What are the Emirates staff travel benefits?

Emirates staff travel information

All airlines provide free/concessional tickets to their staff and other family members. They also provide this facility to other airline employees which reciprocated. Emirates also provide these kinds of travel benefits to their employees and reciprocate with other airlines too.

These tickets can be used while the staff is on leave. You get 50% off and 90% off. You can fly anywhere you want even using other airlines and availing of the same fares but you must get back to base (Dubai) within your rest period prior to your next flight.

The travel benefits are as follows as of the time of writing (March 2023).

  • 1 annual leave ticket (confirmed) – completely free – for self, spouse and children. First 3 years of service, a ticket for declared hometown. Post that, free ticket for any Emirates destination. For some senior grades, freely upgraded to the next class, if available and if travel party does not have a child below 13 years.
  • Unlimited ID90 tickets (subject to load i.e. flight not being full) – for self, spouse and children. You pay full taxes and 10% of the standard IATA fare (which is higher than the market fare). Overall, works out to be around 30% of total fare (base + taxes) found in the open market, as a thumb rule.
  • Unlimited ID50 tickets (confirmed) – for self, spouse and children. You pay full taxes and 50% of the standard IATA fare (which is higher than the market fare).
  • 1 SRC ticket (per year of continuous service after the first 3 years). This is subject to load and you pay only taxes, 0% on the base fare. It can be transferred to any passenger you wish.
  • 1 additional confirmed SRC per year of continuous service over X years (don’t recall how many years).
  • If you quit/retire after more than 15 years of continuous service, you get 1 subject to load and 1 confirmed SRC per year for life.
  • 2 subject to load ID90 tickets per year for your maid (above certain grade).
  • 2 subject to load ID90 and 2 confirmed ID50 for each of your parents, parents-in-law, and siblings per year.
  • 10 special tickets every year, which can be given to any other friend/relatives not listed above. These are confirmed buddy tickets, that are slightly cheaper than the market (maybe 10% discount) but are inventory controlled tightly. So you won’t find availability for the most popular routes on popular travel periods.
  • Maybe something more, that I can’t recall.

Emirates staff travel information/benefits?

  1. These are only available for full-time permanent staff. Not for temporary, contractual or consulting staff
  2. The benefits seem attractive on paper, but if you have a family with kids and can travel only during school holidays (peak travel periods), then the subject to load tickets are usually useless, as Emirates flights usually go completely full.
  3. The confirmed annual leave tickets are good. If you have kids though, you have to sacrifice the free upgrade to business class.
  4. The ID50 tickets and buddy tickets are pretty useless if most of your travel is to/from the Indian subcontinent or other popular destinations as these tickets are strictly inventory controlled based on forecast demand.

As an Emirates employee, you benefit from free or heavily discounted fares for yourself and your family. Emirates provides tickets to its staff on a standby basis, meaning you will fly if and when there is a free seat on the plane.

The fare cost depends on the route and the class of travel, but in general, it is very competitive.
On international routes, you can find up to 80% off or even more tickets, depending on the season and route.

Furthermore, you can find even more discounts if you are particularly flexible with dates and times.
Should you want to travel in a peak season, it may be worth pre-booking your ticket to secure the best discounts.

What’s the discount that Emirates Airline employees get on tickets?

They get one annual leave ticket for self and family free. First 3 years of employment it’s to your home country.

Post 3 years it’s anywhere on the Emirates network. In addition to self and family unlimited discounted subject to availability tickets.

Emirates staff gets a 50% discount on tickets on the class (Economy, Business, First) they are entitled to as per the Grade. These are the confirmed tickets.

Staff can get 90% discounted tickets too but it is highly subjected to availability and has a fair chance of not getting to fly.

Worse is that the staff gets to know this at the last minute if it is a Yes or no.

As a former airline employee, I can attest that an ID90 ticket does not, in reality, amount to a 90% discount off the ticket price.

It is based on the highest unrestricted “full” fare, which translates to a much smaller discount off the lowest confirmed fare you could buy.

In return for the discount, you do not get a confirmed reservation, but rather are on standby status.

I never found it to be a particularly good deal as an airline employee.

Does air hostess have to be pretty?

ID90 is what would usually choose.

The flip side to this discounted fair is that you get a seat on the flight.

Emirates staff travel
Emirates staff travel

ONLY if there is a seat available and you will have to go to the airport with your luggage to know if you will get on the flight or not.

What is a staff ticket?

Staff travel is a benefit for (retired) airline employees, travel industry employees, their family members or close friends (often called “buddy passes”). 

Staff travel tickets can be purchased at a fraction of the costs of a standard ticket, but are only granted if there are unsold seats available.

Do flight attendants have to wear makeup?

Female flight attendants for Virgin Atlantic will no longer be required to wear makeup on the job and will be given the choice to wear pants or a skirt, the airline announced.

As an airline, we have always stood out from the crowd and done things differently to the rest of the industry.

Do Emirates pilots get free flights?

Emirates Airlines currently has around 4,000 pilots covering over 100 nationalities.

The crew flies to 155 destinations in 83 counties across six continents.

Emirates Captains on the A380 and B777 fleets earn a total monthly tax-free salary of AED58,770.

How do I contact Emirates Airlines?

