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PDFBear: Delete Pages Easily and Know More About Its Features

Delete Pages Easily and Know More About Its Features

PDFBear: Delete Pages Easily and Know More About Its Features

PDFBear is an all-in-one tool for conversion, deleting, and other modifications you need for your documents. This site offers you 25 utilities and converters for your files. These utilities are arranged in a simple single webpage, and you can perform all of them within the browser. Read this article PDFBear: Learn About Its Features and How You Can Delete Pages from PDF. 

Why you should use PDFBear for your files  

Here are some important points regarding this online utility and why you should take confidence in using it.  

  1. No monthly bills unless you subscribe to a Pro account that has additional features. 

You can delete pages from PDF, insert pages and enjoy all the utilities for free. You do not have to worry, for the free version provides you with the same level of accuracy and functionality. Do you want to remove unnecessary pages from your PDF? 

Follow these simple steps and delete pages from pdf with ease. 

Step 1. Type PDFBear in your browser. The web will land you immediately on its porta.  

Step 2. Select the icon All Tools and hit Delete PDF Pages.  

Step 3. Then, you may click to upload a file or Drag & Drop it on the toolbox.   

Step 4. Enter the page/s you want to delete. The tool will apply the changes quickly.  

Step 5. When PDFBear is finished deleting pages from PDF, you can click Download and save your edited file on your computer or device. You may also share your file with your Google Drive or Dropbox.

  1. PDFBear provides you with simple and easy steps for all your utility needs

Online utility tools can sometimes be overwhelming and might make confusion instead of helping users with processes. With PDFBear, confusion will never happen because this tool is free from complicated steps or processes. 

The webpage displays specific tiles for customizing or editing your files. Hit a tile, and the process will start and finish immediately. It is hassle-free and helps you save time and effort.   

3. Compatibility with operating systems and devices will never be a problem

PDFBear works well with whatever operating system you have. You can also experience this online tool on an Android or Apple device.  

4. Security Features  

This portal is a secure place to modify and upload your files. PDFBear deletes your files one hour after the link has been generated for Download. Thus, providing confidentiality for any information or data.

  1. Page and Cloud Removal 

This cloud conversion tool allows users to access PDF documents and remove pages easily from any device. Lastly, the system deletes PDF pages from the users’ selected uploads.

An Overview of PDFBear Online Utilities  

Here are a few of the tools that PDFBear has for you! Learn about them and try to use them next time for your conversion and other solutions you need.  

  1. Delete and insert new pages.   

Delete pages from PDF and insert new ones are both possible with the use of this online tool. Like its other feature, this tool efficiently processes the removal and addition of pages. 

  1. Merge/Split PDF 

PDFBear allows users to combine multiple PDFs in any preferred order from the browser. However, when it comes to huge file size, you can select the pages and export them as individual PDFs. PDFBear made merging simple and finished in seconds.

If you need to split a PDF, you can do any of the two ways. You may extract some pages from your document or split the PDF into another page/s.

  1. Change PDF to Image File 

You can either extract all images contained in a PDF or convert each PDF into an image. You can immediately save these images to your computer. 

  1. Convert JPG to PDF 

Uploading multiple JPGs and combining them into a single pdf is possible with PDFBear. You can also adjust margins and orientations.  

  1. Transform Word file to PDF 

PDFBear supports both the latest and earlier Office file format extensions. These file extensions include DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX. So, you can easily convert your documents to PDF. You may also transform a PDF to a Word file using PDFBear. 

  1. Convert HTML to PDF

Do this process by copying and pasting the URL of the page you need and change it to PDF with one click. 

  1. Reduce the Size of the PDF 

Compress your PDF online and share them easily. You may also choose the compression level for your document. 

  1. Fix a Damaged/Corrupted PDF 

Another feature of this tool is repairing pdf and recovering data from a damaged PDF. Though the built-in PDF repair kit cannot guarantee a 100 percent recovery and repair of your data, it executes its purposes on an acceptable level. 

Features of a Quality PDF Compressor

  1. Add Your Signature 

Signing a PDF file is possible through an electronic signature. PDFBear provides several methods for creating your signature.  

  1. Add a Watermark 

Within seconds you can put an image or text over your PDF. Customize the watermark’s transparency and typography as you want. 

You can use most of these features with the free version of PDFBear. However, you may subscribe to the Pro account. This subscription will provide additional features such as removing the size limit for conversion, processing unlimited OCR, and unlimited storage for supported files, etc. 

How much does a Pro account cost? 

It would cost you less than $6 per month. It is cheap but offers excellent benefits for all Pro accounts. 


PDFBear is a very convenient way to transform or delete your PDF file. It is packed with other features you might need in creating documents. Moreover, PDFBear provides users with options for sharing and saving PDFs quickly. It also secures your file through automatic deletion of uploaded documents after an hour that the system created the link for saving and sharing. 

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Deleting pages from PDF involves easy and straightforward steps, like the other tools in the portal. PDFBear is a feature-packed tool that offers reliable, accurate and free online utilities. Lastly, if you want to avail yourself of more features, you may upgrade your plan to a Pro account.

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