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Pointers to consider before you are planning to purchase a second

Pointers to consider before you are planning to purchase a second hand bike

Be it a first hand or a second hand bike the care that a biker owner will have towards the bike would be the same. The prized possession of a bike is a feeling that is hard to describe. Some people are in not in a position to purchase a second hand bike but it does not mean they should give up on the dream. For those who are on a tight budget purchasing a Delhi second hand scooty is a great idea. There are some pointers to consider before you purchase a second hand bike

Figure out the purpose

Clearly understand the objective of purchasing a bike. It is not only about the expense you need to consider the maintainenace, fuel, bike insurance etc. You need to ask questions like whether you require a bike to commute long distances or it may be a cruiser bike that enables you to transfer long distances.

Inspection of the bike

If you are planning to purchase the bike looks through the eyes of a detective. You need to inspect it properly and check out for the scratches or dents if there are any.

Proper research is vital

Once you have an idea about the purpose it is suggested to conduct a proper research about the options available. Every dealer has a different price when it comes to a bike. The bike age would be differing from one dealer to another dealer. It is not that you need to depend upon a dealer to purchase a second hand bike as you may explore options at your own end. It is possible to purchase it from a recognized online platform.

Test ride

For example a test ride may look super impressive from outside, but you need to ride on it to have an idea on how it feels. By test riding the bike you have an idea about the performance of the bike in total. If you happen to be well versed with the mechanics of a bike a two minute ride is going to give an idea about the bike condition. Suppose if you are a novice or have no idea about bike riding then you may ask a friend or a relative to accompany you.

The chassis number is important

Once you are comfortable with the bike you purchase it is necessary to check out the chassis number. The engine number and the number on the plate need to match. For a layman it would be difficult to match the numbers but a mechanic may be easily to identify. Even the same number has to be mentioned in the registration certificate as well.

Recording of servicing

It would be more than ideal if the biker has a record about the servicing history of the bike. In this manner you will be having an idea about the maintainenace history of the bike and the work that has to be done. If no written record exists you have to check out for an estimate.

The process of purchasing bike insurance without physical inspection

When you are purchasing an old two wheeler in Delhi there has to be a scope of inspection. But in some situations you do not want to follow this norm as exceptions may arise if the insurance policy is about to expire. If this happens to be the case there are ample points to figure out in purchasing a bike without insurance.

More about bike insurance

The bike insurance is the specific condition of the bike. An insurance company goes on to observe each and every detail the dents along with scratches during the process of inspection. The responsibility lies with the surveyor of inspecting the physical condition of the bike and sending it to the relevant authorities. An insurer can accept or reject the proposal of insurance claim that the company provides. Normally an insurance policy is rejected for companies that have had a major accident in the recent past.

The onus is on the insurance company is to decide whether they need to conduct an inspection before they give out an insurance. Factors like age, brand tend to be important if we are looking to insure a bike. A customer first policy is always going to provide you with the benefit of doubt.

There is a grace period associated with every insurance policy as it occurs after the insurance expires. If a renewal is done before the expiry period then you will not lose out on the No claims bonus. When you are renewing there is no need to be purchasing a fresh insurance policy as well.

After the expiry date you will not avail any form of insurance benefits. After expiry of the policy it is not possible to raise a claim in any form. Hence you expose yourself to financial liabilities relating to the bike. This is even during the grace period. Renewing the bike insurance policy is as important as purchasing an insurance policy in the first place. Failure on your part would expose you to numerous liabilities.

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The purchase of bike insurance needs to follow law. It is illegal to ride a bike without an insurance policy. When you are riding with an expired insurance policy it is as equal as riding without an insurance policy at all. Hence you need to pay a fine if you are riding the bike illegally.

Suppose if you fail to renew the insurance policy within 90 days then you lose out on the No claim bonus. It turns out to be a discount of not raising any claims as it would be applicable on comprehensive insurance plans. Since the discount could raise to 50 % on purchase of a bike insurance in the first place. If any damage exists to your insurance policy you can pay a higher premium for the renewal policies.

Renewing a bike insurance on time would be important as purchasing the insurance policy.