Emirates/Customer service number: 091670 03333

Emirates staff travel information/benefits?

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airlines and Group, said that the aviation and travel sector had been particularly and severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which we feel affects our personal lives.

He explained in an internal memo to the company’s employees seen by “Al Khaleej” newspaper that he was “happy as he watched the group’s staff continue to serve customers even in the face of great challenges,” noting that he was “very grateful for the continuous support and dedication of the employees to their work.”

He added: “In the past few weeks and months, thanks in large part to the global vaccination campaign and the efforts of our leaders here in the UAE, we have seen a clear path toward opening up to recovery, as our iconic planes reunite people, fly to the most popular destinations around the world, and activity is back. Once again, to Dubai International Airport. Indeed, there is a distinct atmosphere of positivity and a return to normalcy.”

“I would like to thank all of you for standing together and with the company during these difficult times, accepting difficult working conditions, including reductions in wages and benefits, and demonstrating your loyalty to the Emirates brand. Therefore, although we are still far from a full recovery,” he added. I am happy to share some of the changes that will come into effect as of October 1st: reimbursement of subsistence allowance for married couples.

An increase in annual leave entitlements to make up for the cuts we made in October 2020, and we will also give you the option to nominate 5 of your friends to get tickets on privileged class terms. It is in addition to recognizing the best internal talents by enhancing their chance of receiving a salary increase upon promotion to the basic levels.”

Emirates staff travel
Emirates staff travel

A detailed report on Emirates Airlines

 In the field of air services in the Middle East, the world’s largest operator of the giant Airbus A380 aircraft

The history of Emirates Airlines goes back to 1985 when it started with two leased Boeing 737 and Airbus B4 300 aircraft and continued to grow until its fleet today reached more than 256 aircraft, most notably the Boeing 777, which is one of the best passenger carriers.

Emirates Airlines has also won several prominent awards, including the 2016 Skytrax magazine award as the best airline globally and the medal for the best in-flight entertainment system for the twelfth time in a row.

The company is headquartered in the Emirates of Dubai. It takes Dubai International Airport as the center of its operation, which exceeds 3,500 flights per week to various countries worldwide.


Passengers on all classes of Emirates Airlines travel can enjoy eating exceptional dishes from the kitchen of the destination country, cooked by the most skilled international chefs. For dieters, healthy foods free of saturated and trans fats are available. Children are served special fares with the most delicious flavors in colorful dishes to draw joy to their faces. Passengers can also enjoy refreshing drinks to arrive at their destination in full force. 

Classes of travel on Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines provides its customers with three different travel bikes on its planes: Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class. Each degree has the advantages of the one that precedes it, in addition to its benefits, as shown in the following comparison table:

economy classfirst degreebusiness class
✓ Comfortable and spacious seats to stretch the legs
✓ Eco-friendly Emirates blankets for a comfortable sleep
✓ A selection of delicious dishes for the destination country
✓ A selection of the best hot and cold drinks
✓ Entertainment and games for children
✓ Ice entertainment system with 3500 channels of movies, TV shows and games
✓ Free Wi-Fi
✓ Electric socket for charging devices
✓ Leather seats converting into deep sleeper beds
✓ One of the latest award-winning entertainment systems ✓ Best in-flight entertainment system
✓ Cabin with private doors for extra privacy
✓ Control of lighting and air conditioning
✓ Car booking with driver free of charge
✓ Delicious food served on Royal Doloton dishes Luxurious
✓ Luxurious Bvlgari toiletries
✓ Dedicated lounges at some airports
✓ An inflight business lounge
✓ Ultra-luxurious seats converting into stylish beds
✓ 23 inch HD TV
✓ Best in-flight entertainment system with over 3,500 channels
✓ Delicious dishes from the local ingredients of the destination country, cooked by the best chefs
✓ Refreshing hot and cold drinks
✓ Complimentary sets Bvlgari Skincare Products 
✓ Complimentary Airport Car Service
✓ Side Table for Laptop or Work

Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

The policy of the legal weights of Emirates Airlines mainly depends on the class of travel that the passenger enjoys, and it varies from one type to another, as shown below:

Economy Class:  Passengers of this class can take one hand baggage only, its weight does not exceed 7 kilograms, and its dimensions do not exceed (55 x 38 x 20 cm). Free weight is allowed from 20 to 35 kg, depending on the type of economy class fare.

First Class:  Passengers of this class can bring two handbags, each weighing no more than 7 kilograms, with dimensions not exceeding (55 x 38 x 20 cm) and free weight not exceeding 50 kilograms.

Business Class:  Passengers of this class can bring two handbags, each of which weighs no more than 7 kilograms and whose dimensions do not exceed (55 x 38 x 20 cm), and they can also bring a free weight of no more than 40 kilograms.

Baggage policy may change from time to time and vary depending on the itinerary and the passenger’s Skywards membership tier. For more accuracy, the permitted weights for each passenger are indicated upon booking.

The most important destinations of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines provides flights to more than 150 destinations in 80 countries and shares its code with about 22 other airlines, including Fly Dubai and Qantas Airways, to make it easier for its passengers to reach more destinations.

Emirates staff travel information/benefits

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Emirates staff travel information/benefits?

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