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IOS Emulator for PC – The Best iPhone Emulators

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IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators

An emulator, in short, is software that replicates the functions of an operating system or a program, within another system. Emulators are very common today, to the point that many users use them to work with Android from a PC, comfortably. But the fact is that an iOS emulator for PC also offers benefits.

IOS emulators are very useful if you want to try programs from the App Store, without buying an expensive iPhone or iPad. You can use an emulator for both Windows and macOS and run the program from your computer, just as you run it on an iOS device. It is also useful if you develop an app for a particular iOS system and you want to review it.

Beyond the reason for using it, the important thing is that it is not an impossible action, much less complicated. Finding and downloading an iOS emulator for PC is something that you can do at any time, without a technical mastery on the subject; you even have a variety of programs at your disposal. But you must be careful because using either is not the right thing for your PC.

How to emulate iOS on a PC

  • Why should you use an iOS emulator for PC?
  • Are there really iOS emulators for PC?
  • Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC
    • iPadian iOS
    • Smartface
    • Electric Mobile Studio
    • iPhone Simulator
    • Air iPhone Emulator
  • The best iOS emulator for macOS
    • Xamarin TestFlight
    • Xcode
    • Ripple
  • BlueStacks – It is not from iOS, but it works as an emulator

Why should you use an iOS emulator for PC?

Emulators are tools that have existed for many years, for various systems and platforms. Many people associate emulators with a way of playing games that are not supported on a certain console; however the actual use of this tool is even broader still. The best thing is that they can mostly be purchased for free, you just have to search the internet well.

If your computer is running Windows or macOS, compatibility or performance problems may arise when trying to open a program developed for another system. There it is necessary to use an emulator that allows to recreate the environment of some system; so that the computer has all the important files and executables, which will be able to read the program in question.

The iOS emulator for PC is a program that works to run an app developed exclusively for iOS. You should not confuse with Simulator , since the emulator offers exact characteristics of an iOS device (either iPhone or iPad) and allows running apps; While a Simulator, it only shows the basic operation of the app, without finishing installing it properly.

There are plenty of reasons to install an iOS emulator for PC, because that translates into a variety of additional options and alternatives to your devices. For example, you could use this type of emulator to evaluate iOS-based programs, from a Windows computer, before sending them to an end user. That is quite useful if you are a practicing programmer .

It can also be used to test specific iPhone features or apps, without the need to spend a large sum of money on such devices. Instead of buying an iPhone X, you can test its functionality from home, using just an emulator. And here I explain which ones are suitable according to the system of your PC, and that you can buy safely without risk of viruses or malware.

Are there really iOS emulators for PC?

Yes, we can find some iOS emulators for PC on the web, but none are capable of emulating all the functions and characteristics of this system, unlike Android emulators that are capable of it. They hardly work vaguely to test apps and programs.

In the case of iOS, we can mostly find tools that serve to experience the basic operation of iOS , but not completely emulate an iPhone from the PC. The reason this happens is that Apple is not amused by the fact that these types of apps exist, especially since the company sells its hardware together with the software package.

Apple has made it clear for years that they are a closed source alternative , hence it is not easy to develop iOS emulators for PC that are very useful. Nor do they allow, by policies, that nobody can sell their software to run it on other hardware; which has made iOS emulators for Android, and some for PC, disappear over time.

Most of the emulators presented in the list, and which are generally found on the web, are mainly focused on developing, testing and debugging apps. That can put back users who are really looking for the experience of an iPhone or iPad, or those who want to download a particular game from that system.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC

The iOS system has always been considered ” classy ” due to its unique features, which are quite different from Android phones or systems like Windows and macOS. It also has games and exclusive programs for iPhones or iPads; leading to the need to use an iOS emulator for PC. And we know well that Apple products are not cheap to buy.

Despite the discrepancies that exist with iOS apps running on Windows computers, there are quite a few iOS emulators for PC. You can download and install each one on your Windows 10 very easy to further improve your experience, especially when playing with a larger and much more comfortable screen.

However, keep in mind that not all apps are customized to be used on a desktop or laptop. Anyway, here are some of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC, known to be efficient and very safe.

iPadian iOS

iPadian is the best iOS emulator for PC that you can download on Windows 10 . One of the reasons for this is that this emulator provides a real iPad interface on Windows and allows the download of apps from that system. It serves as a custom layer that reproduces very well all the icons, gestures, and backgrounds of the app. The iPad-like experience is complete.

