What is ClicksFly? How do I use this to earn money online?

In simple terms, Clicksfly is a website where you basically earn money by sharing links.

How Clicksfly work?

Clicksfly is a free link shortening platform similar to other popular ones like Bitly and Google link shortener.

However, there is one difference!

Let’s say that you like a YouTube video and would like to share it with your friends and family.

You feel that the link looks so big and ugly and want to shorten it.

Instead of using Bitly let’s assume that you are using Clicksfly.

After you have shortened the link, you went ahead and shared it on your family Whatsapp group.

Now when someone in your family clicks on it, they will not be taken to the YouTube video directly.

Instead, they will be taken to a landing page with ads on it and they can go to the YouTube video after the watch or skip the ad.

This is how Clicksfly makes money.

How can you make money with Clicksfly?

You can earn money with Clicksfly in two ways:

  1. By sharing link: Every time someone clicks your link and see an Ad, you get paid. There is also a minimum payment threshold of $3 and you can withdraw using PayPal, Bitcoins, and a few more.
  2. Becoming an affiliate: When you refer someone to Clickfly, you make 20% of what they earn. So the more people you refer the more money you make.
How to start a business in Dubai without money
How to start a business in Dubai without money

How much money can you make with Clicksfly?

This is not a method that I would recommend you to invest your time and energy.

However, if you have a huge audience on a social media platform then you shall make some money at the cost of annoying your audience.

ClicksFly is the link shortener tool from which you can also make money.

Here is the process:

  1. You signup for clicksFly.
  2. shorter your long informational link which you want to share.
  3. people click on your shorted link after you share on your website and social media to get the information.
  4. before people visit any website after clicking on your link people see ads and you will earn money

But wait, ClicksFly is almost dead now due to its low performance and very low payout. You can see this by seeing the website traffic of clicksFly.

There are only two market leaders now in Link shortener business from which you can get a decent payout, and they are Shorte and Adfly

and after reading almost 20 blog posts about reviews of various link shortener I found the Shorte.st is the best.


I personally would not use this kind of website rather I will invest my time in building longterm online assets (like a blog, email list, YouTube channel).

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