What is Privatedelights?

What is Privatedelights?

PrivateDelights (PD) is attempting to become a leader within the CTS Community. Offering shareable user profiles, advertising, reviews, and user chat rooms, PD is working to be a “one-stop-shop” for our community. PD is attempting to replace—and in reality, surpass—the now-defunct site NightShift (NS).

PD’s format is very simple. Not much in the way of frills to this site. The advertising “listings” are very similar to those of NS. Pictures, basic contact information, rates, and other information are readily available to users. One of the better features is the “No” list of things that a provider will not do.

The reviews are intentionally very vanilla, without much in the way of detail. This is perfectly acceptable, though some users might prefer more graphic and detailed reviews.

PD also has a set of chat rooms accessible via the Discord app/website. These include set-ups for providers only, clients only, and a co-ed area for both to interact.

These have replaced some of the community aspects of the forums on the previous site, but only in a limited way. PD will be creating new forums directly on their website, though it remains to be seen how those will work out.

What is Privatedelights
What is Privatedelights

The search feature on PD was somewhat troublesome at first but has become more usable. But it does not have a comprehensive set of filters to allow users to pinpoint what they are looking for.

PD is attempting to be much larger than it’s predecessor NS. It is working towards a truly national reach.

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This is a major step up from NS, which was most useful in Northern California and did not have any real reach outside of California (except for Reno and Las Vegas).

A national site is much preferable to a regional one when it comes to advertising, especially considering the number of providers who travel to multiple states.

At any rate, I’ve spent some time reviewing a site that I came across recently called Private Delights. … That’s why I decided to check out Private Delights, a Swedish escort site that has spread its reach to the U.S. … Private Delights, or PrivateDelights.ch which is the official web

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Dear Providers: Please spread the word to your clients & fellow sex workers to get the word out about PrivateDelights! … @PrivateDelights are VERY good at removing sketchy clients & reviews.

They may have slow customer service but I have only had good experiences with them plus clients on PD.

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