is mind-boggling. 

Imagine a constantly growing Reiatsu combined with the fundamental abilities of Bleach’s different types of beings. And he can also fight entire teams of Quincy, Shinigami, and Arrancar by himself. Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen

I know these characters sound OP, but I hope you get a chance to read the novel sometime.

Why Ichigo’s Bankai Can’t Be Stolen