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How do you activate a disabled Uber account?

disabled Uber account

How do you activate a disabled Uber account?

Let me clear you one thing. Uber deactivates an account for purpose and there is a very very low chance to get back the account.

In this case, I would tell you to create the new account because as previously someone said a process to change the number after linking, but trust me this doesn’t work for all.

Because, all the payments which you use in Deactivated account would be automatically grabbed by systems which will be tagged as fraud, even if you don’t ask for any concessions or refunds.

Hence, whatever the reason the number has been blocked by Uber. Hence, leave that shit and move on and create a new account and enjoy rides and trips.

They should unblock the account if you send the required details. But I believe their support staff is too busy to look into the account history for that and may not enable it.

Look at the tone of their emails. They believe all disabled accounts are fraudulent and call you a fraud.

I had a bitter experience within three hours of account creation (even without booking a single cab).

I remembered adding funds from Paytm and now I have no clew of them.

Regarding my disabled account, I tweeted to their CEO and a nice person from their team had reactivated my account. That was excellent.

But I still had a problem with email login (OAuth login is okay) so he/she forwarded to the dumb stuff and they started playing with me, again.

Those dumb people sent 5 contradicting messages to a single problem 🙂 So all this implies that what they lack is the “training” 🙂

How do you activate a disabled Uber account?

Not sure why people here could not provide the Solution but I have cracked it and got my account enabled back. Process the do the same below:

  1. Go to t.uber/account-disabled
  2. On the screen of “My account is deactivated” click on submit
  3. It will give you the option to either enter the phone number or email id
  4. Enter email-id instead of the phone number
  5. If you remember the password, please enter. If not, select forgot password. They will send you the verification code. They will send you mail to reset the password. Again they will send you verification code. Enter and Login to the account. Change/Reset the password.
  6. Now using your phone app – enter your number and click Go. BINGO!!!!
  7. This should work.

It has worked for me. All the best Guys!


The core problem is that the accounts have been created from your phone. Think of it from their perspective.

They have no way of verifying that the other person was present since verification is done by e-mail.

You could have just provided their number and your (extra) e-mail account, and it would have still created the account.

You could try explaining the situation to them, but I wouldn’t put much hope into getting your credits back.

Also, you specified that you logged in with other accounts on your phone. Does this mean that the person using the account is not the owner of the account, but you instead? That could also be the reason why the accounts were banned.

tl;dr Uber doesn’t know if you created multiple accounts, or actually referred people. Contact support, try to get help.

Try either of these. It might work sometimes.

  1. Uninstall uber and install the latest version of it from the play store. Now try to login with the same user credentials.
  2. Install uber for the first time in any other smartphone which hasn’t been used at all for uber. Now login with the same credentials and it might work sometimes.

If both don’t work, then you have to contact uber support.

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