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Do tank silencer really exist in 2023 for howitzers look like?

tank silencer

Do tank silencer really exist in 2023 for howitzers look like?

A silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, suppressor, or sound moderator, is a muzzle device that reduces the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report. The Firearm Blog also found a patent for a potential tank silencer, which would attach to the muzzle of the tank’s main turret.

The holes on the. The Firearm Blog also found a patent for a potential tank silencer, which Silencers can reduce artillery noise by as much as 20 decibels, which may not.

As a practical matter, NO, there is no silencer/suppressor/muffler that can be attached to a tank’s cannon and used to muffle the sound of its gun firing. There is, however, a device that can be used in training to do so. One will note that it is a separate piece and Not attached in any way to the tank itself.

This is what an Artillery silencer looks like

For those moments when you absolutely, positively have to train your artillery but you don’t want to wake the local population, accept no substitutes. Yes, artillery silencers are a thing.

These photos were taken at an artillery range in Germany. The vehicle using the giant suppressor is an M109G 155mm self-propelled howitzer. Apparently, the locals don’t like the sound of freedom.

A report from the Defense Technical Information Center reveals the U.S. Army has some silencers of its own, for both 105 mm and 120 mm to be used at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Residents across Chesapeake Bay experience considerably louder noise than other nearby communities because the artillery’s blast sound is highly directional. Something had to be done.

Do tank silencers really exist in 2023 for howitzers look like?

The steel construction allows it to be lifted into position and used when firing at a 30 degree elevation. But it cannot be attached to the turret, as tests have shown it affects recoil and damages the turret barrel.

tank silencer

The Gun Blog also found a patent for a possible tank silencer, which would attach to the mouth of the tank’s main turret.

The holes on the muffler are kept as small as possible to keep decibel levels lower, which is more effective behind and in front of the suppressor. The total cost of construction is $ 100,000.

Mufflers can reduce artillery noise by up to 20 decibels, which may not sound like much, but that’s the difference between listening to your TV and listening to your mixer.

How impractical are silencers for light machine guns? Do people ever use them?

The story of the war follows: A special forces mission is to train foreign armies. They practice by forming American units. In 1992 there was an SF band in Fort Devens, Mass.

They decided to train in a 10th Mountain Division company… and the only company commander who would do that was mine.

We spent a day doing medical training, two days doing demolitions (helpful housekeeping tip: if you tell twelve snake eaters they’re allowed to set off 5,000 pounds of C-4 in one shot, do you expect that they do) a day of survival and a day of weapons training.

One of the guns they brought was an H&K MP-5SD, which has a barrel removed.

The suppressor of this pistol has a lifespan of 500 rounds and the barrel is interchangeable; its operator receives a standard barrel and only places the removed barrel when absolutely necessary. We were given a barrel almost at the end of its life and we were blown off the silencer after ten soldiers used it.

500 rounds are less than five minutes on a machine gun. Suppressing a machine gun would be pointless; you will need to put on a new silencer after five ammo belts.

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Why don’t tanks have silencers (especially on their machine gun)? There is no downside, right?

There are downsides and only a few benefits. First, I’ll deal with the main gun, since it’s simple: Suppressors require a volume of space at the end of a barrel and maintenance to be effective. Currently, the main limitation on the main guns of MBTs is that of overall length. If you wanted a suppressor that could make a tank quiet enough for nearby infantry to not become deafened, you’d have something like this:

tank silencer

Note I say “like” this – this is, if I’m not mistaken, a muzzle effects testing device.

This would be hideously complicated in terms of maintenance (removing carbon in order to maintain accuracy), and in terms of mobility – try driving through a patch of trees or down a city street with something like this!

“But can’t it be downsized?”

Yes, but tank guns are already quite massive, and in fact bend slightly under their own weight. Adding more weight to the end of a gun that big is not a particularly good idea by any means – all that mass will be bending back and forth when you travel over terrain, which stresses every single hyper-accurate aiming system in the vehicle. The MGs have a better case – however, it’s still simply a matter of utility. They would not be particularly effective, they would cost a lot to standardize, and there would be no major benefit for a tank crew.

If silencers don’t actually silence weapons, why bother using them?

I’ve been able to use a silencer exactly one time in my life. I was in Texas at a range which allowed people to use full-autos and silencers. It was quite different. I fired a full-auto Uzi. When I shot it with hearing protection, it was actually silent. I couldn’t even hear it. I barely even knew it was running. Out of curiosity, I took the hearing protection off. I could certainly hear it, but it wasn’t terribly loud.

