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What does 0010110 mean in spirituality 2022?


What does 0010110 mean in spirituality?

Does 0010110 mean in spirituality what many people are experiencing right now? And then there does 0010110 mean in spirituality full enlightenment, moksha, or liberation.

0010110 is equivalent to 22. You may use this link to view what 22 means in spirituality. (Angel Number 22.) If you are interested, the screenshot attached shows how I worked this out.

In case you did not intend to convert 0010110 into binary, I have provided a link depicting the meaning of 1010 in spirituality- The closest match to 10110 I could find was 1010.

So what exactly happens when someone has a spiritual awakening or enlightenment? Please no metaphors or intangible answers, what literally happens to the self?

t dies. Spiritual awakening is the realization of the non-existence of what you consider to be your “self”. To the self it feels like death, or, one could say, the dissolution of it into something “greater”, which is very difficult to describe. It feels like this something greater has no attributes whatsoever, that’s why you find such amorphous, intangible answers in spirituality. Sometimes this amorphous, unlocalized, intangible “something greater” is called “consciousness”, “awareness”, Spirit, Being and the like.

What is seen much later on the spiritual path is that this “thing” also doesn’t really exist, so one finally and unequivocally realizes himself as himself, just the real one, the authentic one, not the fake one, constructed one, which used to be the source of all confusion and suffering.

There’s usually a very long period of time during which the person is convinced that the self doesn’t exist at all, and since most people never go past this stage, they can only speak in metaphors and innuendo about what is happening to them. They might even fail to speak in non-spiritual language at all, they may become very preachy in their daily life.

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What does 0010110 mean in spirituality 2022?

This is entirely normal and it actually does help a lot of people who haven’t made the first realization yet, it pulls them in and helps them “fall”, so to speak. So even though it may not look like it from the outside of the spiritual communities, such vague and intangible answers can be of great help to the seekers, and so many vague teachers can amass a non-trivial following. There’s nothing wrong with that, they’re just doing their job, or at least what they consider to be their job. Most of them are having lots of fun doing it, also, even though it can be maddening for the seeker to read vague answers to all their questions.

If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t read them! Read something else that makes more sense to you or do some other practices, there are a lot of them: meditation, self-inquiry, radical honesty, non-violent communication, many, many modes and ways of spiritual development, which is also personal development. You can also read it like poetry while focusing on the internal experience it brings. Reading it intellectually while you don’t understand it makes very little sense.

DIGITAL IMMORTALITY: SELF OR 0010110? International … 2022

Just keep in mind that for one who has completed the journey (one who is enlightened), all those intangible and metaphorical (or even metaphysical!) answers make complete sense. Because if it doesn’t make sense, then you don’t understand what the other person is telling you about themselves and the awakening experience they are going through and what they are trying to do (help others awaken).

And this, in turn, means that you don’t know yourself very well, since all people are fundamentally the same, and the experience of awakening and the spiritual journey which follows it is as accessible to you as it is to any other human. So, if you pursue the spiritual path diligently, sooner or later these answers will begin to make at least some sense, otherwise, you aren’t making any progress. And paradoxically, being frustrated about all this is also a part of the path and a part of the progress.

Makes sense? Maybe not completely! Lol

What are major spiritual awakening symptoms?

Spiritual Awakening vs Enlightenment

My friend, first there is spiritual awakening (or waking up) which is the slow process of realizing who you truly are over many, many years and lifetimes. It is what many people are experiencing right now

And then there is full enlightenment, moksha, or liberation. This is the final goal of human life, and indeed the ultimate destiny of every being walking this planet.

First, let’s discuss what might happen when you start to wake up, then move on to what will happen when you attain final liberation from the cycle of samsara, karma, death and rebirth.

Signs of waking up

  1. You begin to understand the importance of regular meditation and its role in your awakening
  2. You become interested in spiritual books, self-help literature, and generally working on yourself
  3. You know that physical pleasure and sensual desire will never get you to where you need to go. You know you need to control your body.
  4. You become less reactive, more calm and even-minded. You no longer react or burst into emotion.
  5. You become an observer, a witness of life, watching it with the interest of a child instead of getting lost in the story.
  6. You are less attached to possessions, beliefs, and ideas. You can let it all go.
  7. Do you find your guru or is it that your guru finds you?
  8. You get waves of deep contentment and spontaneous gratitude.
  9. You feel that reality is perhaps not as “real” as you once thought it was.
  10. Your heart expands so you begin to feel love, kindness and the desire to serve your fellow man for whom you have deep compassion.

What does Tendered To Service Provider mean in 2022?

