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Flashy: Where Photography Meets Business

Flashy Where Photography Meets Business

Flashy: Where Photography Meets Business

When a hotel needs a photographer to take photos of its property for its website, what does it usually do? It commissions a photographer, who shows up to take the required shots and then post-processes his raw files. After waiting for several days or a few weeks, the hotel gets its beautiful, publication-ready photographs.

There is nothing wrong with this process, but it can be better. Why should businesses and brands need to wait days to get their pictures? They shouldn’t, especially when they could go on Getflashy and get professional photographs within 24 hours.

What Is Getflashy?

Getflashy is the website of the photo-tech startup, Flashy, which provides express and on-demand photography services for businesses in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Flashy’s unique service offer: streamline procuring commercial photography services for brands and businesses and increase bookings for freelance photographers.

Flashy for Businesses

This startup company serves as a platform for businesses to get professional photos on-demand. Its market includes real estate agencies, property development companies, hotels, event organizers, restaurants, online sellers, fashion designers, and retailers.

How It Works for Businesses

Are you a business or brand that needs professional photographs? Here’s how it works.

  1. Book a photo shoot.

Log in to the Flashy website to book a photo shoot. Select your industry, choose a package, and indicate your shoot’s date, time, and location. If you think no existing package suits your requirements, you can book a custom photoshoot.

After Flashy receives your photoshoot details, it will match you with one of the photographers on its platform.

  1. The photoshoot takes place.

The photographer will arrive at your designated shoot location on your booked schedule. He will proceed according to Flashy’s standardized guidelines for your industry or the custom photoshoot brief you provided.

  1. The photographer chooses his best photos and sends them to Flashy.

After the photo shoot, the photographer will upload his best shots to Flashy’s servers.

  1. The photographs are post-processed using artificial intelligence.

Flashy will enhance the photographs using AI-powered post-processing software.

  1. Get your photos.

Twenty-four hours after the photoshoot, Flashy will send you your professionally finished photographs.

Benefits for Businesses

Why would you want to work with a photography platform instead of directly hiring photographers for your photoshoot needs? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Fast Turnaround Time

This service ensures you can get your photographs within 24 hours of your photoshoot. This quick turnaround is especially crucial if you have events or offers to promote – say, a sports club’s brunch and pool promo available for a limited time only.

  1. Convenient

You don’t need to deal directly with photographers. Just book a date, time, and place, and Flashy takes care of matching you with a photographer.

If you need special permits for location shoots, Flashy can help you get them. Flashy can also help arrange other special shoot requirements if you have any.

  1. Assured High Quality

Flashy vets and screens the photographers on its platform. Furthermore, using AI post-processing ensures you’ll get excellent photographs.

  1. Copyright

With Flashy, you alone own the copyright to your photos.

Flashy for Photographers

Flashy also serves as a platform for commercial photographers. Freelance photographers can join the Flashy network of photographers to get clients.

How It Works for Photographers

Are you a professional photographer? Here is how Flashy works for you.

  1. Apply to become a Flashy photographer.

Visit the Flashy website to apply as a photographer. The company will review your application and then interview you to learn more about you and your work. If you pass, it will add you to the roster of photographers on its platform.

  1. Receive photoshoot assignments.

As a Flashy photographer, you will receive assignments that match your specialization or skill sets and availability. You may choose to accept or decline assignments.

  1. Show up for the scheduled photo shoot.

Just show up with your photography equipment at the place and on the date and time of your scheduled engagement. Proceed according to the brief you received.

  1. Upload your best shots.

Once the photo shoot is over, choose your best shots and upload them to the Flashy server. That’s it; your work is done.

Benefits for Photographers

Why would a photographer like you want to work with a photography platform like Flashy? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Access to Premium Clients

By joining Flashy, you will get access to premium clients. On this platform, you will get to work with hotels, agencies, brokerage firms, restaurants, and other brands that might otherwise be out of your default circle or network.

  1. Steady Work

Depending on your skills, track record, and availability, this photography platform can provide you with a steady source of work.

  1. Freedom from Post-Processing Work

Photographers on the Flashy network do not need to do any post-processing work. The platform does this using automated, AI-powered software.

  1. Prerogative to Choose

Even if you are affiliated with Flashy, you remain free to choose your engagements. You can accept or decline assignments at will.

Commercial Photography Platform for Businesses and Photographers

If you are a business or a photographer in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, Flaashy is a photo-tech startup company you can use to streamline your logistics.

Businesses can use it to book express photoshoots and get visual content for their marketing collateral in 24 hours. Photographers, meanwhile, can use it as a source of steady work and gain access to premium commercial photography clients.

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Flashy: Where Photography Meets Business

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