I don’t need to silence my guns. I have no need to make my gun fire at 0dB. My goal is to protect my hearing. I’ve tried lots of kinds of hearing protection. I’ve used foam inserts, cheap earmuffs, electronic earmuffs, and (most recently) electronic inserts. I’d say that the electronic inserts that I’ve been using are the best ones, but nothing is better than not having to use them.

No hearing protection is 100% comfortable. No hearing protection is 100% effective. If your ear muffs shift or if your inserts come out the least bit, you’ll know it the first time you or anyone else pulls the trigger. I’ve lost some of my hearing. I know that. I know that every time I have even a little bit of ringing in my ears, I suffered permanent hearing loss. It isn’t a lot, but it adds up.

Do tank silencers really exist in 2021 for howitzers look like?

Recently, the media went crazy when the Republicans pushed forward a bill to deregulate silencers. When it happened, it was called the Hearing Protection Act. They were derided and blasted. I know we have this image of people using silencers to get away with crimes, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. They aren’t cheap. Criminals don’t worry about breaking laws. Plus, guns with silencers are big and bulky. The law, for me, really was about protecting my hearing.

Unfortunately, even if the law is passed, it won’t make a difference for me in California. We’ve made sure to make gun owners as unwelcome as possible in this state.

For the purpose of this answer, I am going to add that “silencer” is synonymous with “suppressor.” Those who constantly feel the need to correct others should remember that “silencer” (and “muffler”) is the legal term under the National Firearms Act.

Is there such a thing as a true silencer (absolute silence) for a gun?

Other answers explain why ‘silencers’ aka suppressors do not completely silence a gun. Most of the noise comes from the sudden release of the propelling gas and that can be only partially controlled. Of course, any bullet above the speed of sound produces a sonic crack. As that is outside the gun it cannot be controlled so an effective round must be slow and compensate by having a heavier bullet. like the De Lisle carbine which used the .45 ACP round or the Welrod pistol in either 9x19mm or .32 ACP. Both operate from a closed bolt to minimize mechanical noise.

But for real silence there is the Russian SP 4. The cartridge has a piston that ejects the projectile but seals the case so that no gas escapes.

Nothing silences the noise when the bullet hits the target.

Does God exist?


10. Poorly designed universe : Theists say that God is perfect and is the designer of our universe. Then why did HE design the universe and its babies in such a poor fashion ? We weren’t in a hurry to land on earth, we could have stayed in His creation lab for some time if only to become refined beings. If God exists, it is Him who has created us with disease and malfunctions.

9. The point where science fails : Gods existence is proved by pointing out phenomenon that science can’t explain and hence they are facilitated by God. And why not ? In ancient Greek, Poseidon was believed to be behind earthquakes but is now a scientific activity. It’s not a very convincing fact that our lack of knowledge about the cosmos be a substitute for the existence of a supernatural force.

8. Inconsistency of religions : Think for yourself. If God exists and He created all men and women equal, why do religions exist which forces people to percieve the same thing so differently? If God existed, wouldn’t He have been bigger ? with more powerful effects on the universe ? We are actually worshipping things that we ourselves have built up.

Do tank silencers really exist in 2021 for howitzers look like?

7. Creation of world : A widely accepted fact about the Almighty is that He created the universe 6000 years ago. That being said, it should be evident that nothing on the planet is older than this time frame. But interestingly, fossils have found that date back to millions of years ago. Now, it’s unlikely if you say the fossils created themselves XD

6. Existence of evil : If theists say that God is noble and good, why do they ignore the existence of evil in the world ? If God loves us so dearly, why should He allow evils to exist ? Why should God allow wars and riots that destroy its own creations ?

5. Morality needs no religion : Most people believe that absence of God and religion would lead to utter chaos leading to immoral acts. But there are enough incidents to prove that Religious people commit immoral acts in the name of God to make their religion look superior. Hypocrisy, eh ?

Do tank silencers really exist in 2021 for howitzers look like?

4. Religion runs in the family : It is 99% probable that you are follow the religion in your family because that’s what you have been taught right from your birth. You didn’t decide for yourself which is right or which is rational, at least. We all derive the knowledge from our ancestors which has been through the generations

3. If God is out there, why is there no proof : Some evidences are still out there, some being even mathematical. But they cannot be trusted because they are puzzling and when put under examination, fail to win the argument

2. Common consent : One of the most common facts of people believing in God is that most people believe in HIM, because when a phenomenon is accepted by majority, it must be true, right ? Let’s compare it to slavery now, which was believed to be acceptable back in the times of Lincoln but now is accepted as a faulty practice

1. No growth in religion : When we look at the technological advancements, we realise a decade ago, we had no idea of the existence of the things that we are experiencing right now, for eg even the smartphone I’m typing this Quora answer. Talking of the scientific evolution, can we apply the same thing to God ? NO. We are stuck in believing facts that have been in circulation for centuries. If God exists, why are we so vague about His presence ?