Signs of liberation

  1. You go into the deepest state of meditation known as samadhi. I cannot describe this state. You can only read that from someone who has attained it. Read chapter 14 of Autobiography of a yogi. This will give you more insight than anything you can read on here and it is written by a fully liberated master, Paramahansa Yogananda.
  2. You know yourself as one with all creation. Everything merges into oneness.
  3. You become one with God, in fact, you simply realize that you are and always have been God, manifesting as a zillion souls, playing the great game of Lila.
  4. You go breathless in meditation and completely still. You can leave the body at will and go into cosmic consciousness.
  5. You remain permanently in the awareness of truth, knowing the nature of the illusion yet still living in it.
  6. Most likely you will help others to attain this state.

My friend, it may be close or it may be far off, but always keep the end goal in mind.

When you get to a certain point of spiritual evolution, life begins to feel very anguishing, like you have done it all before, and that you are ready to go home.

Meditate every day, truly and deeply, love God with all your heart and pray to him to bring you home. Prayer will attract the Guru and then He will take you to where you need to go.

If you want to learn a powerful technique of meditation, download this free meditation starter pack. It will help you to quiet the mind and go deeper in your practice.

Best of luck my friend. Remember, do it every day. Don’t worry about all the other stuff out there – that will go on forever. Go inside and find your freedom.

The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?

What does it mean to be spiritually ascending?

Hi there:

It means to go from material existence to the dimension of consciousness which is where your soul is located. It’s not exactly a place you arrive. It’s more like a process you undergo by freeing the limitations of the mind and opening yourself up to divine energy or force.

Waking up this energy is imperative to move from one dimension to another. The perks or benefits of moving into the dimension of consciousness is that you get to wake up a force that will give you unending happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy so strong it will completely transform your life.

I teach from this dimension so the energy that I carry can easily be transmitted to other people so they too can wake up to this spiritual dimension.


Can a spiritual awakening ever ruin your life?

When Ramana Maharshi went through spiritual enlightenment during his late teens, it compelled him to leave everything to go to the mountains. He just wore a small piece of cloth around his waist.

How will a society normally interpret such an event? Here is a person who doesn’t have the most important things that constitute a good life: a good educational background, a job, a career, a happy family of wife and children etc. So an onlooker can actually come to the conclusion that something happened to Ramana Maharshi that ruined his life. But that is not how Ramana Maharshi saw it.

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At the beginning of 2022, I went through a divorce; I also resigned from my job. I now live with my mother and sister’s family. It is a very simple life and my needs are minimal. But my experience of life is very rich and beautiful. There are no words for the amount of satisfaction and sense of freedom I have and I am a thousand times happier than anyone I meet in the street.

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  • Do you know what makes me so blissful? I went through spiritual enlightenment in 2014.
  • But even these days when I meet an old friend in the street, this is what happens.
  • He asks ‘how are your family and I reply ‘I went through a divorce’. He says, ‘Oh, I am sorry’…
  • He then asks, ‘How is your job?’.I reply, “I don’t work in any company; I quit”…
  • The next question, as expected, would be, “So how do you get money?”.
  • “I have written a couple of books and have a Youtube channel. I get some royalties and donations from loving readers/viewers”…
  • He doesn’t understand any of that. He says goodbye after saying ‘Hopefully, something good happens to you soon; I hate to see that your life is ruined’…
  • He has no idea! 🙂

What does 0010110 mean in spirituality?

Spiritual awakening certainly can ruin the ego’s life. Seeing the true nature of reality is the last thing it ever wanted.

However spiritual awakening is the beginning of your life, life as a full human adult. Like many life transitions, this one can be very tough. Truth is eating ego alive and even though it won’t survive, it’s clawing at everything and pulling every string to try and do so.

Overreaction can mess things up. Your life continues to be as fine as ever, but your ego might be getting you confused about what life is. It can help to understand you have no dark night, that’s ego’s business. You merely have to let its temper tantrums play out and ignore the symptoms as best as you can.

One day it will end, and you’ll discover that all the birth pains were a down payment on surcease from suffering, purging all those tensions ego trained the body to hold. Persist.

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What are major spiritual awakening symptoms?

(1) You start becoming an ocean of love.

(2) You forgive people for their past deeds.

(3) Your present becomes so beautiful.

(4) You do the things with totality.

(5) You are more compassionate towards others.

(6) You are keener towards mystics and monks.

(7) You get rejuvenated.

(8) You feel a saturation inside you.

(9) You see life in a different dimension.

(10) You are ready to sacrifice yourself for Truth and Dharma.

(11) You are untouched with sorrows.

(12) You seem a hope for others.

(13) People will notice it and they will gather you.

(14) You become egoless.

(15) Your vibes turn into medicine which people take for healing them.

(16) You feel more connected to nature.

(17) You start becoming conscious.

(18) Sex evaporates.

(19) You feel certain energy which is unknown to you.

(20) You get united with this cosmos.