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How to check if your US visa is canceled or revoked

check if your US visa is canceled

How to check if your US visa is canceled or revoked

The easy way, if you haven’t departed your home country, is to call the US Embassy (or a US Consulate) in your area of domicile, and you confirm.

For visa cancelations most oftentimes get communicated to the beneficiary, especially if they fall in the category of ‘canceled without prejudice’.

Which under this category, it may just be due to an administrative error like you indeed needed no visa for travel to the US, for you’re a USC already, or we mistakenly issued you a B1/B2 yet indeed you deserved an F1, K3, etc.

Hard way; You’ll know one way or the other if you purchase an air ticket, and while at the airport, the check-in desk folks privately invite you for a ‘table-side’ talk.

Something like; “Please contact the US Embassy, for we can’t issue you a boarding pass.”

If you are lucky, especially if it was indeed revoked or canceled with prejudice, and you make it onto the plane, you will high likely face a ‘window-side’ conversation with the CBP agent, after presenting your passport to him or her, and this conversation may go like; “Could you please follow me to the back office!” And that office is all the America that you’ll see until the airline that you traveled with offers you a ‘send back to point of origin’ seat.

If you’re so lucky, to have been on American soil at the time of cancelation or revocation, you’re now more of a ‘persona non grata’, and you’re advised to leave immediately if you got any info transmitted to you that your visa was canceled or revoked.

How to check if your US visa is canceled or revoked

P. S: I am curious as to why you asked this question, for most likely than not you know that your visa was canceled, but you might have a lingering hope that it will not show up in the other systems e. g.

The Customs and Border Patrol Agency. Be rest assured, they know all about it from the moment that it was canceled!

All those three-letter based Federal agencies share information and sometimes database; thanks to 9/11.

If your US visa is canceled or revoked, someone will tell you: a consular officer you’re outside the country, a USCIS or CBP officer if you’re in the US.

That same person will also physically cancel the visa, either with a large and unflattering rubber stamp or by scrawling “CANCELLED” across it in indelible ink.

check if your US visa is canceled
check if your US visa is canceled

Can I get my visa back after being revoked?

You have already asked this question several times in slightly different formats, blaming your daughter, and received no answers.

No one on earth can answer this, either. It contains no useful information.

For example, what kind of visa for what country, and why was it revoked under what circumstances? (Yes, you do know this.)

Come back with that, and perhaps someone can advise you.

Although any question that starts with “What is/are my chance(s) of…” is usually unanswerable.

If it is a US visa it may be marked CWP or CWOP. If it is the latter it means canceled without prejudice and you can apply for a new visa of the same type

CWP canceled with prejudice is more serious and is often due to the visa holder misrepresenting themselves in some way.

In this case, you can never again be issued another visa of the same type and will get vastly increased scrutiny if you apply for any other class of visa.

What can I do if my US B1/B2 visa is revoked?

Many routes of action here, depending on why the visa was revoked.

Canceled without prejudice: If the visa was canceled in this manner, it means that the cancellation will have no bearing on any future visa application.

There is a myriad of reasons for this to happen. Simply apply for a new visa if a new one was not given when the old one was canceled.

Canceled with prejudice (typically just stamped ‘Cancelled’): This is a derogatory action.

It means that the official who canceled the visa had grounds to do so, usually for a violation of the immigration law or for derogatory information uncovered after the visa was issued.

For example, a person misrepresents why s/he is going to the US but manages to get a visa.

The real reason is discovered at the port of entry.

The port official may not only refuse admission but if the visa is a multiple entries one, also cancel (revoke) the visa prior to sending the traveler back to the point of origin depending on the circumstances.

If a visa is canceled with prejudice, the traveler needs to understand the reasons why; hopefully, the official who canceled the visa explains why.

It would be wise for the traveler to consult with competent professional help before reapplying for a new visa.

check if your US visa is canceled

Consult an attorney and get the reasons for revoking your visa, if you don’t know the reasons why Visa got revoked.

And if you know the reason then you will be even knowing whether you can reapply for the new visa or not.

Based on the reason (like whether you are deported, the visa is revoked after voluntarily withdrawn application, or because of document shortage visa is revoked or you were found suspicious of misusing visa, etc ) you will be able to reapply.

But normally, once the Business visa is revoked the chances of getting it again are slim but not impossible.

The best thing is to consult an attorney who can help you out with this.

A US visa is only revoked for a very good, legally supported, reason, which you know very well.

What can you do?

Get used to living in your own country again, knuckle down and make a successful life for yourself and your family.

Can I still be granted a US visa after my former visa was revoked at the US airport?

It depends on why the visa was revoked at the US airport.

If your visa page has a stamp (or by handwriting) on it which says CWOP or Cancelled Without Prejudice, your chances of getting another visa are pretty good.

If it says plain CANCELLED or CANCELLED WITH PREJUDICE, it means that you have violated the rules of your visa.

You either overstayed during a previous visit (hoping USCIS will not notice) or worked with a visitor visa and USCIS got the wind of it, or even worse, you have engaged in some criminal activity.

If you just overstayed, you most probably have 3 or 10 years ban from entering the US, 3 years if your unlawful days of presence are between 180 and 365, 10 years if longer than a year.

If you worked on a tourist visa or engaged in criminal activity, then your ban is most likely permanent and you will not be able to get another US visa.

Can I call the US Embassy to check if my US visa is revoked?

Yes you can and if you do, they will ask you to email them (The American Embassy in your country), write out your name in full as it appears on your passport, your passport number and the visa control number, go ahead and make the inquiry about the status of your visa.

They will surely reply to you as soon as possible. And if it is revoked, they will as well supply you with the reason why it is revoked and let you know either to reapply or a ban is placed on you.

God bless you.

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check if your US visa is canceled

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