Disclaimer: I’m not an atheist but I was browsing through websites and youtube channels that fought on these arguments and so I felt these points worth sharing. I’m a moral Hindu, that doesn’t fight to prove other religions wrong and at the same time, enjoy the holidays of Durga Puja, Eid, and Christmas with delight

Is it true that someone invented a silencer for tanks?

There’s this. Not a silencer as such, it’s more suppressor. Muffles, rather than silences. Used by the Germans on Leopard 2s and M109s in training.

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The US toyed with one. Here’s an M60 with a “silencer”

What happens inside the tank when hit by a sabot round? Will the crew die instantly due to impalement?

Question: “What happens inside the tank when hit by SABOT round? Will the crew die instantly due to impalement? Saw some documentary that says one Bradley IFV was hit by a limping BMP / T72 that was previously hit by a SABOT round but the crew survived.” Since it is not specified if what was hit was a t72 or a BMP (which BMP?) I’m going to give this the benefit of the doubt and say it was a BMP-1. Meanwhile, this is your average Sabot round.

These glorified lawn darts are designed to kill tanks much bigger than an Abrams, let alone a cold war era APC. “the lightweight ballistic cap is crushed, the penetrating cap then strikes the Armour, distributing the shock across the whole surface of the core’s nose, reducing the initial shock experienced by the core.

The steel sheath surrounding the core peels away, and the core goes on to penetrate the Armour. The penetration of the L15 APDS is approximately 355 mm of rolled homogeneous armor at 1000 m.”

This is similar to the situation faced by Sherman crews in WW2, sometimes when shot by a tiger or other gun with high penetration, it would go straight through the tank, doing a lot of damage but leaving the tank relatively intact.

Now, with a sabot round that can pen 355mm of frontal armor, and a BMP 1 with approximately 33mm of armor, It’s highly likely that the shell went straight out the back of the vehicle. Furthermore, it’s an APC first, a tank second. If the round entered the front of the tank, it only needs to miss the ammo. After that, it is just traveling through an empty crew compartment, and out the back. If your tank is weak enough, you could live.

What is a tank silencer?

Essentially the same as the engine silencer on a diesel engined car/truck , but proportionately larger to cater for the much larger main engine on a tank.

Does the C.P.H. 4 molecule really exist as shown in the movie Lucy? If so, how does it work? I’ve heard there is a drug close to it, but are there any alternatives?

6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrobiopterin is CPH4 in the body, involved in the process of biosynthesis of tetrahydrobiopterin, an essential cofactor of aromatic amino acid hydroxylases. It is not the substance that Freeman describes it to be, it has no direct neurologic effects.

So it does not work the way the movie described, nothing does. We use ALL of our brains, not just 10%. What kind of evolutionary change would give us an organ in which only 10% of it was useful, for EVERYBODY? Especially the brain.

There is no area of the brain that has not been neuroscientifically mapped, and virtually all areas have been functionally identified. There isn’t any area in the brain that is not in use for some mental or neurological purpose.

The closest we come to Freeman’s idea of not all of the brain being used is when, say, looking at a painting, you not using the % of your brain concerned with auditory input (at the time). So yeah, our whole brain is not 100% active all at once, but it is all used, no part of the brain is just sitting there waiting to be activated.

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Do Tank silencers exist?

Yes, artillery silencers are a thing. … The Firearm Blog also found a patent for a potential tank silencer, which would attach to the muzzle of the tank’s main turret. The holes on the silencer are kept as small as possible to keep the decibel levels lower, which is most effective behind and in front of the suppressor.

What is the difference between a silencer and a suppressor?

Some say a silencer is for reducing the sound, while a suppressor is more for eliminating muzzle flash. A suppressor does reduce some of the sounds though. … The simple answer is both words can be used interchangeably – meaning the terms Silencer and Suppressor refer to the exact same thing.

Do gun silencers really work?

Although silencers can greatly reduce the noise of a firearms, they do not eliminate the sound of a gunshot completely. … The main benefit of silencers isn’t in the element of surprise, but in helping to reduce hearing damage.

Do tanks have mufflers?

Many modern tanks are powered by turbine engines. They have very large exhaust vents at the rear of the vehicle. Those vents are designed to disperse the air over a wide area and in a downward direction to minimize heat signatures.

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