What is a 10-key experience? and requirements?

What is a 10-key experience? What are the requirements?

A “10-key” is usually the little section of a computer keyboard on the right-hand side (only “full” keyboards have them) that looks like a calculator.

If you see a job listing that calls for “10-key experience” (the only time I’ve ever seen those words together is in that context), the job probably involves a lot of data entry and they want to make sure you are fast at using the ten-key to enter numbers.

Of course, if it says “a ten-key experience” the use of the article suggests that the writer might be looking for an account of a particular thing that happened to someone using a ten-key.

I’m drawing a blank as to why such a thing would be interesting but there are lots of people in the world, so I’m sure someone has had “a ten-key experience” that’s worth relating.

A 10-key is typically a type of calculator that’s useful for accounting types of activities. Often, 10-keys are set so that you press the operand after the number, at least for addition and subtraction.


What is a 10-key experience
What is a 10-key experience

An example:

If you have 10 cats, 2 monkeys, and 5 birds, and wanted to find out how many total animals you have, you would enter each key literally like this:

10 + 2 + 5 =

And then the calculator would display “17”. On a 10 key:

10 +

2 +

5 +

After you hit “10 +” the 10 key displays “10”. After “2 +”, display is “12.” And so on. You could easily subtract 2 by hitting “2 – “

The other thing about skills with a 10 key is just entry speed. Getting fast on a 10 key in the same way that people that have to type regularly are helped by increasing their typing speed.

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What is a 10-key experience? What are the requirements?

What is a 10-key experience

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