UAE VS Kuwait – Which is the best for living in 2023?

UAE VS Kuwait

It really does depend on your circumstances and what you are looking for. If you a single, Dubai has loads of going out stuff. If you are married with kids – I believe Kuwait is better.

I have lived in both places and would not live in Dubai again even twice my salary.

Kuwait has better housing choices if you like living in a place with a garden. More difficult in Dubai as it would be a lot more pricey.

I hate humidity and Kuwait is extremely dry. Even 50 degrees is manageable. Kuwait is laid-back while Dubai is mega busy.

Perhaps you should visit Kuwait as its a big decision.

UAE VS Kuwait
UAE VS Kuwait

“UAE” without a second thought. The following are the reasons for someone who lived, worked, has business in both places for over a decade.

  1. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, people from more than 120 countries and nationalities live there and live in harmony without discrimination to one another
  2. There is a respect for foreigners, ex-pats living and working in the country
  3. The discrimination is not rampant… it is there when it comes to govt jobs, promotions, education, etc. but in general, the law is fair for citizens and ex-pats
  4. You enjoy life, you live your life, tons of things to do
  5. Most People are generally warm and welcoming, they are friendly, everyone greets everyone warmly.
  6. Cities, schools, buildings, neighborhoods are not typecast to specific race/gender/nationality, you will find an amazing mix of people everywhere.
  7. Safety and security… you are virtually never worried about your safety and security. Be it a man or woman or a young couple, no one harasses you, no catcalls, no Eve teasing, etc.
  8. Lifestyle, Dubai offers a lifestyle appropriate to your economic status. You can live like a middle class or as a millionaire
  9. Growth, energy, freedom. You can grow in your career, business, there is a positive energy to support, freedom to practice your religion, faith, belief.
  10. Alcohol… well, if applicable, it is available and it is legal to buy, drink and enjoy. I would not miss the Oktoberfest for anything
  11. Law is enforced seriously and generally, by and large people don’t take it for granted. “Waste” culture is absent
  12. Public services like residency, Electricity, telecom, etc. are accessible to all. English is used in all public services, and at times even Hindi/Urdu is widely spoken, used
  13. It is expensive… but again… you get what you pay for. Life is to enjoy, money is to earn and spend and “life is to live not spent”

In the UAE, you live your life, in Kuwait, you spend your life.

UAE VS Kuwait – Which is the best for living in 2020?

Kuwait vs UAE? That depends on a lot of factors. Let me try and list them out.

A lot depends on what you earn, so assume that you get paid the same and that you have a family with kids.

Pros of Kuwait

  • The cost of living in Dubai is higher compared to Kuwait. Everything from rent to taxi fares is higher in Dubai.
  • Better schools, if I may say so, and more options to choose from especially at the school level.
  • Despite the heat, the weather is not unpleasant thanks to a lack of humidity.
  • Winters can get slightly chilly for the same reason. Nothing extreme though.
  • You have a better chance of saving money.
  • Kuwait is culturally rich if you know what to look for.
  • If you have a decent job, and you are an outgoing person then the Kuwaiti nationals will get along with you very well. The xenophobia that many of the answers have highlighted is directed towards certain sections of society. It is xenophobia mixed with a little bit of classism.
  • Kuwait has an evolving café culture among the active, young crowd.
  • The display of wealth is a bit subtler here, especially as there is a lot of old wealth here as opposed to money earned on the fast track.
  • Amongst the GCC countries, Kuwait is one of the more politically influential nations.
  • Kuwaiti nationals, especially women have a keen fashion sense.

Cons of Kuwait

  • Entertainment options are limited if you are not very culture oriented.
  • There is xenophobia for sure and you will feel the brunt of it if you are more of a person who avoids mingling much with other nationalities. Also, if you have a lower income then the pinch is sharp indeed.
  • The general populace is laid-back, and this results in everything moving at a slow pace… government and bureaucratic work seem to take forever.
  • Kuwait loses it on the roads… a lot of the drivers are just reckless and most of them are Kuwaiti nationals.
  • As there is no flash and bling in the display of wealth, the place might look boring and monotonous. Very few sparkling high-rises or neon-lit squares or incredible gardens. Even the houses are all mostly sand-colored blending in with the landscape.
  • It can get quite dusty a lot of the time.

Dubai (UAE) is flashy, fun and fast-paced… it would be a great place to stay if you are a bachelor. Once you have a family, your priorities usually would shift and then Dubai may not be the best option.

Overall, Kuwait is a nice place to live in. And if you save enough, which you easily can, then you can always hop over to Dubai for the weekends and have the best of both worlds.


Kuwait is a much more conservative country, and politically, well, reasonably stable, but prone to the odd upset from those upset by the American presence.

Culturally speaking, Kuwait has nothing at all to offer, like anything interesting the Kuwaitis have demolished on the grounds of ‘progress’.

Living in Kuwait is to move from one bubble to another, with very little integration with Kuwaitis, who view themselves above such irritations. Your most likely way of meeting a Kuwaiti is when he has rammed your car at 160 km/h.

As far as fine dining goes, if you like burgers, you’ll be fine, anything else, and you need a ‘plane ticket to the Emirates. The weather isn’t as humid as Dubai but is just as hot, and prone to sandstorms.

Friends, I have lived in Kuwait (8–9 years) and I have lived in Dubai (6–7 years)

I tell you a story while sitting in the airport lounge waiting for my plane heading to Kuwait for the first time, I saw a friend who lived a long time in Kuwait as well.

I told him, I’m moving to Kuwait, He was so excited to tell me how much I’m going to love Kuwait and how easy is the country and how the business is good and stable and I’m going to enjoy my time their no doubt, and then he asked me if I’m married, I said (at that time) no I’m single, he said 3 words of wisdom: “ You are Fu***d).

So it all depends if you are single or married and then decide which city you want to live in.

UAE VS Kuwait – Which is the best

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