The iOS iPadian emulator also comes pre-installed with the most popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, among others. And it additionally includes a personalized store, from where you can access all iOS apps on Windows. It also enables features that are native to the iPad, such as control panel functions, docking, the sidebar, or applications open in the background.

Being developed to emulate the functions of an iPad, its interface adapts much better to the visual form of a desktop or laptop computer. It is very easy to use and you can also enable it on Linux and macOS systems. The only thing you should take into account is that you need to pay for a user license. Since unfortunately it is not a free alternative.


The Smartface emulator allows you to emulate iOS programs through Windows, free of charge. It is mainly intended for developers looking to modify or program a particular app, exclusively for iOS. However, unlike many other emulators, in order to run Smartface, it is necessary to have an iOS device connected to the computer.

This tool allows you to work with apps that can run on iPads and iPhones with versions of iOS 8.0 onwards. It also allows programmers to perform additional functions such as adding texts, images, videos, scroll view, map view and other components in the development of programs. Modifications have effects and can be tested instantly.

It has a very comfortable interface and does not require installation. You can use it from an official website , which you can access through the link. It is worth noting that apart from iOS apps, you can also use smartface to emulate Android apps and games on your PC. And its performance is very good as an iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC.

Electric Mobile Studio

IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators
IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators

This is a testing tool for apps, rather than an emulator itself. You can use it in Windows 10 to run apps and games, while testing how they react on an iOS device. It works for the development and programming of all kinds of apps, based on that system. However, it is not free, it is necessary to acquire a paid license , with a 7-day free trial.

Electric Plum’s Mobile Studio program also offers advanced support for expert programmers, and you can even take advantage of its benefits without having technical knowledge on the subject. Its interface is clean and easy to use, ideal for using both iOS applications and games.

Another reason why developers prefer this iOS emulator for PC is because of the tools and functions it integrates. Like debugging WebKit and Chrome, which makes programming work much easier; in addition you can add navigation keys, hot keys and the favorite access directory. From Windows you can easily integrate this tool with Visual Studio.

iPhone Simulator

As its name suggests, it is not exactly an iOS emulator for PC, however due to its functionality it is worth taking it into account. This iPhone simulator very well recreates the functionalities of the device, even allowing to test clock tools, messages, the calendar, the photo apps, the weather, the camera, the safari browser, among other features.

IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators
IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators

All this is possible, from the AppSimulator page without the need to download additional tools or software. Despite having limited functions and not allowing the download of other tools from the App Store, its interface is designed so that users can verify the operation of their projects in the iOS system, during their initial stages.

The tool is well suited for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 system running iOS 8; but we can also get on the same website, simulators related to Apple Watch and Apple devices with iOS 9. If you want to know the basic functionalities of an iOS system and want to develop your own apps, this simulator is totally perfect for you.

Air iPhone Emulator

This tool offers a complete package of functions that we can find on iOS devices. Among its features, is the ability to make and receive calls, add contacts, send messages and use apps like WhatsApp; in addition to being able to install apps that are in the catalog of the official Apple store. All this from your Windows 10 computer.

This emulator works with the same conditions as Apple mobiles and its response is quite good. Air iPhone integrates well with all versions of Windows and is as good alternative as iPadian, to enjoy iOS apps from your PC. It is also free, but because this tool is created with Adobe, you need to install Adobe Air on your PC.

The best iOS emulator for macOS

Despite the fact that both teams are developed by the same company and share a very similar catalog of tools, you should bear in mind that iOS and macOS are 2 totally separate operating systems. They work separately and have different software libraries.

Basically, iOS works to download games or apps, while macOS brings programs to provide a more complete work environment. However, there are apps that you can use interchangeably on both iPhones, iPads and Mac computers; which will allow the information to be very easily synchronized between your PC and the emulator. 

Some of those apps are:

  • iTunes : The multimedia content store, which also serves as a media player.
  • iCloud : It is the cloud storage system used by all Apple devices.
  • App Store : It is the official App Store . There you download the games and programs, free or not, that were approved by Apple. But the downloads depend on the device you use.
  • Siri : The virtual assistant to perform tasks on the device, using voice commands.
  • Finder : It is a tool to manage the files, disks and apps of the device.
  • Safari : It is the closed source browser, available on iPhone and Mac computers.
  • iWork : This app integrates various tools to edit texts, create spreadsheets and design presentations from iPhone or Mac. It is the equivalent of Microsoft’s Office suite.
  • Spotlight : A browser for desktop searches, with functions to reduce work time and increase productivity with your Apple devices.
  • AirDrop : It is the tool that allows you to share all kinds of files between Apple devices.
  • AirPlay : It is a protocol used to share Apple data through a WiFi network.
  • Affinity Designer : It is the Apple app, intended for reviewing and editing photos or videos.

IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators

If you want to have all the tools offered by an iPhone mobile, with the advantage of seeing an interface from your computer monitor, download the iOS emulator for PC with macOS that best suits your requirements. These are very reliable, popular, and safe alternatives.

Xamarin TestFlight

This alternative is somewhat curious and different from those mentioned previously, since it is not exactly an iOS emulator for PC. It turns out that TestFlight is actually a tool used by programmers that allows testing beta versions of apps coded with Xamarin. It is an official Apple program , which you can purchase for free in the App Store.

Friends, it has advanced support for developers who need to beta-test their apps, and it also has a fairly easy-to-use interface. A plus point with TestFlight is the extensive documentation that you can get about this tool through its official website. However, it is also a bit complicated to set up for testing.

If you create a distribution profile in App Store Connect , you can release external beta test executables, so that other users with iOS devices can use your app and give their opinion about it. But you must have an active premium account in iTunes, to take advantage of those functions.

This iOS emulator for PC is also compatible for WatchOS, tvOS, iMessage and you can even download it for Windows 10, from where you can run your favorite apps and games. But it is necessary to bear in mind that the apps tested in TestFlight are only compatible with iOS version 8.0 or higher.

It is another tool this time based on cloud storage, so it does not require downloading or installing any software on your PC. It is also another iOS emulator for PC that is quite popular among programmers, mainly for testing their apps. A very similar alternative to the old emulator that was abandoned years ago.

It is one of the easiest options to use for all types of users, whether they are a programmer or not, however it is also one that has relatively few functions. You will be able to test your iOS apps during development and you will also be able to take advantage of debugging tools or special editors. software is available on a website , and for free for just the first 100 minutes per month; and at the end of that trial period it is necessary to pay the amount of $ 0.05 for each additional minute you use. However, you can use multiple user accounts to put that time in a ” Loop “; although doing something like that is not a very practical option.

Another negative aspect that you should consider if you use this tool is that it does not allow users to install apps or games from the iOS store, because works exclusively with .IPA test files, which you must upload in the upload form. and you need to associate to an email. A link is sent in the assigned email and when you open it, you will be able to execute the corresponding .IPA file.


It is known as the Software development environment; And Xcode is precisely a tool designed by Apple, which works exclusively for macOS. It works as an iOS emulator for PC and also complements tvOS, WatchOS and even iMessage systems. It is possible to download it for free from the App Store and its functions are more complete than other alternatives.

Friends, it is not a tool that allows you to access the App Store to download games or programs. Instead Xcode is designed for testing projects in development; but it is a great alternative in the sense that it perfectly emulates interactions such as screen touch, rotation, scrolling and other actions that the user performs. In addition, you can test apps from the Safari web, which is also a great advantage.


This is another tool that works through the web and serves as an iOS emulator for PC, in this case you can use it for both macOS and Windows. In fact, you can install it as a Chrome extension and it is used to test apps based on HTML 5, without the need for a too complex configuration process.

Ripple is aimed at the development of programs, but without the need to use other development environments such as PhoneGap or similar, aimed at programming mobile apps. While it is not a true emulator, it can be used to test or run iOS apps in real time.

BlueStacks – It is not from iOS, but it works as an emulator

Those who do not know about this popular and powerful tool should know that it is the best Android emulator you can find. Those who know it, surely wonder, what does it do in a list of iOS emulators for PC?. No, the BlueStacks programmers have not yet created an iOS version of the tool, and at the rate we are going with Apple, they will probably never develop it.

But if you are an Apple user who wants to start using games or apps that are exclusively for mobiles, you can take advantage of this emulator. If you think about it, much of the App Store catalog is also available in the Google Play Store. You may not be able to recreate the experience of using an iOS system, however it is excellent to have your favorite apps on your computer.

Without using an iOS emulator for PC, you can get popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others; in addition to the widest repertoire of popular mobile games. All this is from an emulator that works with the Android environment. It is an alternative that is worth considering.

As you have seen in this list, most of the tools that you can use to run iOS apps on your PC are just development environments for testing programs.

If you want to use mobile games on your computer, you can use one of the Android emulators such as BlueStacks. IF you have any questions or additional recommendations, leave us your comment.

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IOS Emulator for PC | The Best iPhone Emulators